At least one Arsenal player trying to leave the Emirates this month

According to a report coming out of Egypt, Mohamed Elneny is looking to engineer a move away from the Emirates before the European transfer window shuts on September 2nd.

Egyptian website El Ahly is claiming that Elneny’s agent Alan Nazmy is in London to talk to Arsenal about the future of his client.

Apparently, Turkish side Galatasaray is keen on the 27-year-old as well as clubs in Germany, Spain and France, though they remain unnamed at this stage.

Whether this rumour turns out to be true or not it has to be said that it would make perfect sense for the Egyptian international to seek another club. He appeared just 17 times for the Gunners last season and that was in all competitions and he is hardly likely to feature much more this campaign.

Elneny must know the writing is on the wall for him, Joe Willock has burst on to the scene and Dani Ceballos has been brought in and it is difficult to see a scenario where he will jump ahead of those two as well as Matteo Guendouzi, Granit Xhaka and Lucas Torreira.

You have to also think that Elneny is at least interested in a transfer if he has allowed his agent to travel to London to talk with Arsenal.

However, while it does make sense for Elneny to move on Unai Emery may not be so keen on reducing his squad with four competitions in play.

If I had to put a bet on this one I would back Elneny staying put but who knows, anything is possible.


  1. He needs to be sold as he’s had plenty of opportunities since he joined us and hasn’t managed to tie down a starting position. I’d rather give our up and coming players a real go instead and build for the future.

  2. Eleney is a hard working and versatille player

    he can be a good squad player providing experience

    However a player like him needs to play regularly and would not want to sit on the bench for lengthy periods

  3. Not a good idea.
    Elneny is our only specialist back up Defensive Midfielder to Torreira

    Wilock, Xhaka, Guendouzi, Cellabos are attacking/b2b Central Midfielders. I’d rather see Xhaka leave than Elneny. Elneny also works very hard

    I suppose Guendouzi could play defensive midfielder too though

    1. Don’t underestimate Robbie Burton and what about AMN everyone keeps crying out for him to play in the middle.

      Oh an by the way, not sure if you have noticed? Chambers was his clubs player of the season recently saying that role and one further point, Emery doesn’t use a DM. Hence he was trying to turn everyone into playing the ball out out and forward, even Petr Cech!!!

  4. I saw an article saying Nigerians don’t support Arsenal because of Iwobi.
    And TH14 countering the idea.

    Is weird to say Nigerians support Arsenal because of Iwobi cos I knew many Nigerians supporting Arsenal and England team at the World Cup and Euros.
    The last time I checked, Iwobi is not playing for England national team.

    And about the article…
    Elneny should do anything possible to get his transfer cos I don’t see him playing any game this season.

    Mayb in Carabao cup though

  5. The poor guy never got his chance to play in five consecutive matches at Arsenal. He has been treated unfairly and I bet he has been regretting his rejection of Leicester’s offer two years ago

    He has to move because he is still in his prime and I believe the club have been trying to sell him as well

    Wouldn’t be surprised if he is gone before the end of this month, since we already have too many players in his position

    1. What is it with you and 5 consecutive matches?What is that meant to show us?I can name you players who have played in 5 consecutive games and are still crap-Mustafi and Xhaka.So tell me what this 5 game nonsense is all about

    2. You do not treat poor players unfairly by, rightly, NOT picking them in “five consecutive matches”. What that does, by NOT picking them, is to make the team better than it otherwise would have been. And that, as most sensible fans well know, but apparently not you, is the object of playing pro football; to make the team better. Unless you have an odd passion for Elneny.

  6. Is this the Twilight Zone? People want Elneny to stay??? He’s never had a good period at Arsenal and is certifiably a lower table quality player. Anybody who says he is more useful than Xhaka is just being thick. His only purpose last season was being on pitch in Europa League group stage games. Beyond that he was useless.

    1. Those are harsh words. I don’t think he deserves some of these, he has barely been given the chance to prove himself and when he plays he shows some passion for the shirt.

      1. He’s played close to 50 EPL matches. If he has failed to make an impact in the squad, that is his own fault. None of us ever even mention him when we do discuss the squad, but now that he is leaving, suddenly he is a valuable member? He doesn’t put in any more effort than Mustafi does, but like him, if you don’t have the talent to back it up, then you shouldn’t be getting game time.

        1. Well said, Elneny for me should be in the same taxi as mustafi and mkhitaryan.

          There presence might hamper the progress of willock, mavropanos and Smith-Rowe and if they stick around the 3 talented youngsters might be forced out on loan.

          I mean who would you rather see coming on in the second half, the three youngsters? Or the 3 stooges.

          Just get them out of the door and save over 300k a week off the wage bill or even better sell em for a job lot price of 30m and be done with it.

          I would be looking at lining up another taxi in January with kolasinac, xhaka, ozil and Monreal in it.

          That will then effectively bring the wenger era to a close and Emery can then live by the sword.

          1. if we keep shipping out our experience players…

            whos gonna be the squad players?

            all the inexperience youngsters?

    1. Not a question of keeping one or the other BUT of getting rid of ALL the RUBBISH players. All on your list, plus several others, should be sold when possible. Elneny is way below Arsenal class and so blame Wenger for bringing in this dreadful standard of player. To think he USED to buy top talent like Henry, Viera, Pires etc and more recently he has bought complete dross like Elneny, Xhaka and Mustafi. No wonder he was sacked,even though years too late .

  7. Experience my foot, the young players will be the experienced players just like Ajax team last year, how many 30+ years players do they have, mkhitaryan is a liability, even at that we have Luis, sokratis and so on…

  8. After watching him against Palace, I said I never want to see him play for us again!
    Might sound harsh to some, but I’m just being honest! He’s a nice guy, just not good enough for the Arsenal

  9. I am an Egyptian but he needs to be sold or loaned. His tackling is awful and average on all other rounds, plus his position is well secured.

  10. He could have been gone a good while ago,in January Puel and Leicester offered 12M and what did we do?turned it down great business not!there is no way we’ll get that again for him this time around unless some desperate club comes in!!

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