At last Wenger has decided to rotate some players for Arsenal v Bournemouth

After Arsenal’s three draws against Tottenham, Man United and PSG, it would seem obvious that an injection of fresh pace and enthusiasm could do wonders for our game, and it is hoped that the provision of such a large squad for this season would give Wenger a surfeit of riches to rotate and keep some of our fringe players happy..

Many fans complained about Wenger not starting players like Granit Zhaka. Walcott, Monreal and Alex Iwobi against PSG in midweek, but the fact is that those players should be fresh and ready to start tomorrows game without tiredness.

As Wenger said: “I think we have a big enough squad to rotate a little bit because games like Paris Saint-Germain demand a lot,” This also shows that the Boss is not underestimating our opponents tomorrow, which is definitely a good thing! Wenger refused to say that this is set to be easier than our other games we have played this month. “No, unfortunately no,” Wenger said. “The expectation level is certainly higher, but that doesn’t mean it’s easier. We have seen with the results Bournemouth have made, but as well all the other results the teams in the Premier League have made, that it’s not easy.

“But we would not have a run like this without resilience, without spirit and unity inside the squad. I think we have something special and we want to develop it, take care of it and come back to what we love above all – winning the games.”

So at last we are going to see how the team copes with more changes than usual. We managed to do okay against PSG in the end, although we all agree it wasn’t our strongest team, but is it now easier to see why Wenger held back some of his firepower for this weekend?



  1. Ddog says:

    Iwobi did start. and it’s Xhaka. I’m sorry to be pedantic, but It does lower the whole tone of of the article when the spellings out.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I’m sure he meant the other Alex. If not it shows you what sort of impression he made on the game, zero.

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    Has he? I didn’t know the team sheet was out already, haha. I don’t care who plays, just as long as Ramsey isn’t within five miles of the stadium! Bring back Frimpong!

  3. Break-on-through says:

    I reckon the line up might be….


  4. Dennis says:

    I BET he’ll use Ramsay/xhaka pivot bring in OX instead of Iwobi and Alexis upfront instead of Giroud.

  5. David says:

    I still believe Wenger should Copy Chelsea formation, till we have Bellerin back.
    Mustafi —— KOS———-Monreal

  6. David says:

    i forget to add Teo

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