At least one Arsenal player does not hold Neal Maupay responsible for Leno injury

Brighton’s Neal Maupay has received some backing from an unlikely source after he came under fire for causing Bernd Leno’s injury.

Leno was stretchered off in Arsenal’s game against Brighton after he appeared to twist his knee.

The German pointed a finger at Maupay as if to blame him as he was taken off the field and Arsenal players didn’t appreciate the striker’s role in the incident.

The Brighton match-winner was grabbed by his neck by Matteo Guendouzi after the game, but Arsenal goalkeeper, Emiliano Martinez doesn’t blame the striker for causing the injury to his colleague.

The Argentinean told reporters after the game that he didn’t believe that the Frenchman deliberately wanted to harm Leno when he went for the ball that caused Leno’s injury.

He added that he had a close relationship with the Arsenal first choice who might be sidelined for a while now, and he backs himself to replace the German.

‘I don’t think he tried to injure him,’ he said after the game as quoted by the Mail. ‘He went for the ball, like any striker would and unfortunately this is football and these things happen.

‘I spoke to him [Leno] at half-time and he felt like he stretched his knee, twisted it a little bit, we couldn’t see from so far away. 

‘But as a goalkeeper, in the goalkeepers’ union, I don’t want him to get injured, it’s a big loss for the team but I’m more than prepared. 

‘We are very close, me and Bernd, so I wish him a speedy recovery and if I have to keep his place then I will do my best.’

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  1. It doesn’t matter if he intended to hurt Leno or not. The lack of intent does not matter did Maupay need to jump
    Into Leno when the keeper had already collected the ball and the answer is no. Was his actions reckless and dangerous? The answer to that is yes because of the challenge a player has suffered an injury therefore Maupay actions are dangerous and reckless and as a result he should have at least been shown a yellow card.. had Leno jumped and done that with no one around him it’s an unfortunate accident with the contact from Maupay it’s an avoidable accident still a foul and still a card nonetheless.

    1. Well said. I agree 100%

      Talking of foul or not. How did the Brighton #8 get away with so many fouls (coincidentally also about 8) incl standing right in front of CEB and blocked the kick ? Something that was yellow carded in the game on Friday !!

  2. He is right. Fare, how many times we seen any stickers go for the ball or put pressure on keeper before kicks the ball?

    Looking at footage, he is not trying to touch him and leno goes for ball, catch it before him and fall wrong way.

    Now Maupay attitude and behavior is indeed ignorant fakin being hit hard by Gendouzi who is obviously smartest cat, should let video talk, reviewed, Maupay be banned same way and his overall behavior.

    Fare will be for Maupay and gendouxi to pay a 50k fine to be paid to kids charities, not deductable; for their actions and spend a day in training with kids from the academy who looki up to him and for all the one watching.. Before session start, show them the images and tell them how wrong. Same for Maupay! They will think twice and never do this..

    Or they will again as every other week end. Miss few games, chill still getting paid!


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