Auba speaks to Arsenal fans after move “I have always been 100% focused and committed”

There have definitely been strange things going on between Aubameyang and Arteta for the last few months since he returned late from a visit to his mother. That escalated quickly and he was stripped of his captaincy and sent to train on his own until AFCON, and we all know that that went pear-shaped for the Gabon captain too and he didn’t play one game.

I’m sure that didn’t impress Arteta either as he was left behind while Arteta and the team went to Dubai for the mid-season break, and then Woosh! he was off to Barcelona! All very intriguing but I’m hoping it will all come out when the All or Nothing documentary comes out. That should be very interesting indeed.

But Auba has now broken his silence in an interesting farewell message says that he has “always been 100% focused” on Arsenal, which Mikel Arteta and some Arsenal fans may disagree with. He wrote on Instagram: “To the Arsenal fans, Thank you for making London home for myself and my family for the past four years. We went through ups and downs together and your support meant everything to me.

“Having the chance to win trophies and the honour of being the captain of this club is something I will forever keep in my heart.

“I have always been 100% focused and committed on doing everything I can for this club which is why leaving without a real goodbye hurts – but that is football.

“I’m sad I did not get the chance to help my teammates in the last few weeks, but I have nothing but respect for this club and truly wish all my guys and the fans all the best and many successful years in the future!”

So, what do the JustArsenal readers make of that then?

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  1. We never get to know the Arsenal players. Every interview is heavily scripted and edited. They are allowed to talk but must never “actually” say anything. Arsene Wenger gave 3,000 interviews as Arsenal manager but I don’t recall him “actually” saying anything. So it is with this short statement scripted by Aubas agent like all players farewells are scripted. We learn nothing except that they all loved being at Arsenal. What they really think about their time at Arsenal we will never know because they are not allowed to tell us.

    1. Exactly right Fairfan. Any fan who swallows the scripted nonsense that players speak to the media as being the truth, is NAIVE BEYOND ALL BELIEF!


  2. If you told me for a second that Arteta and some fans would turn on Auba I would have laughed. Only means bukayo and smith-Rowe aren’t safe on these streets, I’m sure the moment saka form dropped the coach will drop him and find ways to ship him out

    1. The same way you turned on Leno right? The criticism of Auba from the majority of AFC fans isn’t his drop in form but the indiscipline and the obvious lack of commitment (laziness).

      1. Lol I’m not the coach, I can critise player but that doesn’t mean I want him to be disgraced out of the club. If you still think the way Arteta treated Auba is good then I don’t know what to say to you

        1. So I gather by your post you’re ok with a player keep breaking the club rules ? If Arteta had shown weakness and allowed PEA to carry that on, imagine what that would say to the other players, especially the younger ones.

      2. imagine a world where you were actually the voice of the “majority” M2K..that’s some real “board up the windows” apocalyptical sh**

    2. So if Sara’s and Smith’s forms drop, Arteta should keep playing them, so you can have something to say about him not wanting to drop them inspite of their dropped form, right?

      Did you even read what you wrote? And if you did, how did it sound to you?

    3. If they stop showing commitment, then no they shouldn’t be safe from being dropped and sold at all.
      If Thierry Henry had played like auba has for the past 18 months at any time in his career, I’d have said he should be sold. Henry didn’t though, because it’s not in his makeup to allow such form to continue for so long.

  3. If he was 100% focused /committed over the past 18 months, it does indicate he’s just past it now. The old auba would have scored more and played better, even if the tactics didn’t suit him well

  4. Au revoir Brother. Whatever transpired between you and Arteta remains between you guys but it is not just ok to be treating our idols in this manner no matter what, first it was Ozil and now this, when Arteta left after ending his soccer career, we honored him, to be denying others of the same chance is unfair nomatter what his reasons may be.

  5. It all comes out in the wash in the end. For example, if Auba is really the way he is being characterized, then a fallout with Xavi and Barca in inevitable.

    If there is an issue with Arteta and ego, then there will be more fallouts with the squad.

    Usually the truth is somewhere in the middle, and I think the same applies to this story

  6. So if a player that has been so awesome for the club lose form the next thing to do is to push him out of the club? Wow, do you guys know how much money Arteta has cost the club with his ego and “I’m the boss mentality” all he know is to buy and buy and buy, I can’t point to a single player that Arteta has improved since he became the coach, we are about to lose some potential world class players because of this coach and you his fans didn’t see anything wrong about that, we could have sold both Nketiah and Niles for at least a combine fee of 40 million but now we will be lucky to see anyone pay 10 for NILES, while Nketiah will be free, Guendozi was once rated around 35 million now we will be lucky to get 10 for him because our coach couldn’t handle him. If anyone still think we are going anywhere with this coach you are deceiving yourself.

  7. If Auba really thinks he has always been “committed” to Arsenal, on the field or off, then I say he should be “committed” but in a different institution than a football club.

    I consider this idle self centred chancer a very poor piece of humanity and am thrilled he is now gone from our club, along with his poisonous attitude and lies about being “committed”!

    1. The jury is out on your second paragraph Jon, but your first made me smile. He is a mercenary like the majority so I don’t expect too much

      1. Sue P IF YOU REALLY THINK ABOUT IT, my first and second paragraphs were in effect both saying essentially the same thing about Auba. That he is lazy minded both on and off the field, will not listen to Arteta who was always trying to help him(until giving up in disgust at Aubas cavalier attitude to his profession and his employers and their fans) is an ill disciplined, non professional in attitude, man who thinks only about himself.

        His antics over an extended period now show that only too clearly.

        So was your smile, in truth, a rueful recognition of the truth I wrote about him OR so untrue(in your opinion) as to be comical? I warrant that I already know which is your true and honest answer to my question.

        After all, Sue I have never thought you to be so obviously bright, without very good cause.

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