Aubameyang and Lacazette waiting for Barca decision

Obviously we all know that both of Arsenal’s senior strikers, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette, were both missing from the game against Brentford, ostensibly because they were suffering from “illness”.

But today we are hearing from in Spain that both of them are waiting for a decision from Barcelona on whether they could be playing in Catalunya next season.

They have this headline (Translated by Google)….
Barça, attentive to Aubameyang and Lacazette

Both could leave the ‘gunner’ team and have offered themselves to Barça.

As SPORT has already reported, Barça will only go to the market if Braithwaite is traded at an acceptable price

Ronald Koeman assured in the press conference prior to the game against Real Sociedad that he would like to be able to incorporate another striker. As SPORT has already reported, the club will only go to the market if Braithwaite comes out at a good price . Otherwise, there will be no more additions. The technical secretariat is doing its homework and is shuffling a list of names to attack if the Danish striker finally ends up sealing his departure. Two of the names Barça is considering are Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette, both from Arsenal.

Aubameyang to go to Barca if Kane leaves Tottenham?

The departure of Martin Braithwaite is a big possibility, with Tottenham being named as a rumoured destination if Harry Kane gets his wish to move to Manchester.

Braithwaite has also been linked with another neighbour in West Ham United, but of course with two weeks before the end of the transfer window there could soon be the “domino effect” when someone finally makes the first decision to buy a striker.

The article also says that Barca would be interested in a swap deal, and it would be interesting to see which of Barca’s squad could convince Arteta to make a deal with the Catalans.

This window could yet be very interesting indeed!

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    1. 😂😂😅. Val. U are funny.

      We were told the 2 players are ill. At the same time. They will also miss the Chelsea game

      We are a joke.

  1. Aubameyang couldn’t hit a barn door these days and lacazette isn’t much better… Never getting top 4 even with a proper manager with these 2 up top, they can take their bromance to Catalonia! I don’t even care who we replace them with now I have no expectations for this season. The best thing to happen in this window is for Kroenke to sell up and p#ss off for good.

    1. Just because Aubameyang didn’t score a number goals last season doesn’t make him less of an attacker. In a well structured team like Barcelona and the right support system he will bag a lot of goals. He is a natural goal scorer. He committed himself to the wrong club. He shouldn’t have signed the new contract. He should’ve left for Barcelona when he was breathing fire

  2. watch the marseille game 2nite pablo mari from his 1st game till friday nite has been utter shite watch saliba will b number 1 cb for france this year marvopanos for greece, ballard northern ireland. ARTETA out now

    1. I said in one of the threads on this forum that if arteta doesn’t like you, he will ship you out no matter how good you are..

      That was the case with guendozi, saliba, mavo and ozil.

      1. I agree with you. Ozil was doing fine before he was frozen out. He could not make the match day squad. U were paying a player huge wages without playing him for months.

        Arteta said Saliba is not ready for the first team. Maybe he will be ready at the end of his contract.

        Torrera is presently on holiday in Spain.

        Arteta is rubbish

    2. I want Arsenal team to improved this time it is over three years now from going to the champions league I hope this will help Arsenal fans package themselves

  3. Barcelona.
    Just lost Messi on a free.
    Griezmann age 30 cost 120m now 60m
    Dembele 24 cost 135m available for 50m
    Coutinho 30 cost 130 m available now for 40m
    Aubameyang 32 cost 60 m now worth 15m
    Lacazette 30 cost 55m now worth 15m.
    Seems to be a situation like
    ” Swap ya your overpriced over paid no resale garbage for our over priced over paid no resale garbage”

  4. Hi, they can both go. OK. Keep me Wilcock. In our game, the challenge is not a striker with pace. Or was our striker tasked to lay to deep, so. When Pepe came flying down the side, same as Tierney and our ten, the striker was still to far back for a decent cross to meet him. Now the attacker had to slow down, hold the ball up, allow the defenders to turn facing our goal. Instructions is wrong. Striker to lay loose and pose a continuous threat.

  5. I knew there was some behind the scene dramas regarding their absence even though we were told they both reported sick at the same time. Pls sell them & buy Paul Onuachu, the gangling Genk & Nigerian striker. I have been singing this as a song over time. Pls get this beast of a striker, Arsenal pls.

  6. If Barca take Auba they’ll just have dug themselves further into their hole. Hope that happens for our sake. If we lose Laca and are stuck with just Auba, that will be the final nail for us

  7. If they both go we will need to get a good striker to replace them and not sure if they will do that before the window closes. We also need a creative midfielder

    The money we spent on White could have been used better. But the past is the past i guess

  8. IF anyone goes to Barca, it will be only one of and either would have to take a pay cut to go. Barca are worse off than us and they dont really have funds to take either but they are doing Del boy deals. Dont hold your breaths because Auba and Lacca aren’t that fussed on going elsewhere on less money. Barca are still thinking they are big enough to turn players heads ARE THEY?

  9. I was wondering what Barca saw in Braithwaite to take a punt on him? I admit my mistake now after watching him in the just concluded Euors.

    Braithwaite is similar to Laca. Terrific work-rate and terrible goal-scoring record. Both players make their teammates around them tick and bring them into play. But, he’s not someone we need desperately right now. Swap deal doesn’t make any sense.

  10. Arsenal is becoming a club of drama, we were told Auba and Laca were sick at the last minute we were facing Brentford, now it is being rumoured they are waiting for Barca to come for them, what if Barca don’t come for them, they sit out of games the Ozil way and pocket huge sums until Arsenal let them go for free?

    There is something seriously wrong with Arsenal and it is important the ownership of Arsenal get it sorted before the club is consigned to obscurity.

  11. Give them Laca and get Braithwaite in exchange and Neto on loan. Great business that would make my day

  12. Our two strikers fell sick and couldn’t play because they were “listening” for an offer from Barcelona. Will they recover from suspected air-damage before the next game? Surely Chelsea would love to know.

  13. Arsenal is doomed under Arteta. Even if Arteta is given God to play in his team he will still manage to lose.

  14. Arsenal are trawling Auba and Lacca to any team that they think will listen. Especially strange after just 6 months giving Auba that bumper contract. What is going on? Why give him it? Why ?

    1. No doubt they thought he’d still be wearing his scoring boots. Ludicrous from the contract people and to then offer 3 years to Willian as well!!!

  15. Every team in Europe is trawling their players, and that is obviously because they’re all skint, Arsenal are no different and from what I’ve been reading on here and on many other blogs everyone and their dog want Aubameyang out and Lacazette as well, so if that’s what most of the online fan base wants, why would anyone be disappointed?

  16. Arteta’s ego is too large for a rookie manager. His career is at risk of dying before it even gets started, I hope realises that. His man management skills is woeful. He should learn to set aside his personal problems with players and field them based on merit.

  17. I have a feeling arteta is already having issues with our senior strikers. That is why he failed to use them, they are not sick.

    They can’t both be sick at thesame time and be listening to offers from another club at the same time.

  18. The Amazon series will be must see tv. Arteta was not consulted about them filming it and I’m really curious what he’s doing to create such contentious relationships with some players. Its strange that some get completely frozen out of his plans. I do also love fams moaning about the “mistake” of resigning Auba. You guys are reactionary and unbelievable. When he hadnt signed, it was “Arsenal are a shambles, here goes another star leaving for nothing” and ” Auba, sign da ting, we love you”. Dont pretend any of you knew or predicted his form would fall off a cliff. Neither did the club. Just a complicated situation. Neither Klopp or Guardiola ever did anything without numerous huge signings in England. Arteta has not gotten nearly enough transfer spending. I do think he is a bit out of his depth to be fair, but I’m not convinced anyone could get top 4 with this squad. Its truly lacking in quality. Without spending we will soon be crying **** OUT with whoever comes next.

  19. I Think Auba and Laca need to go, their impact is not much, just like Artata impact to the team is not seen too, Arsenal need new strikes to support the young ones and new experience coach to stabilise the club and get the team to play a good football, lastly the board and the owner of club need to seat up for a better atmosphere this season.

  20. Is white better than Saliba?? We need a younger striker and a creative player,Also either one of our main strikers has to go in addition to William. The greatest mistake Arteta made was Martinez to Villa, when arsenal won FA cup the guy won us the semi final , Final and FA Community Shield, After we sold him , the deficiency of our team became conspicuous.

  21. However much we may blame Arteta,the board is also reluctant when it comes to signing of good players.For instance the case of Buendia ,after identification the board was so reluctant to release funds hence the midfielder opting for Aston Villa.The board also needs to be supportive and the Manager “Arteta should also find the best way possible on how to solve his personal differences with the players instead of frustrating them or else he would soon face the exit door.We need Arsenal back !We need results!

  22. Wh?the thing that is killing arsenal is not just the players and coaches but the fans as well. Instead of falling behind their team the fans start to quarrel blaming everybody.

  23. Now Auba has a huge wage he doesn’t care about playing well just like Ozil.Laca can’t score he puts a lot of effort but no end product.
    Edu and Arteta have to go they are ruining the club along with Kronke
    If we are to get anything like we once were they all have to go,bring in an experienced manager and get players who want to play for the club

  24. We know Arsenal fans are very emotional and most still dont want to accept that our playing staffs are average players on big wages and the only way up is massive injection of money to buy real quality or the long term plan of buying young prospects which Mikel has embark on but you cant rely on kids without some experience heads within to guide them hence Xhaka, Luiz, Auba and even Willian but if the old guards lose form which is a high possibility cos of their age it creates a problem for the whole team.

    Kroenke wont spend his money, this is why Wenger failed, Emery failed now Arteta seems to be failing but i dont think he is yet, he is rebuilding a team in a depressed covid market that all clubs are broke.

  25. If this bit of news is to be taken seriously it would say a lot about MA and the Arsenal fans – that both have not factored in the illness and trauma Aba has just been through. Skilled people do not change overnight but when in a hole they need support, which is obviously not evident at the Emirates. A coach change may be more urgent than most think. But do not blame MA. If you came out of secondary school and saw a job opening for CEO of a company and applied and got through, and wrecked the company, you should not be blamed. The board that had the bet that they can do miracles should be charged.

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