At least failed Lacazette bid shows Arsenal ARE trying

It would be better if the Arsenal transfer rumours were confirming that Arsene Wenger had been successful in his attempt to sign another striker to compete with and cover for the France international centre forward Olivier Giroud. But at least we know that the boss is trying to get a deal done.

We expected as much from him this summer, especially after it was widely reported earlier in the summer that the Gunners had offered enough to Leicester City to activate the release clause in the contract of Jamie Vardy. Since the England striker turned us down, though, not much has happened and there has been a growing sense of frustration and impatience among the Arsenal fanbase.

Like I said, the news reported by The Mirror today that Olympique Lyonnais have confirmed that they have rejected a substantial offer from Arsenal for their talented forward Alexandre Lacazette does at least prove that Wenger is not just twiddling his thumbs.

The French club released the statement after one report claimed that Arsenal had actually offered almost 50 million euros for their player, something they wanted to deny. But they also confirmed that we had offered €35 million and that this bid had been turned down.

The statement read, Olympique Lyonnais categorically deny having received an offer of €48million from Arsenal for the transfer of Alexandre Lacazette, as Le Progres report this morning.

“The club is disappointed that Le Progres didn’t go to the effort of contacting us before publishing this false information, which creates confusion on the day the club is publishing its annual figures.

“The reality is that Arsenal made a €35million bid, which Olympique Lyonnais turned down for one reason: l’OL will keep Alexandre Lacazette, who is irreplaceable and who is one of the main leaders in Bruno Genesio’s squad.”

It does sound as if Lyon are determined to keep their man but we do not know when this reported bid was made or whether the Gunners are likely to go back with another. We do know that the boss is looking for more fire power, so with any luck there should be another signing just around the corner.


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  1. Call me whatever you want but we have become joke as a club.
    Juve is paying 90m to sign Higuain even though they have players like Dybala and mandzukic. They signed him from their rivals, Napoli. Even when Napoli was adamant to not sell it to any Italian club and their director made public comments like, Higuain will cheat us if he joins Juve. How come still Juve signed him and Why?
    because they want to win CL next year as winning Serie A is not enough for them. They have ambition to win more valuable trophies and showed us you can sign any player if you have right intent.
    Higuain doesn’t worth 90m but if they win CL in next two years then who cares what they paid. Trophy matters more than Finance.
    AnD what are we doing, bidding 35m euors for lacazette. Why? Is Wenger trying to fool us? Just want to show that they are in market but not getting striker? so we fans should keep quite and blame Lyon for not selling him.
    How can you even think of bidding 35m in this inflated market either Wenger doesn’t want to sign anyone or he is still living in last decade.
    You can’t do penny pinching any more. I am not saying Lacazette is WC player and we will win PL if we sign him but if Wenger has lacazette as target then he should be serious
    with bidding amount else don’t bid.

    I know most of you are also frustrated with our club like me but don’t know what we can do to change things here.
    Either it will change when Wenger will go or when we will not finish in top 4 for few consecutive years as top 4 is our main priority.

    All the best Gooners.

    1. One of the instance when comment makes more sense then article. Great comment and sums up feeling of most of the Arsenal fans.

    2. You are in fact a joke for trying to justify paying 94 MILLION for Higuain.. a soon to be 29 year old choke artist.. How much would you have paid for Andy Carroll? LOL! Pogba might be worth this kind of money, but it just shows your desperation that you would try to justify a player of Higuain’s ability and age. An inflated market does not mean you spend 94 millino on an older, unproven EPL player who just blew the best scoring chance of the copa america final. I understand you do not want Giroud to start and I agree we need an upgrade, but it is not Higuain and he does not need to be 94 milllion. You are living in Video Game World. You really think Wenger is taking the time for You, mall-gooner, to see that he is putting in a bid that he never intended would go through? Hilarious…

      1. Is it mentioned by Lyon director and not me that Arsenal put 35m bid. Moreover on Higuain, I didn’t say, we should have signed him with 94m, did I anywhere in my comment?
        I just mentioned the intention of Juve to pay that much money even for 28 yrs striker so they can win CL with better striking options. Not only they signed Higuain, they signed Benatia as well even though they have one of the best defense in Europe.

        More over in this market you don’t go be the evaluation done by Wenger and his team. Do you know how much other teams are paying to get their targets? According to you every other club is fool for paying that much money and Arsenal should stuck with valuation done by Wenger.

        And regarding Wenger reading my comments. I know he is/will not but that is the problem that we don’t have platform to show our concern.
        I don’t hate Wenger and I have lot of respect for him for what he has done for this club but currently he has lost touch with market and also with fans.
        Problem is with few Arsenal fans that try to justify each and every move of Wenger.

        Last thing, you might disagree with other’s view but no need to insult anyone as everyone is Arsenal fan here and wants best for our beloved club.

      2. Are u sure you read his comments from start to finish, cos this your comment is totally off d mark from the various points raised by mailgooner. Don’t be hasty to attack him cos his points are valid. Wenger is fooling around, making cheeky bids here and there, trying to fool us fans!

      3. Sarsfieldny, you have insulted fellow fan, mall-gooner by calling him “a joke”. Mall-gooner made a well presented logical argument, you may disagree with him but by starting your comment with an insult then I for one switch off and only scan your comment.

        We should be polite on this site, we are all arsenal fans who want arsenal to do well and win things, there is no place for personal insults.

          1. Can you pls show me where mall-gooner has insulted Admin’s writting? I read it thrice and didn’t find anything. Nowhere he has mentioned about Admin or his writing. Please don’t insult anyone as we are all Arsenal fans.

          2. I think he said that arsenal had become a joke as a club, but I see what you were getting at, starting off your comment using the same language as previous comment.

    3. I wonder who in our team has such price tag, the same Juve insulted us by bidding for Sanchez just 30M. Napoli wanted to stick to the release clause, so they talked much when Juve bid 75M. A release clause means they cant do much. Also, I dont agree we WILL win EPL with Lacazette. He is not the only choice, but for a desperate Arsenal he might be enough.

      1. The reason that Juve bid that for Sanchez is that they feel we are cheap and cash hungry and would settle at that price, its not like we didnt sell our top striker to a direct rival for 25 million is it?
        Every other club in the world knows that Wengewr and the board are more interested in profit that progress and thats a fact.
        Despite that fact that Sanchez is an enourmous talent he was offloaded by Barcelona as it was felt there were better players to be had.
        In the wider world Sanchez is valued as a second tier top player Not as a top tier player and while I may disagree with this vehemantly its how our players are seen by the bigger world.
        No one is bidding for WaLcott or Giroud or sanogoals ect ect so that should tell you how we are viewed in the outside world.

      1. If Mr Wenger wanted a world class striker he would have brought one already. This so called effort to buy a striker to appease the fans reeks of a dirty rotten scoundrel… Proof of effort to help him at the end of the transfer window.

        News Reporter: So Mr Wenger, do you think that the fans are disappointed with this transfer window?

        Mr Wenger: Well, I don’t know, but we try working very very hard all through the transfer window to search and bring in a top, top, top striker as you saw with Lacazette. We offered very good money, but if the team don’t want to sell, there is nothing we can do… more gibberish here…

        1. Its the same smoke and mirrors policy that we saw with the Suarez Debacle and that was the season we dropped our interest in Higuain and were gazzumped by Napoli .
          In whose world was it ever considered to be a smart move to offer liverpool 40 million plus one pound for thier top tier striker???
          its another example as already cited where they can say “well we tried” when really the intention was not to buy in anyone.
          Imagine if we had offered 55 million for Suarez, we may have got him without insulting the team who had him and we would have won CL trophies by now. but instead it was all a load of propoganda and rubbish
          sick of it

    4. thank god higuain’s emirates bound flight finally landed in turin …. after almost a year … i was getting worried

    5. Napoli is buying Milik for 35 million Euro from Ajax. If that doesn’t make Lacazette worth 45 Then I don’t know what does. We are not serious and have not been serious for years about buying a striker. In fact the purchase of Giroud proved that IMO.

  2. Yea…………someone is trying so hard to hide wenger’s incompetence in the transfer window



  3. I knew this was Bob all is Rosy post, you can put lipstick on a pig Bob but it’s still a pig. Typical wenger window typical Arsenal. We are become a joke in the transfer market

  4. This is routine stuff when it comes to bidding. You start low, they start high, and if all is amicable we come to a meeting in the middle. Lyon obviously do not want to lose him, so are acting out, not at all amicably. When it comes to a buy out it’s different, however, Lacazette does not have a buy out. Well it’s usually different, liv showed what acting out can achieve.

    1. Yes Trevor, it’s routine for other clubs, but for Arsenal, I doubt. How many times have u read that Arsenal made an improved 2nd and maybe even 3rd bid like other clubs do? Once Wenger bids, he feels it’s either you accept or 4get about the deal. Just as if he’s the only buyer in the market!

    1. You should print that on a t-shirt (exclusive, only to be sold during the transfer windows)!!!

  5. Wenger is NOT in any way trying at all. In fact, this has confirmed that he is definitely not interested in signing any more new players. Why? He’s bidding less than was offered earlier on in the window by West Ham, and well below Lyon’s valuation for him. A bid isn’t just decided on an estimate where numbers are thrown about, the bid was calculated where Wenger knew that Lyon would reject the bid. Now that the rejection has been reported, Wenger is happy to cut off interest and claim that he ‘tried’ as the AKB troops will also proclaim. I’m almost certain that Xhaka will remain our only big signing, and even he was a calculated signing to get fans to renew their season tickets. IMO its a disgrace, fans pay extortionate prices (the highest in Europe) to see average performances and no indication of anything changing much in the next few years. While Wenger has his never-ending faith in players like Walcott, other teams are buying big players who will give them a shot at the title. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re competing for Europa this season. Cheers Gooners

  6. It is an opening bid FFS!! Do you think the first bid made by juve for higuain was 94 million? Do you think the opening bid for pogba was 120 million? No! cool your jets.

    1. Do you mean a 2nd bid like €35m + €1?
      Remember tne 2nd bid for Suarez?
      Typical Arsenal.

  7. Wenger warned us about Brexit, now that the value of the pound has fallen the club cannot afford to bid or buy top players…its all our fault!

    1. The club has plenty of money, they just don’t want to spend it. Stan might spend the money on another bloody ranch instead.

      1. The “plenty money” is all on long term high interest rate deposit account hence can’t touch it. Not sure how much is in the petty cash though.

  8. Just sign Mahrez, Lacazette and a Quality CB (especially with Mert injured, we desperately need one). If Debuchy is leaving, get a RB too.

    The season is just over two weeks away. Lets sort this out now

  9. we just not a serious club.
    West ham had a €40m bid rejected, then we send a €35m bid.
    I just don’t understand the Arsenal.
    do we have ambitions at all?

  10. I don’t think this deal is that much difficult. He can be transfered with an improved price as the competion is minimum compared to other. I hope we will get both Mahrez and Lacazette in this transfer window.

    1. I find it very hard to believe that any of the deals are as difficult as Mr Wenger may suggest. Just look at other clubs! They see a player, they scout the player, they send the negotiators, a deal is struck, the player signs after a successful physical. But when it comes to Arsenal they see a player, they scout the player, they see the player again, they scout the player again… and it goes on, and on…

  11. Even when I try to careless with the transfer window at Arsenal, I still find myself refreshing football site for some transfer news.. .i even search for targets name on google to see news on other websites…it is that bad. What’s Arsenal doing to me?

    1. Where have you been all these windows. My “hope” tank hit E when we signed an injured Kim kadarshian.

  12. Arsene and Ivan have turned Arsenal to a joke. It is a simple as that, there really is nothing else to add.

    The market gets inflated every year and we are always a year or two behind in valuations. We could have had Lacazette last summer for 30 Million, but we bought just Cech instead.

    These guys have no idea of whats going on – they enter the transfer market like a first time driver entering a highway. Afraid to move forward and letting everyone pass you by.

  13. Yep we are seeing the likes of ibra and higuain moving but we cannot get lacazette.
    Stop joking wenger just stop.
    We are not competitive anymore.
    Look at the past twelve seasons and see the gap between us and the champions.
    We are just terrible.
    Infact I agree with collymore our players are not good enough.

  14. ‘Failed Lacazette bid shows Arsenal are trying’. The Author for real on this one? Why do Arsenal Fc under bid for him as if they are financially inferior to West Ham? It’s a crying shame what comedy us Gooner’s are being exposed to. I have no hope in Wenger or the board in getting what is so blatantly needed in our team. I don’t care if Wenger pays over the odd for him and he fails in Arsenal colors. He won’t be the 1st. We had Lord Bendtner and now after trying to please Walcott in converting him into a striker, he failed miserably. Just get Lacazette. Full stop! It’s not your money Mr Wenger although I’ll acknowledge that you worked hard for Arsenal Fc to have it.

  15. What is more concerning is that he is trying to sign someone so average. How is this guy better than. Giroud? Giroud was better than him in Ligue 1 and ranks much higher than him in the national squad.

    I’d be more worried is the EUR 35m bid had been accepted. Say what you want about Giroud but at least his price tag matches his ability.

    1. But still some fans want us to pay over the odds and sign this “average striker” as you mentioned.

      As per Sky : A bit more info on the striker as we understand Arsenal made a £29.3m offer early in the summer and had no response from Lyon, which constitutes a rejection.West Ham also had a £31m offer rejected in May.Lyon don’t feel they have to sell Lacazette this summer as they received £21m for Samuel Umtiti from Barcelona.

      We signed Alexis for 32mil GBP and Lacazette is not even half the player Sanchez is. I think our opening bid was quite decent as player also wants to join us (unlike West Ham) but Lyon did not even choose to respond which I think is disrespectful. They would have cashed in on him but since he doesnt want to go to West Ham he remains a OL player. Can’t fault Wenger or Arsenal for this one. Better we use this money to sign Mahrez instead.

      1. Seems that you suffer from the same illness that Mr Wenger suffers from. This is precisely why we are unable to buy anyone, because I compare today prices with yesterday prices…

        1. Or we could look at strikers that cost less than what I are asking in this window and you would end up looking a bit of a fool

  16. The other player we have recently been linked with is ligue 1 Toulouse player ben Yedder for a reported fee of £8m.

    Here are some stats for the two players in ligue 1 last season
    Lacazette, minutes played 2956, goals scored 21, penalties 2, assists 3.
    Ben Yedder, minutes played 2883, goals scored 17, penalties 2, assists 5.

    Considering that lyon came second and toulouse came17, one would assume that lacazette is surrounded by better players than ben yedder, but not much difference in stats.

    Assuming the reported valuations are correct them ben yedder at 8m looks a much better buy than lacazette at 40m. I would also expect ben yedders salary to be much less than lacazette.

    I know stats can be deceptive and there is much more to football than stats but I cannot see wenger paying 40m for a 21 goal ligue 1 player, i think giroud scored something like 21 goals in league 1 before he came to arsenal.

    Ben yedder looks a more likely signing to me, that is if there is any truth in the rumour.

    1. I agree with you. Stats are important but for a guy scoring those goals for Toulose, at 8m is a good buy. We all know the EPL is not an easy league. Strikers do need time to adjust to the pace of the league as well. Lacazette will need time to adjust.I would not mind getting Chicharito at this stage. He already knows the league. Other options are Carlos Bacca, Cavani and Jesse.

      1. Skills1000, I cannot recall seeing ben yedder play and youtube highlights are far too deceptive so I can only go by the stats, and of course it might all be made up media rubbish.
        I always liked chicharito but not sure how available he is.

        At the moment it seems that for strikers its a sellers market. To think that four years ago we sold a 30 PL goal player of the year for £24m. Ok he was getting older and had been injury prone but RVP was world class and the following season he fired manu to the title.

    2. I have not seen him play, but Arsenal is a Moneyball player, so he looks like typical signing. Also, Arkadiusz Milik looked like a cheap buy last week, now Napoli has the money to pay and they are offering 35M. Whoever we want, they will double in price in August, so get them fast!!!

  17. Title of article is “At least failed Lacazette bid shows Arsenal ARE trying”

    I agree Arsenal are trying, they are very very trying.

  18. Dybala and Mandzukic…Juve must be ready to offload someone…unfortunately we will be beaten to the player by the likes of Tottenham (Went for Jenssen and got him), Leicester, Liverpool etc…But of course Wenger will do a 10-15M bid and we will get rejected again…

  19. sorry author, you got duped for about the millionth transfer window in a row. Arsenal probably told Lyon to tweet about the offer so they could keep up appearance and keep the cash flowing from your pocket into theirs. Let’s stop falling for these stupid tricks people. Didn’t spend a dime on kits or anything Arsenal last season and not doing it again this season either.

  20. I must be the only person who really doesn’t get excited about Lacazette. I really don’t think Wenger even wants him to be honest. I feel we should go all out on Griezmann and if that doesn’t work go for Dybala since Juve just got Higuain.

  21. If you mean by given feeble bids he trying. Don’t be fooled by Wengers Tactics a low bid there I tried. He does this every year and I can’t believe some people fall for it again and again.
    Cop on unless he gets someone for nothing Arsenal are not getting a new striker.

  22. Despite the fact that any initial bid will have to be haggled/negotiated, a derisory offer brings into question the true intent of Arsenal’s desire to secure Lacazette’s signature. If the offer was just a PR exercise. i.e. to say that we tried…. then the mission has been accomplished. However if we have a more sincere intent to sign this player then IMO we have to make a more realistic offer. Considering the fact that West Ham had offers of £31m, £32m and £40m, in June rejected for Alexandre Lacazette, was Arsenal ill advised to make an initial offer of just (approx) £29m?

  23. (Akon Voice) I trieeedddd soo harrdddd……

    As already stated, why would Lyon accept a bid at 35 when they just rejected one at 40?

  24. I’m probably going to echo some of the comments above, but I see this as a complete JOKE, and a spit into the face of every single Gooner out there. I’m okay with making a bid for Lacazette, even though in my mind he’s not exactly the player we need/want. BUT… I am totally NOT okay with a making a bid which we all know is going to be rejected right away. How do I know that? It’s called player valuation. That, and West Ham already tried buying him for more money, and that bid was too rejected. I’ve always been a Wenger fan, and have defended him even when majority of fans were ripping him apart. But I’m sick and tired of watching other teams getting quality players while we are submitting ridiculously low offers, but so then we could say something like “… oh well… at least we tried”. NOT COOL.. NOT COOL AT ALL.

  25. According to the mirror,3 days ago, report came out that Arsenal is planning to spend 75 million pounds on lacazette and mahrez,… Yesterday according to reports Arsenal and leciester city have agreed a deal around 45million pounds for mahrez… Today Arsenal had a bid of around 30 million pounds rejected for lacazette, confirmed….altogether we have bidded 75 million pounds…. So d news could be true about MAHREZ…

  26. What is going on with this club? Higuain is way overpriced. Yep, juventus can have him.
    Fair enough we’re going for Lacazette. But why on earth would they accept an offer which was lower than what West Ham put in for him last month?! Arsenals way of dealing with transfers is very unique in its own way.


    Hello Mr Wenger,
    We understand you are interested in one of our players, the only way we would consider letting our star player leave is a bid in the region of 40 million pounds

    Kind regards

    Wengers reply,

    Look errrrrrrr maybe you accept 24.3 million??

  27. “Failed Lacazette bid shows Arsenal are trying”
    Guess what, I am ready to call this club Arsene football club, because that is what it is, simple…!

    @mall gooner
    Nothing else to add, you have resumed the situation of this “pathetic”, weak, mediocre and ambitious less club.

    Good luck for a mostly the same season… Top club? Based on what??
    Arsenal finishing second also showed that the EPL is far from being a strong league… A league with a lot of money, but not a strong league. Our teams would dominate Europe if it was the case and Arsenal is not even near competing in the CL, not even close.

  28. Lacazetta is an average player in comparison to others that were out there and the whole point is that we should NOT be bidding for average players in the first place, I mean what is going on? we never used to be so complacent in the transfer window? remember Arshavin ?? ok he turned out badly but that was because Wenger played him out of position.
    we should be in for the full monty not half baked players like Lacazetta the whole thing is a joke an utter joke

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