At least three Premier League clubs want Arsenal star who may be allowed to leave

Ainsley Maitland-Niles is a wanted man after spending the second half of last season on loan at West Brom.

The England international has seen his career at Arsenal stall over the last year and he might leave the Emirates for good now.

He had interest from the likes of Wolves at the start of the last campaign and even more Premier League clubs are pursuing him now.

The Sun reports that Leicester City, Southampton and Burnley have summer plans that include him.

The trio of Premier League clubs have watched him struggle to get regular playing time at Arsenal and they are now interested in a move for him.

Southampton has been long-term admirers and the report says they targeted a move for him in the last transfer window.

He instead moved to West Brom where he failed to help them survive relegation, but they have the chance to sign him now.

Brendan Rodgers wants him at Leicester because of his defensive versatility even though he has maintained that he wants to play in midfield.

He started last season as one of Arsenal’s key players which earned a call-up to the England national squad, but Mikel Arteta eventually sidelined him.

It remains unclear if the Spanish manager will involve him in this campaign.

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  1. I can see why AMN may be wanted by Burnley and Southampton, but I do not believe he is of interest to Leicester who are well covered at RB and central midfield.I regard Brendan Rogers as one of the most astute Managers around and while Maddison was nowhere near his best after his injury last season I would be very surprised if he decided to unload his most creative player.Money talks of course and if an offer of 40/50 m is made he may decide to let him go and reinvest in another AM .In any event,you can put money on Rogers to reinvest the proceeds wisely as there is not a better Manager in the EPL when it comes to getting value for money.

  2. AMN has not made the real top grade though he is a useful and mid table level Prem player. But we need a better standard than he has shown . He has had ample chances and done just ok , but we need far more ambition than he has shown.

    So all in all I hope and believe he will be let go and that we either get a useful fee or use him as a make weight in a player swap.

    I really had hoped he would come through but Prem football is cut throat and you cannnot wait for ever. He has reached his level, which is however not quite what we need.

    1. @jon fox
      🤣🤣🤣🤣… He’s been constantly played out of position, used as a makeshift RWB. And still put in a dang good shift when played. He has EPL and EL experience and is home grown. Give him a good run in his rightful position and nurture is speed and agility, before buying a foreign player who has to acclimate himself…

      1. Spot on NY_Gunner.

        I don’t think he has ever been given a chance to gain a regular spot or learning a position by being so versatile.

        Let’s not forget a few years ago he wanted to be a right winger, then he had a taste for central midfield and then wanted to be a central midfielder. His whole career he has has played in a variety of positions no wonder he hasn’t got a Scooby Doo what his natural position is.

        Give the boy a chance and then make a judgement.

        1. Hang on a minute
          He wanted to be a right winger first
          Then changed his mind and wanted a crack at central midfield
          All the while the manager is then expected to try and accommodate AMN? Is it all about his preference or that of the team? If I was him I’d push for a move to where he can play in midfield and let Arsenal reinvest from the sale

    2. Agree Jon.

      Over the years we have tended to invest a lot of time and effort into this type of player i..e almost but not quite.

      Best for BOTH parties if AMN moves on – and Mikel knows this.

    3. Agree Jon.

      Over the years we have tended to invest a lot of time and effort into this type of player i..e almost but not quite.

      Best for BOTH parties if AMN moves on – and Mikel knows this.

      He will be sold.

  3. He is a very good squad player. He’s been very useful. I’d like him to stay if possible

  4. Extend or sell.
    I like him, for me he can fill the DM/CM role with Partey and Willock.
    Both him and Willock are needed for talent and home grown quota, they have matured.
    That said, we cannot afford to have a player leave for free or enter last year of contract.

  5. Keep him and nurture his talent, instead of throwing him crumbs, expecting for him to flourish…

  6. Although I have nothing personal against AMN, minus his abject stubbornness when it came to his positional desires, I still view him as a “luxury” option that would make the most sense for a team with bottomless pockets, who might use him on occasion for strategical purposes when man-marking a particular player was tactically required…otherwise, he hasn’t shown the requisite skillset that would justify his presence on the pitch as an everyday starter, at least not at this level…we likely should have sold him last off-season, when his market value appeared to be at it’s highest, then used those funds to properly invest in our most pressing needs…I wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavours

    1. Well put. Personally, I rate him more than bellerin at RB, but seeing as he has no interest in playing the position that all his coaches think he’s best at… it’s time to move on.

  7. KEEP AMN and player him in the right position, another great young player, do not sell our best, all brought through by our great Arsene Wenger

  8. I think I have made it quite clear on numerous posts that we should be keeping AMN.

    Personally I think if the club make the effort with him he could be a world beater in any position that they require of him. But it is a two way street so he needs to put the effort in also which I believe he is more than willing to do.

    I don’t buy this baloney that he refused to play right back as he just has to watch Kyle Walker to see that the old school rb is now defunct. All he said was that saw himself as a CM and wanted to try it. Next it was “he refuses to play right back”. He is Arsenal through and through and If you say play GK he probably would.

    We let him go… I can see this one biting us on the posterior.

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