Aubameyang accuses Gambia of dirty ‘hostage’ tactics

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been kept ‘hostage’ in the Gambia airport overnight, having travelled there with his Gabon squad for the crucial AFCON qualifier today.

Our star striker hasn’t been having the best time in England at present as he struggles for form, having scored just one penalty since the opening Premier League weekend, but he did manage to score what proved to be the winner against Gambia four days ago.

He would have been hoping to continue that with another goal against the same side today, but will have to do so on the back of very little rest, after he was forced to stay inside the airport into the early hours, with no reason given.

His international team landed at the Banjul International Airport around 11PM local time according to the DailyMail, only to be released around six hours later after their passports were confiscated.

Aubameyang wants the CAF to step in and make judgement after the ideal, but vows to use the instance for inspiration to perform.

This treatment of the players is despicable, and simply shouldn’t happen in this day in age, but hopefully PEA will be able to lift himself up to bring his A game and punish Gambia this afternoon.

A win will see them move six points clear of their rival with just two matches remaining, and should seal their position in the next round.

Will the CAF step in and punish those involved?


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  1. No CAF wont do a thing.Thats how it goes in Africa.The hosts countries always make it tough for the visiting team as way of demoralizing them before the match.Imagin they left the airport at 5AM local time,and they have a game at 4PM same day.So they have like 10 hours to rest,have a practice session in the stadium and be ready for the match

    Its a common trend here,CAF wont do a thing about it and even if it tries,the Gambian FA will get some reason,or even blame it on COVID-19.

    I just hope Gabon wins!

  2. Lets get the facts right, they was asked to take corona test and refused after previously agreeing to do so.

  3. Fifa supported by uefa, EP & all leagues and federations in order to have an effect…

    Always been crazy stuff in Africa forever like.

    Fifa should of course coordinate and facilitate at all level, diplomatic and manage all process.

    This is a huge business, entertainment. Fifa is the producer and should have a staff member/team 24/7.

    They handle all TV and sponsor deals, they must facilitate everything for the stars; no show without them.

    They don’t respect Africans or this can’t happen… Players flourishing top leagues as Etoo and many lived this…

    Any country’s player should be protected for international duties and
    treated same way.

    This is beyond football…

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