Aubameyang almost joined Chelsea in January, here is why it failed

Mail Sport claims that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang tried to force a move to Chelsea in the last transfer window, but it fell through over wage demands.

The Gabon striker is arguably Arsenal’s most important player at the moment because he scores most of the goals that the team needs.

He has entered the final 12 months of his current deal with the Gunners and the club has been struggling to convince him to sign a new deal.

A number of teams have shown interest in him, including Chelsea and Barcelona, and the former was said to have been close to signing him.

The report claims that he had briefly wanted to join Frank Lampard’s side that was struggling in attack at the time.

However, the deal collapsed because of the striker’s wage demands because he told the Blues that he wanted to be the highest-paid player in their history.

He currently earns £200,000-a-week at Arsenal and he is looking for a huge pay rise before committing to a new Arsenal deal.

As it stands, he might decide to see out the final year of his current deal with the club or the Gunners will be forced to cash in on him.

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  1. I can understand where he’s coming from…when he compares his input to our success and Ozil swanning around, doing nothing, and getting a fortune every week.

    1. So you still found a way to justify something that looks like greed by bringing Ozil into this conversation…. You guys are just unbelievable…. Always wanting to have your way…. Have you ever pictured yourself on the Ozil side with all the bashing here and there…. And you still expect him to perform after consistently knocking him down….I bet you can’t do better yourself under such unconstructive criticism always….watch the guy wind his contract down while getting the fat check….if I were him….I would do the same….

      1. If someone i was working with done jack s### and was earning more than me i would be expecting a pay rise too, wouldn’t you? Ozil the parasite draining the club, has CLEAR knock on affects! So shhh fanboy

  2. You fans are just hypocrite….admit it….a couple of seasons back here when Ozil and Sanchez were stalling on contract…. The popular slogan here was give them what they want…we have to show we are not a selling club…. Board did what fans want and gave them what they wanted…. One left and the other stayed….we applauded Ozil for loyalty and hate on Sanchez calling him all sorts of names for leaving for man.utd …. Fast forward couple of years …. Same fans turn on Ozil and the board for same thing they asked for…. You guys are just bunch of fair weather friends hypocrites….I don’t blame those players for acting like mercenaries coz you fans never loved them…. The love was because they were performing…. Have them go through a rough path and you turn your back against them…. That’s the definition of fair weather friends hypocrites…..Wenger made a comment that for you to get the best out of Ozil …. You have to put a arm around him while bin critical with him….same man management doesn’t work for all players…. You fans ganged up against him and made it looked like him against the world ….he is not gonna perform under such conditions so you know…. And do you know who ends up losing after treating him with such contempt …. ARSENAL….he is gonna get his fat check and wind down his contract whether you like it or not….so I hope we all learn from this….we fans have let down our club with treatments of players and our legendary manager….I hope we can be sober and learn to be more accommodating when things are not going as we expected…. apologies if am a bit harsh….I know not all fans are guilty of my accusations…. But I just have to generalise so it’s easier to share the responsiblity of the blame….. Thanks fellow gunner…. Arsenal 1-0 Chelsea …. Record 14th fa cup

    1. You are not being harsh at all. A lot of fans need to be told like this. This Ozil hate I have come to believe is personal to a lot of people for god knows why. For a team that finished in mid table it’s senseless that all the anger us directed to one player who does not even play.

  3. Ozil isn’t in the team because he refuses to tackle back and his performance levels had dropped dramatically his assists are far less than what when he first started, the arsenal team has evolved more reliant on work rate than just technical ability like under Wenger so if someone is earning 350k a week and doesn’t put in a shift this will effect the team ,so it’s only right that he doesn’t get in the side that’s not hypocrisy that’s commonsense unlike Wenger arteta won’t carry passengers

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