Atletico Madrid relationship with Arsenal takes a battering

Arsenal’s relationship with Atletico Madrid has been irreparably damaged after the Gunners stunned the Spaniards with the way they signed Thomas Partey.

Arsenal had chased a deal for the Ghanaian all summer, but they had been struggling to get the transfer done.

They tried to negotiate his transfer fee with the Spaniards, but they were referred to his release clause.

The 50m euros release clause was a problem for the Gunners and they even turned their attention towards signing Lyon’s Houssem Aouar.

The Frenchman also wanted to join but Arsenal still couldn’t afford to sign him.

The Gunners had to go back for Partey after Lyon’s deadline for the sale of any of their players passed.

With the transfer deadline only a few hours away, Arsenal managed to come up with Partey’s release clause and triggered it.

It was very late in the transfer window and it stunned the Spaniards, according to The Athletic.

They had to announce shortly afterwards that the Ghanaian had left them, but the time of the transfer didn’t give them the chance to replace him and they are not happy about that at all

It seems that the chances of Atletico doing business with Arsenal in the near future is unlikely.

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  1. AM knew how the system works, its been in Spain for years. AM knew he wasn’t renewing his contract, Partey wanted to leave, he felt under valued, they couldn’t afford to give him more. The price they got was the price they said, we triggered his release clause, thats just the way it is. There is nothing done that is illegal, a storm in a tea cup.

  2. Who cares unless they unearth a new gem, they having nothing we want other than Lucas torreira back and in rip roaring form or the £22m balance agreed in the deal. The irony isn’t lost on me, the £6m loan fee they paid for Lucas helped us reach the release clause. They played hardball all and summer and got what they wanted for the player.

    Shame we couldn’t move on ozil, sokratis, mustafi and kolasinac, I’m still not sure which 2 of the 4 will be left out of the EPL squad.

    I wish we could somehow keep Saliba, if not a loan deal at somewhere like Bournemouth or Brentford till January then review it.

    1. Personally I think it’s a good thing for Saliba to go on loan to a c’ship team at least until January, it will get him more prepared than keeping him on the bench for cup games

  3. As for now I want to see us play our best players in their best positions. I’m not really sure who would be best along side Partey and in what formation, but I fancy a midfield 3 of ceballos partey saka or Willian. Though in matches wherever conceed possession I expect to Xhaka in there somewhere, but I would prefer we groom saka into that Liam Brady type midfielder and eventually see a left hand side of Tierney Saka Martinelli that is simply mouthwatering, my dream team would be

    Bellerin Saliba Gabriel Tierney
    Ceballos Partey Saka
    Pepe Aubameyang Martinelli

  4. Who cares?
    They wanted everything all their way
    – refusing to bulge an inch on Partey’s release clause;
    – taking Torreira on loan against Arsenal’s wish to sell;
    – refusing any obligation to buy Torreira and keeping the poor
    man long in the cooler after passing a medical just waiting
    to dispose of a player; etc, etc.
    They did everything to frustrate Arsenal when it was very clear that Partey was bent on leaving. The same tactics they employed with Grizman’s move to Barca the previous transfer window.

  5. To be honest, football wise a lot will be said between coaches, fans, in the media etc but the deal breakers/makers are business people and to them these are just business transactions.

    Remember the Luis Suarez debacle with Liverpool? Who would have thought a few years later we’d sell them Chamberlain for £35mil though he had 1 year left on his contract.

    Then how many times have we dealt with Chelsea, our London rivals.

    Even Lille. Despite them screwing us in the Pepe deal (72mil 🙄), we still managed to do a deal for Gabriel this year coz the “business people” put all emotions aside.

    ATM could have refused to take Torreira on loan after we got Partey just to “fix” us as they knew we’d want to reduce our wage bill. Likewise, we could have refused to loan him out. But the loan was beneficial to both parties (excuse the pun 😁) as ATM needed to a replacement and we had a surplus player. That’s why clubs have people who wear the suits.

  6. Don’t blame arsenal nor partey they sign torriera on loan just in case partey is sold this are all well planned, atletico are a selling club with huge profit they make. The fans will be very disappointed for sure but thats the fact.

  7. Good! I am so glad we are starting to play dirty…like EVERY OTHER CLUB DOES! Thank god Wenger is gone with his overly soft approach!

  8. It’s such a silly comment coming from their camp. La Liga mandates that every player has a release clause, so if they’ve got a player we want, they can’t stop us from taking him!

    They played hardball all summer, and I’m glad it came back to bite them in the ass! They’ve known all summer we were interested in Partey. If they didn’t get a replacement, then that’s on them. Hell, we even offered them 2 of them!

  9. It’s a gibberish. AM was planning on offloading a player, they already have a temporary replacement in Torreira, they couldn’t have bought another player even if they had enough time because they couldn’t finalize Torreira deal until TP left, so theoretically, they were prepared for what happened, other reports are lies

  10. Saliva has been extremely undervalued and undermined, he is seriously ready for the first team. Sometimes arsenal baffles me

  11. I don’t care if saliba make the team or not, Arteta is the coach and he is in better position to select his team. Just because you like the guy saliba doesn’t make him ready for the first team….I watch his under 23 performance n think he need to step up

  12. Atletico & Someone are hard ballers. Every club has it’s own policy & a club without one is doomed. We all know they overrate their players, let us create an identity 4 ourselve, sth people will identify us with, like them (Atletico)

  13. In the first there was no relationship to strained.

    They refused to come to the table so they got what they deserved.

    AFC, carry go

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