Fresh and fired up Cazorla to help Arsenal to EPL title next time?

With the news that Arsenal fans will not be seeing any action from Santi Cazorla from now until the end of the current season has come a lot of talk about the Spaniard. Whether or not you think that his absence for much of this campaign has been a major factor in Arsenal’s title challenge faltering or not, I think we all agree that the club was right to take up the option of another year of contract for Cazorla, which has now been officially confirmed.

I am in the school of thought which believes that the little midfielder would have made a big difference for Arsenal’s chances of success in the Premier League and Champions League this season, so at least I am looking forward to seeing him back in action next season.

As Sky Sports are reporting, there is no specific time mentioned for his return, as has had to have another operation on his problematic ankle, but from the sounds of it this is a minor procedure that should not take long.

What it does mean is that Cazorla will not be involved in any international games this summer and should be fit and ready to go for the start of the new season and at 32-years old he sounds like he is desperate to help Arsenal to some more silverware before his playing career stats to wind down.

He said, “Everything was going well until I started to do some exercises on the bicycle and the stitches gave in.

“I had to have a minor operation to close the scar on Thursday afternoon.

“I had a graft done a month-and-a-half ago because the skin on my ankle was practically dead and that was the reason why the wound would not close when I first had my operation in Sweden.

“We hope this is the last one and I can return as soon as possible.

“I still have one year left on my contract and my only desire is to return to playing and to compete at the highest level.”

We will have to see what happens after this next year but I think there is a good chance that Santi may head back to Spain, so if he is going t5o win the Premier League it might be his last chance and having a fully fit and fired up player of his ability at the start of the new campaign could just maybe help us achieve it don’t you think?



  1. Ronny331 says:

    Maybe next year, oh maybe next year then…..yawn.

  2. bran99 says:

    he came, he was fit, we never won that EPL title, he’s age now, injury prone and we are here thinking may be he’s the missing ingredient to winning the title? why are we never out of excuses?

  3. Budd says:

    I am 100% sure that Arsenal used the extension clause on Cazorla’s contract simply for safety reasons. They know it will be a pain in the ar$e to get a replacement for Cazorla for a team which may not even be in UCL in the summer. So they play safe now having at least a good midfielder for another season. Also it already gives insight on how much is the club prepared to spend.

  4. ozildatrequartista says:

    Santi is arsenal’s entire midfield. Arguably most dynamic b2b player in Europe. I have never seen a footballer so perfectly ambidextrous in my life and who so rarely loses form. He always plays better with each game. I just wish he could get just one last injury-free season for us. I have a bias for Spanish midfielders simply because they’re the best. At least for the passing and ball retention tactics employed at afc. So I’ll go for isco or suchlike. I haven’t seen enough of the Colombian James Rodriguez to make a firm decision but he’s also a good alternative to magician Santi.

  5. N4NICOLAS says:

    This club is managed like a mafia/cult… nothing changes and nothing will ever change as long as Wenger remains d coach… so are we saying Arsenal would’ve been top if Santi was fit?

  6. aluz says:

    Dream of the title after 2019 when Wenger’s new contract is over and after the new coach has settled in.
    In other words, just love arsenal and expect nothing in return…………..but kroenke will surely get something in return!!!

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