At least five players that started against Watford are not good enough for Arsenal

The game against Watford today did not really tell us anything that we did not already know and that is that quite a few Arsenal players are simply not good enough to play for the club.

If you give an honest assessment of the players that started the game today you have to admit that there is some serious deadwood there and I am talking about over the last 12 months, not just this season.

This was the starting line-up today

Ainsley Maitland-Niles

Now, I would suggest that the following five players from that starting eleven are not up to what should be considered Arsenal standard.

Ainsley Maitland-Niles

Now ask yourselves this, would any of those players get into any of the other top-six sides?

In my opinion, not one of them would, I mean, Luiz was rejected by Chelsea and they are a team that cannot buy any new players, in fact, they probably cannot believe their luck that someone would actually pay money for a player that is such a shocking liability.

It is a harsh and brutal truth that the Arsenal squad is seriously lacking in quality depth and it can be argued that Mesut Ozil could easily join those five in not being good enough.

When a team like Watford can literally overrun you time and time again then you just know there are some serious issues with the side and if the team that Unai Emery put out today is really the best that Arsenal has got right now, then it is going to be a very long and disappointing season.


  1. To me Emery seems clueless. I have been one of the people that have been standing up for emery to be given a chance.
    That was last season where i gave him a pass.

    But this season was the season I promised to hold him accountable.

    The players looked so confused, clueless, scared etc. They did not seem to know what to do.
    Building from behind is a joke right now, the players are turning into comedic clowns trying to build from the back. They just don’t seem to have the intelligence or awareness. Watching them try to pass the ball from the back is like watching programmed robots.

    Emery is working my nerves right now.

  2. On the plus side 3 out of those 5 are all sure to be replaced when Bellerin, KT and Holding are fully fit, if Chambers or Mavro prove to be able to take the other CB spot that’s 4 gone leaving just Xhaka.
    Why he still starts I’ll never know…. I can see many good qualities in him but he’s never going to make it in this league and if we can all see that it’s mind-boggling that Emery can’t ?‍♂️

  3. Admin martin, would love to know your reasoning for adding Ozil to that list, especially after your detailed reasoning for the other five.
    So please, argue away on his first game this season in the league – surely thats how one should evaluate a player at the start of a new season
    Can I suggest you start with the following?

    As I don’t like the player anyway and neither does UE it seems…

  4. I will say that the tactics were absurd and it’s totally Emery’s fault. He hasn’t got Clue. He’s let Liverpool and Watford totally dominate us. Playing out pressed in our own box from goal kicks means in practice giving goals away. Kick the ******* ball Leno. That’s what it’s there for.

  5. I want emery out. We have not improved in 2 years and all the players look confused.

    I want Naglesman from RB Lezpig (formerly from Hoffenhein), he’s the next world class manager. Excellent st developing players

    Speaking of RB Lezpig I also want their back room staff, they seem to identify talent early and buy them for cheap

    1. Stop wanting players, why can’t you see the first thing first?you wantNaglesman and after that hand him over to emery? No that’s clueless. This coach can’t lead us anywhere. He’s too stubborn…

      And sometimes I think Chelsea sends players to Arsenal giving them specific play instructions on how to hurt us to keep them moving. This is bull shit…

      Luiz was never made available until the last moments of the transfer window knowing fully well that we were short in that department,then Chelsea took advantage.

      The premier league is not for kids, not even when the adults around them play clueless football. We were fortunate to get two goals cuz right from kick off, we never showed class.

      And nobody should drag Ozil into this for ones.

  6. If you play three attacking midfielders you upset the defensive stability. There was absolutely no cover for the defense. Deulefou should have scored a hat trick. No one was tracking back to help the wing backs. Each time the team lost possession the midfielder were terribly out of position. The substitutes were literally being pushed off the ball. That leaves me wondering why Chambers was not thrown in to add to defensive stability. The problem is not the team. The coach is just not good enough.

    1. Agree with you winner, the biggest problem now is the coach.
      Any one watching had so many questions that only Emery can rel you
      1. Why Xhaka is playing
      2. Why you asked these players to play from the back when they do not have the skills. Every Arsenal back kick is potentially an opportunity for Watford to score.
      3. Why you did not give Chambers a chance when he did well against New castle and the other 2 are competing eaxh others on errors that cost a gaol.
      4. Why took off Cellebos who was excellent and put Willock who is very young to win the physical battle.
      5 Have not sent Chambers to protect the 2-1 lead.

      Now we should focus on th coch , his honey moon time is over. Either deliver or go

      1. Watford looked like Barca yesterday! 7 points dropped in 3 games due to Emery’s selection.31 games to go and this man out of our club! Worse than Arsene

    2. This is heartbreaking!!! This coach seems to be experimenting. No clue what so ever. Its insane that he still doesn’t have a first 11.

    3. Big name coach does not guarantee big success. But a coach with purpose, decisive, and not experimenting, am dissapointed in emery

    4. There was a time when we used to play only Arteta as a defensive figure. And i think we did totally fine with 5 attack minded players then. So don’t really see an issue with just 3 now.

  7. Arsenal were trying to play counter attacking but were clueless how to do it. The transition from defense to attack has been non existent so far this season. When we get the ball everyone seems to be running forward, leaving the guy with the ball subject to pressure and then punt it up, most of the time to the opponent and they start another attack , causing panic with players out of position.
    Also, defense lacked confidence and cohesion.
    A half fit Bellerin, Tierney and Holding would be better than any of those three.
    Xhaka alone can’t move the ball out of defense and the opponents know so they immediately put him under pressure.
    It’s a structural problem that Edu and Sallehi has to solve.

  8. Am losing out my patience with this Emery who seem to strengthen opportunities for the opponent, tactics against Liverpool (2nd half) and today was totally abysmal and against our noisy neighbours we lost 3 valuable point. You young kids in Nelson stupidity denied us a chance to take the lead in the dyeing minutes.
    Honestly it leaves a hitter taste in my mouth thinking about the game.

  9. It’s not a great place right now but don’t lose all hope yet we have FOUR defenders coming back very soon Holiding will be in the team for the next match, and Bellerin and Kierny are a couple of games behind. And we’ve got Mavropanos as well to add to competition. It will be a very different backline when they are all fit. And we could probably give chambers more game time he finished as player of the year for Fulham. I think AMN will improve. But there’s no doubt we have some serious thinking to do to get our defence going.

    1. It will make no difference with a different set of players if the coach is not moved out very quickly. Now we can all see why Neymar had ousted from PSG.. Over to you Mesut

  10. Emery seems lost. His substitutions didn’t make sense at all. He should have replaced one of the CBs and left Ceballos on. Going by Emery’s antecedents in other Clubs where he has been coach, he gets intimidated whenever he is playing away from him. This may explain the panicking mode the players were operating under. The first goal was a gift to them by Socratis. Their penalty was a result of our players having resigned themselves to fate. How can a team of Arsenal’s calibre be completely overrun by Watford? It is a total shame! Emery should apologise to the fans for such a dismal second half. The way things are going our team is now worse than last season which is very sad.

  11. Not an inspiring team performance at all. The mentality of the team is poor. To bring on youngsters against a physical team is suicidal which was proven on their late performance. Shame on Emery for his clueless subs. He has no clue about English Soccer,

  12. I literally cried my eyes out watching these young toothless kids get bartered yesterday, my sick coach ships out miki and iwobi (both physical) players and leaves a bench filled with rejects, we lack bodies in every department, mentally, physically we ain’t ready for the challenge this season we need a saviour

  13. Emery must go again young players the likes of willock are not arsenal type,I want to see Chambers,holding,bellerin in defence others are passangers

  14. hahha…i thought they said kosceinly was not good. we needed to sort defense but we didn’t.
    i laugh…..we havent played crystal palace and everton.
    ride on guys…..i just pity Auba cos he will be frustrated. Real madrid…can u begin to open ur cheque book for an available striker who wants to depart soon.

    That said AMN had a good game baring his initial single error. he didnt try any thing risky. played the ball out when uncertianity showed up.
    he and Auba , with a little from ozil.
    i don’t understand pepe.

  15. I too was a fan who said 1st season Emery deserves a chance, this season should be his last chance. If we drop points again with a black and white performances like we’ve seen in the last 3 games his position needs to be considered.

    Xhaka has a decent pass and starting position but its when he has to make a decision it catches him out. Don’t be so harsh on Ainsley hes not a fullback its glaringly obvious, but Wenger and now Emery likes to continue to shoe horn him out there.

    The side lack balance in the defensive 3rd, if you have no balance in the foundation, the whole team be and look disjointed. Feel sorry for Willock and Rees yesterday being thrown in like that. Who to be honest did show energy and determination that was missing from our “captain” and defence.

    Emery has to stop tinkering and play to the teams strengths. Rather than trying to play into other teams apparent weaknesses. This isn’t Spain or France where teams don’t compete or fight, the quicker he realizes that the better

  16. Guendouzi is another lad that should NOT be on the Arsenal team, to slow, cant tackle, cant track back, cant pass forward, sorry cant pass, he should play in the championship for a couple of years and then the Arsenal reserves then sell him! He is shocking!!!!

  17. Arsene Wenger is far better than Emery.How many teams can overun Arsenal in his 22yr reign. Wenger only play kids in Carabao cup competitions. Ramsey and then inform Torreira was the reason why we were not badly exposed last season.How can Arsenal even play against Man City? I am very sure that Emery will be the next to be relieved of his job. I am 100% sure.

  18. I agree with you.
    But regarding yesterday’s performance I think Granit Xaka did well. But I still wonder why Unai Emery prefered M.Niles to Calum Chambers in defense?
    The coach can even use C.Chambers as a defensive midfielder instead of Guendoizi for the purpose of grits.

    I am wondering how long it would take U.Emery to know the skills of his players better.

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