Atletico Madrid could entertain favourable deal for Arsenal target

Elgoldigital is reporting that Atletico Madrid might entertain an Arsenal swap deal involving Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira.

Torreira has emerged as a transfer target for the Spanish giants recently and that means both teams now have a player that the other wants.

The Uruguayan midfielder has fallen down the pecking order at the Emirates and Mikel Arteta seems to have adapted his team to play games without him.

He was set to join Torino, but Atletico’s interest changes that and it seems that joining the Spaniards will benefit everyone.

The report claims that Diego Simeone likes the midfielder’s profile and he will be keen to add him to his team.

Due to the economics of things at the moment, the only way that he will join them is through a lesser monetary method like a swap deal.

The report even claims that the Spaniards may be willing to allow Partey to move to the Emirates in a swap agreement.

This will be amazing news for Arsenal who have been stuck trying to raise the 50 million euros release clause that has been written in Partey’s contract.

It remains unclear if Atletico will ask Arsenal to add some money in the move because the Ghanaian is more valuable in the current transfer market than Torreira.

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  1. If I was to give my opinion about those two midfielders i would say that Arsenal should go for Houssem from OL. Why Atlectico wants to sell Partey by all means if he is a good player ? The possibility of Partey to become a flop player for Arsenal is 60% and above.

    1. Atletico don’t want to sell but will do if the release clause is met, which is common practise in spain.
      They also know that a renewal of his contract will more than double his wages but will come with a higher release.
      Signing any player from a different league always comes with a risk of failure.
      you just have to look at top players who have come to the premier league in the past, Juan Veron, Shevchenko both famously flopped when they moved here.
      Nothing in football is a given when it comes to transfers.

    2. AM dont want to sell TP, but are
      understandably concerned about
      the Ghanians hesitancy to sign a
      new extension in the Spanish
      capital. The AM brass are also
      aware that if TP doesnt envision
      his short term future with Simeone
      and co then NOW is the time to cash
      in on the midfielder. Arsenal seem
      to desperately want him and @ 27,
      and widely considered one of the
      best midfielders in Europe atm his
      price tag will presumably NEVER be

      Btw, did you happen to watch him
      completely DOMINATE Pools
      midfield during both legs of there
      CL tilt? He may need a few games
      to settle in but I would bet the
      RANCH that TP would be anything
      but a bust for AFC in the EPL.

      1. Ace I think the reason Arteta wants both Partey and Aouar is because with Partey on the pitch he knows he can push players forward and he will be solid in the centre of the pitch shielding the defence. Aouar is wanted because we desperately need more creative midfielders and he certainly will give us that.

    3. Can you explain to me how exactly you came up with the 60% chance Partey will be a flop??? I’m fascinated how you come up with this number and your knowledge of both Partey as a player and how Arteta runs his football side to make such a judgement.
      Me not knowing either and looking from the outside? Partey is Artetas number one target because we have lacked that box to box physical presence in our squad for years and Partey is certainly one of the best in the world right now. I see him being a amazing buy for us with his passing game, physical presence, defensive abilities and awareness not to mention how he reads and plays the game.

    4. Partey is more likely to be a flop? The guy who has helped them get to UCL finals, win Europa League, and finish high in La Liga every season… Meanwhile Aouar has done what exactly?????? Played a couple good games in UCL. You’ve got to be joking me about those made up percentages. Please dont say things just because a bunch of other teams aren’t chasing the same player. City and Liverpool have made plenty of signings where they are the only one chasing that target.

      1. Also, OL is begging teams to buy Aouar. They want to cash in this window. AM do not want to sell Partey UNLESS his release clause is triggered. He has an offer from them to sign a new contract. So really, not sure where your reasoning stems from.

    5. Richard, are you serious?? Have you watched him play?! What an absolute beast!! And what on earth makes you think he’ll become a flop under Arteta?!!! Oh sweet jesus…..
      Atletico have money worries and need to sell players..

      1. To say he will be a flop is over reaching but if he flops, he won’t be the first. The EPL is a different beast and many before him flopped. Kolasniak, Torrera, Mustafi, Socratis and even Peppe, just to name few. Also thank God we didn’t sign lamar. They were highly regarded before we signed them.
        Personally I’d rather sign a 22 year old in order to have time for development in case they don’t work out at first.

        1. I’m not so sure about Mustafi being highly regarded at Valencia…
          He hasn’t even signed for us – yet – and already we’re discussing him flopping!! Plenty of european experience.. including that performance at Anfield 👌 I know La Liga is different to the PL..but he’s what we need and I bloody well hope we get him!

          1. Exactly sue I wonder how they see all this someone even said Thiago could have been a better signing! How I wish we sign and see how it goes.what I am sure of he will improve our midfield.

        2. Comparing one of the BEST
          midfielders in Europe over the
          past few seasons to the likes of
          Socratis, Mustafi, Torreria and
          Kolasnic is where I stopped
          reading your post. SMFH

          And I guess by your reasoning we
          should consider Pires, Henry and
          Bergkamp flops considering they
          all experienced inferior first
          year seasons to the dreadful

          Again SMMFH

          1. You are putting words in my mouth. I never compared him to anybody. The point I make is if we manage to miss on 5 or 6 players we could miss on one more. Lately our track record is not that great. I also never said he will be a flop. I said he could be a flop and that holds true for any player we buy. Just ask MU and Chelsea this year.
            As for him being one of the best in Europe that’s possible. Players often succeed because of the system, coaching and the league they play.

      2. Sue, you didn’t even need to reply him, apparently these days, everyone thinks they know football all of a sudden because they’re so-called fans. The crap that comes out is bewildering. Wonder what’s going on in their heads

      3. Sue, Partey would be coming only for the money and nothing else. That’s the issue with players coming from teams who are in the CL every year to Europa league teams. May not be a big issue, but that’s the main risk with him. 60% risk is unrealistic, but if he had said 30% I would have agreed.
        Otherwise Torreira to Atletico would be good for everyone involved. Torreira would do well in Spain and now even his buddy Suarez is at Atletico. I think a swap + 20 or 25M would be realistic…

        1. I didn’t mention the money… although I did read that we’ll offer more, maybe double? than what he’s on now.
          I’m amazed that this is even being discussed – flopping – if I’m honest!!

          Arsenal and Atletico are in the final stages of discussions regarding Lucas Torreira’s loan move.
          Arsenal want an obligation to buy clause inserted at around £22million. Atletico want an option to buy clause at £20million. Arsenal very keen to guarantee a future fee. #AFC

          11 days to go…. the clock is ticking!!

        2. Diogenes, there is another factor you might consider; maybe he wants to test himself in the most competitive league in World football and get the TV exposure playing in the EPL brings.
          All of his Ghanian relatives and friends will be able to watch him live.

  2. At Sue, don’t mind them, some Arsenal fans are enemy of progress, they are just pretending as if they are supporting Arsenal but at the end they want Arsenal to fall and laugh at us but God will not allow them…. For over 5 years now we have been crying and shouting for a strong defensive midfielder(s), we didn’t see any response from the board, but now that our coach demanded and insisted on Partey(very strong and skillful midfielder), some bad belle still didn’t want us to buy him( ask them why, they will say he is 27 and that he is too old) but Liverpool bought Tiago Alcantara( age 29) nobody looked at the age but they said Liverpool have gotten one of the best midfielder in the world and with him, they are ready to fight and win anymatch. Please Arsenal buy this guy and Aouar and let’s the whole world be warry and afraid of us too( sure in terms of football)…..

    1. Wale, Arsenal hasn’t had a decent DM since Gilberto Silva left in 2008, ie 12 years ago. Patrick Viera the box to box midfielder, who played along side Gilberto in the Invincibles, left in 2005, ie 15 years ago.
      I agree wholeheartly in your post, as I am sick and tired of Arsenal being bullied in midfield.

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