Atlanta boss says Arsenal bid for Almiron is a “load of rubbish”

According to reports all over the world, it has appeared that Arsenal were absolutely certain to be signing the Atlanta star Miguel Almiron this January after the MLS season ends, but according to his boss there is absolutely no truth in it at all!

The original report said that Darren Eagles had accepted an Arsenal bid of £11m for the talented midfielder. But Atlanta’s president Darren Eales (the correct spelling) was quoted as saying: “So there were two clues as to why that was total nonsense, one was Eagles, not Eales.

“And the other was the suggestion of £11m because it would have to take at least triple that for me to even get out of bed and think about any bids for Almiron.

“So everyone knew, as soon as they saw that figure, that it was a load of rubbish.”

Hmm so it is not so clearcut as everyone first thought!

After scoring 12 goals and adding 11 assists in the MLS this season, it is very probable that there will be other suitors for his signature, and to be fair, £11million did seem a little cheap!



  1. Sarmmie says:

    I don’t know anything about the transfer but until everything’s finalised or glaring, I wouldn’t expect a director or coach to confirm that a player is leaving the club

  2. Sarmmie says:

    I just hope arsenal gets him cos the guy has very good stats and whoscored listed some very good abilities as his strengths

  3. gotanidea says:

    Not impressed by his YouTube highlights, but maybe Arsenal fans in the US could assess him better

    I’d prefer Florian Thauvin, because we don’t have a good left-footed right winger. But Emery seems to have another plan and maybe Arsenal do not have more budget

  4. jon fox says:

    I strongly doubt there is any chance at all of him coming and believe there never was a chance either. Firstly, it is still early October and we can bring in no one at all til Jan 2019 , so though our scouts are no doubt lining up possible buys , they will keep the identity a dread secret. One of the few positive things the snake oil salesman and unlamented Gazidis said, before he jumped ship ( I wonder why – more money , more power, so can’t think WHY he waited so long! Wish he had left many years sooner, personally) was that those who talk don’t act, whereas those who act , don’t talk (approximate quote only, as I had given up properly listening to this conman many years ago, so I never paid much notice to his nonsense anyway) But in this, almost uniquely , he was correct, so I pay zero heed to this journo led ” silly season” fake rumour. We will know in Jan who comes and not a moment before , though false rumours will continue to abound. How else can lazy journos and fake social media would be journos (Kev, anyone?) spend their time!

  5. ozziegunner says:

    This is why Arsenal employs Sven, Raul, Huss and Unai to scout, assess, negotiate and make offers to players and if suitable for Arsenal’s requirements, then sign them to contracts.

  6. sandile malaza says:

    Other clubs are using arsenal to market their players by suggesting that we have shown interest in their players in a ploy to entice big-spenders to plunge in with huge bidding amount in desperation to fight us from strengthening. Arsenal knows this cheap tactic, and we bigger than this!

  7. waal2waal says:

    over the years (and perhaps more than most) arsenal conduct our transfer activity in a most secret or some might say more ‘candid’ kind of way. The result being, we often have little to no indication who is coming until nearer the transfer window. We cannot always rely on media mutterings based on nothing substantive.

  8. Blago says:

    Rubbish news!

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