Atletico Madrid makes key Arsenal star a target to reinforce their midfield

Atletico Madrid has become the latest European club to be interested in a move for Bukayo Saka.

The England attacker has emerged as one of the leading players in the Premier League and he is arguably the most important player at Arsenal at the moment.

The 20-year-old’s rise from the Arsenal academy to their first team hasn’t gone unnoticed by top European clubs.

Several of them had their eyes on him before he extended his contract with the Gunners in the last campaign.

The Englishman hasn’t made a bright start to this season, but he remains a key player for Arsenal and he is attracting the attention of Atleti.

Spanish outlet La Razon claims that Diego Simeone is a fan of the Euro 2020 finalist and has him on his wishlist.

The Spanish champions sent Saul Niguez out on loan to Chelsea in the last transfer window.

They are hopeful the Blues will make the move permanent and that will give them the money and space to add Saka to their squad.

Saka remains untouchable at the Emirates, but if Arsenal continues to underperform in England, he could be tempted to join a top club.

The report says Atletico isn’t the only club looking to sign him with Juventus also monitoring his situation.

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    1. So, because Saha is a brilliant young player, the club and manager are to blame for other clubs wanting to sign him?
      The “logic” of some people never ceases to amaze me.
      Do you not think that, if we were top of the PL, other clubs would not be interested in him then?

      I’m all for questioning MA when he seems to be the problem, but this is starting to become a witch hunt…. just as it was with AW and UE.
      Give it a rest for heaven’s sake!!!!

  1. the fact that our amateur hour manager hasn’t found a way to properly develop Saka will ultimately lead to his market devaluation, which could potentially lead to him being sold as a way to raise funds, should someone be willing to pay above the revised number…in my mind, minus his rather uplifting appearances with the national team, Saka has regressed at the club level…I feel for him, as our mundane and puerile tactics haven’t done him any favours…until tactical/formational changes are forthcoming questions about his future here will continue to proliferate…I’m not sure what’s worse, watching him flounder under our “out of his depth” manager or the thought of us losing him if this “process” doesn’t produce the required results

  2. I really enjoy Saka, and he’s one of my favorite Arsenal players. However, if the club wants to get back to CL and competitive football, some sacrifices have to be made.

    Selling Saka for over 100 million and PROPERLY reinvesting the funds may be the cost of being competitive again.

    As much as I enjoy our players, I will put the club first if that’s what it takes to get back to competing for titles.

    Kronke can’t and won’t continue to spend 150 million every Summer, so we have to find alternative means of generating funds.

    Unfortunately, Laca, Auba, Xhaka won’t ring the register and bring in the cash to buy top players.

    1. Durand
      You make an interesting point of view be and a valid one.
      If my fading memory serves me correctly, didn’t Spurs actually end up not really benefiting from the squillions made from the Bale sale? You can only hope that in the scenario you have painted that such a situation might work out better for us than it did for them

  3. Tell suitors the bidding starts at 100 mil or dont bother even looking. Everyone has a price and we dont have to give him away.

  4. Saka is an exceptional player, a once in a generation talent, one whom Arsenal should hold on to at all costs. Agree with your post Ken1945.

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