‘At this point I would like to address the owners of some English clubs,’ Ceferin sends message to Arsenal

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has sent a message to Arsenal and other English teams who have joined the European Super League that there is still time for them to right their wrongs by pulling out of the agreement.

The Gunners and their other top-six rivals have agreed to form the new competition with six other teams from Spain and Italy.

The competition is expected to replace the Champions League for the competing sides, but they are facing a serious backlash from fans and other governing bodies.

This attempt to form a new competition is seen as a direct attack on UEFA and they are fighting back.

The European governing body has threatened to kick out the teams and players in their competitions and they will also try to deny the players the chance to play for their national teams.

In a message to the Premier League sides, Ceferin says everyone makes mistakes and the Gunners and others can change their minds.

‘At this point I would like to address the owners of some English clubs,’ Ceferin said during his powerful address on Tuesday via AP’s Rob Harris.

‘Gentlemen, you made a huge mistake. Some will say it is greed, others disdain, arrogance, flippancy, complete ignorance of England’s football culture. But actually it doesn’t matter.

‘What matters is there is still time to change your mind, everyone makes mistakes. English fans deserve to have you correct your mistake, they deserve respect.’ 

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  1. Reggie says:

    I wrote on an earlier article the europa league final could be given to Roma and Villareal, discussions going on friday. People either didn’t see it or dont care. Still why do we need to actually qualify for something like other sports when we are getting in free and it doesn’t matter if we finish last. GREAT CONCEPT! NOT!

    1. siamois says:

      I saw it Reggie British clubs being kicked out of the CL/EL semis!

      1. Skills1000 says:

        Stan only cares about the money. No passion at all. He is only in for the money. Not investing enough. Cares less about results.

        1. guy says:

          Imagine Skills. We are all saying at least we can buy top players with all that cash. If SL is as proposed we can survive forever with no investment as no relegation, so Kroenke makes more and we never buy another player.

    2. siamois says:

      I forgot there is also a PL clubs meeting planned very soon without the big 6 one of the topics will be possible sanctions.

    3. guy says:

      I seem to be seeing this a lot, but I’m pretty sure for legal reasons we can’t be kicked out.

  2. Skills1000 says:

    I have been reading a lot since this development came out. What are the chances hat Arsenal will be kicked out of this season europa league?

    1. jon fox says:

      Skills, FACT: you cannot be kicked out of something that does not exist, nor will exist As I write this, the farce is falling apart with two English clubs wanting out, City and Chelsea. PLUS BARCA AND ATLETICO. IT WILL FALL APART WITHIN A FEW WEEKS PERHAPS IN DAYS. Forget it, is is already a dead parrot! Deceased!

  3. guy says:

    Strange that Ceferin did not also say the reasons may include dissatisfaction with UEFA’s administration of European football being a combination of incompetant and corrupt!
    Sufficient to say that if SL excluded the permanent membership clause it would be viewed quite favourably compared with the proposed CL model.
    I dont think they will kick us out of the EL. As a threat it has weight. Actually carry it out and you will never get the 12 back, they will leave for sure.
    The irony is that all of the sanctions threatened damage the authorities threatening them more than the 12 clubs.

  4. Jeanie says:

    I believe that all football governing bodies need to overhaul the whole structure. The amounts of money paid for players is staggering. There should be a realistic ceiling on all transfers. In turn players wages need to be made more realistic. I believe if a player doesn’t perform to the best of his ability the club should fine them. I read that a player is looking for a weekly wage of 500k ( yes I know that a lot of players earn that and that to me is shame on us massaging these players egos) are we all gone mad in this COVID time where people in every country have lost everything. If these players on these exorbitant salaries loved the game as much as they say they do they would play for a lot less. There maybe then would be no need for break always.

    1. guy says:

      My own opinion Jeanie is that UEFA have had numerous opportunities to put their own house in order. An incompetant, corrupt, self-serving regime that cares more about feathering its own nest and surviving than for the clubs it purports to represent, or indeed football as a whole.
      The latest CL revamp was a step too far and its too late to go back now.
      The challenge is to rein in some of the ambitions of the SL12, in particular life membership. Losing the pyramid is a red herring, as it will still exist, albeit in a (quite rightly IMO) reduced form. Up to 5 teams into the “Champions” League was ridiculous.

  5. durand says:

    I don’t believe any of the 6 English teams have threatened to leave the Premier League, only play Super League games in addition.

    If they do that, I don’t see what the issue is aside from money between them and UEFA.

    UEFA has enough corrupt skeletons in their closet that need to be cleaned out, before they start criticizing anyone else.

    1. vieralyn says:

      exactly right Durand…too many people are under the impression that this Super League means that the clubs involved would no longer play in their respective domestic leagues, which simply isn’t the case…functionally this is meant to replace the current Champions League format, which is why UEFA is on the warpath…their concerns clearly don’t reflect those of the fans and/or those lesser light clubs seeking to fulfill their European “dreams”, as they only care about how this might hinder their ability to maximize profits, as it would likely eliminate one of their two tournaments…they likewise realize their financial wherewithal is intimately tied to the larger clubs being part of the process, as it would be exceedingly more difficult to charge advertisers or cable providers the same exorbitant fees otherwise…of course, I have serious concerns with the Billionaire Boys club projected Super League, but it’s difficult to empathize with a traditionally and inherently corrupt UEFA…I just want to debate the facts, not a bunch of unsubstantiated banter…as per usual. keep it real Durand

    2. SueP says:

      Personally Durand, I have to ask myself if I care about this league in the first place? The reality is that I don’t.

      If the English 6 don’t get kicked out of the EPL then it means that not only do Arsenal play the other five each season then they have to play each other all over again in this wretched league. Won’t it be rather boring?

      How ever corrupt EUFA are, the fact remains that a bunch of European countries send out their best teams to play against each other in the CL and the next rung down plays in the EL.

      Now whether the competitions could be run better is another matter, but what is so fundamentally wrong in European nations’ best teams having a competition each year? I honestly can’t find any reason for it not to continue – tweaks included.

    3. jon fox says:

      A naive comment Durand! This proposed superleague is never going to happen. Already several clubs want out. It will fall apart within weeks , perhaps days.

  6. guy says:

    UEFA must be pleased as punch as so many are treating them as “the good guys” here. And boy are they sticking the knife in. Truth is they’re not the good guys either, but look at their sanctimonious soundbites!

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