At least one Premier League star supports Wenger’s controversial World Cup plans

Premier League clubs have rejected Arsene Wenger’s proposal to hold a World Cup every two years. Could he get support from the players?

Perhaps, because one high-profile name thinks the idea isn’t so bad after all.

Manchester City midfielder, Kevin De Bruyne, reveals FIFA has briefed him about the idea and he doesn’t think it is so bad, provided it meets some requirements.

However, he insists everyone has to be on board before it can be implemented.

‘At the start of the season, I had a meeting with FIFA and Arsene Wenger to explain to us what they wanted to do,’ De Bruyne told news agency Belga as quoted by The Daily Mail.

‘To do something like that, federations of all countries, UEFA and FIFA have to coordinate. Everyone has to work together.

‘I insisted on a second point: I told them that they had to keep a real period of rest for us, the players, at the end of the season.

‘The idea isn’t bad in itself, as long as everyone works together.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Wenger has remained confident that his idea would fly and this could be a good sign to that effect.

The Frenchman is an innovator and most Arsenal fans have known this for years. Now the world would see that side of him.

He is looking to change the game as we know it and it will be interesting to see how different football will be in the next ten years and how much of that change will be linked to Wenger.

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  1. Isn’t it strange how the headline of an article can tell the feelings /thoughts of the author?

    I have said many times that we should wait and see what is actually in the proposals being put forward for discussion.

    De Bruyne obviously DID wait to see what was being proposed AND it seems that there IS a proposal for players to have allotted time off.

    I have no idea if this two year world cup would work, but it does seem that only eufa and european clubs are opposed to it…. one should be asking why (not including fans in that statement, as we wouldn’t count anyway!!!)?

    1. Apparently the article writers don’t write the headlines Ken but be that as it may, Eufa and European clubs are against it because it will impact on their competitions, likely reducing their income and of course increasing FIFA’s income ten fold. Unfortunately it’s all about money.

      1. Exactly Declan re. eufa…. now I don’t know if it’s a good idea or not, but eufa will fight tooth and nail to keep their hands on the pot of gold that they currently have – whether the proposal is good for the game / players or not.

        I just hope the fans are able to see the full proposal and then we can see the merits, or otherwise, of AW’s proposals.

        Nah… that was Martin’s headline!!!

      2. Declan,AD Pat writes all the headlines for everyone. That is why so many are at odds with what the article actually says

    2. We already know the KEY part and that is a WC each two years. It cannot be done to give players a longer rest and yet play more comps. Any fool can easily see that and right now! UEFA ARE NEVER GOING TO LET ANY OF THEIR COMPS DIE OUT.
      That by itself is easily enough for sensible fans to already reject it. No serious minded fan thinks for a moment that will lead to less football, but more, as UEFA and FIFA are in fact sworn enemies ; both corrupt and both wanting their own way with various comps.

      It will never happen Ken, however much a few , possibly including you, may wish it .


      THANK GOD TOO! It is a daft and impossible idea!

      1. No serious minded fan Jon?
        What about a serious minded player then?

        Can you give ANY details whatsoever, apart from the proposal that the world cup would be played every two years?

        If and it’s a big IF, every other federation agreed to the proposal, how do you think eufa could stand alone?

        Every player would be duty bound to play for their country and it would make a mockery of the leagues in europe, if they carried on, without said players able to play.

        Now, I have no idea what will happen Jon, but I do know that you don’t either.
        I also have no idea if it’s a good proposal or not and I’m going to wait and see when the outcome of the planned meeting reaches it’s conclusions and recommendations.

        Also, when we, the fans, can be as knowledgeable as De Bruyne obviously is.
        You can try and read between the lines and make your conclusions without knowing all the facts.

        But that’s when such bold statements as you make above, always seem to come back to bite you in the bum!!

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