At least `embarrassed´ Arsenal star will NOT hide

Arsenal fans will be hoping and expecting more than just a positive attitude from the France international striker Olivier Giroud tomorrow, if Arsene Wenger selects him to play against Everton at the Emirates stadium that is.

But having the right attitude will be a good place to start for the big Frenchman after he put in one of the worst displays we have seen from him since he came to Arsenal nearly three years ago. But it was not the first time that Giroud has missed chances.

In his debut season the centre forward often struggled at his new club and while a bit of confidence clearly helps, Giroud did not hide when things were going wrong and has proven his ability to shrug off disappointments and bounce back before. And that is exactly what he told Arsenal Player that he would do again.

He was not trying to make excuses either and accepted that his game against Monaco was far from being good enough. But although admitting to embarrassment and being personally hurt by his poor showing, the striker will be even more determined to make up for it against the Toffees tomorrow.

He said, “I am not a better or worse player than three days ago, it is just about confidence and keeping [strong].

“I am really hurting, more than disappointed, it has been embarrassing for me. But I have never given up in my career and sometimes I have had tough games like that before.

“It was difficult because nothing went right, everything was tough for me. I tried to keep focused but I understood why the boss wanted to substitute me. It was not my day.

“When you are a striker people expect more from you. I did well recently and scored a lot of goals, but when you miss chances it is like that – you have to question yourself. I will keep working hard and bounce back as soon as possible.”

As somebody pointed out on Wednesday night, Giroud did at least keep getting in positions to score and did not go missing despite being completely wayward with his finishing. What is the betting that if he scores tomorrow he will go on to get another?

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  1. Im one person definitely hopes giroud gets a goal or two tomorrow against everton, and return us back into 3rd place! Coyg!

    1. Giroud had a nightmare against Monaco, he will never ever miss two or three chances the way he did that night. but to be honest who had a good game that night? every single player on the pitch was having a nightmare and we all know it. Giroud was one of them, not sure if he will score today, but I fosho hope so. Olivier has to bounce back ASAP or else it will damage his confidence level.we know that he can finish and he has done it and scored some lovely flicks and shots season, I still believe he will help us win the FA cup and get a top 3 finish this season. He is a strong lad

  2. I Hope gabriel paulista starts tomorrow, after that shambolic display by our defense against monaco! Hope he can restore and add some stablity to our defense vs everton! Coyg!

  3. With MU winning, we have to make sure we beat everton. But my worry is it still wont change the fact that we are one inconsistent team that will screw up in big games. With the FA cup game just around the corner and wayne rooney our real nemesis finding his goal scoring touch we have to improve big time.

    Let us get those 3 points with some good football pls.

  4. Let’s hope the game tomorrow is more like the FA Cup game last season than the league game. It was an awful league performance last year, both home and away. We were the far superior side in the FA Cup game though.

  5. No debate, Giroud has got to start.. He had a very bad day in front of goal but that alone was at least a positive, he was getting in those goal scoring positions.

    It was a completely different story when Welbeck was moved to Striker position, he absolutely did nothing, I did not even notice that Welbeck was on the field after Giroud was substituted.. The guy is not a striker, not a winger, not an attacking midfielder. He should be turned into a DM because to me it seems the only thing he is good at is running, running and running like a headless chicken chasing after his own bad first touch.

    Kane, Sturridge, Stirling all the same age have overtaken him.. He needs to get his priorities right..

    1. Well said Welbeck for me is very poor as a forward and his sense of positioning is atrocious as well even Akpom seem a greater treat up front to me. I was one that never wanted podolski to leave and against Monaco we all wish we had his left foot. I think Giroud Is a ok forward he as come a far way and I think he will get there my problem is how long he will take he had a bad game we all have bad days at work I can’t quite say the say for Ozil ( yes he played through the middle) I think we should sell him and call it a lost he is very very poor since he became a arsenal player and this is where maurinho will always get my respect because he couldn’t be playing like that in a maurinho team. There is no team in the premier league that would buy Mert. At the moment not even Leicester City. We cannot and will not win a title with him in our team “yes we did it last year we won the FA cup ” well we won against hull city.

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