Aubameyang angers Arsenal fans with Twitter showing

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has angered Arsenal fans by liking a tweet which claimed he deserved to be at a better club.

The Gabon international committed his future to the club earlier in the month, signing a new three-year contract, but his future had been up in the air since the turn of the year.

Aubameyang allowed his contract to run down inside the final 10 months before signing on the dotted line, and many feared that he was holding out for a move.

He previously told L’Equipe (via AS) that he told his grandfather that he would play for Real Madrid one day, and many had feared that he would leave this summer, with the Gunners set to suffer for allowing another player to use his contract situation to control matters.

Those rumours did slow following our FA Cup success on August 1, before eventually announcing his new deal two weeks ago, but his recent activity on Twitter has angered fans.

The goalscorer liked a tweet that read (as translated by the Metro): ‘He’s been so deserving of a team of the calibre of Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Barcelona, City, Liverpool, etc … not Arsenal for years.’

Aubameyang later backtracked and removed his like from the post following the uproar, but the damage was already done.

What makes it worse is that it would seem he feels as though he deserves to be playing on the other side of our big clash on Monday, and that sort of distraction ahead of the big game was certainly not necessary.

Do we think Aubameyang stayed because he wanted to, or because the right offer didn’t come along?


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  1. I think you are being too sensitive Goonerp all he did was like a tweet for goo£ness sake. As for damage, what damage.
    Off topic sorry but another bad VAR decision. As much as I like seeing the spuds get done that was never a penalty for Newcastle. VAR will be the death of fair play.

    1. I have long been arguing that VAR itself is a bad concept. I have written countless posts on here arguing against it on principle and long before the recent handball debacle became constant news. It undermines and reduces the vital authority of on field refs as well as spoils fun for fans and players alike. It is palpably unfair, INconsistent rather than consistent and though it has one or two pros, it has a whole mountain of cons. Ban it NOW!

    2. What is the problem with “VAR” decisions? The “VAR Refs” are now forced to enact the “Law” as it is written by the IFAB. The Law and the Rules are as they are and “Subjective Interpretations” and “Possible Bias” have been removed from the “Onfield Refs”.

      Even Arsene Wenger stated that “Onfield Refs” are biased and facts over many seasons attest the case. Reason given why during the “World Cup” in Russia 2018, Not a single football Referee from the EPL was chosen.

      The IFAB laws are “Clear and Obvious” and the crookedness and bias has been removed.

      Hurrah to the IFAB !

      1. The new handball rule is ridiculous and you obviously have not seen the recent decisions. VAR will be the ruin of the game. The faceless people making the decisions looking at tv screens in remote places have no one to answer to. Do not try to convince me otherwise because you will fail.

      2. Utter nonsense and laughably but also tragically inaccurate . The very opposite of what you falsely claim to betrue is actually the real truth.

  2. Why u people always create distraction for players, I believe what important is that, he signed for arsenal and he concentrate on what he is doing right now, this kind of articles don’t help the team mentality… And please let only arsenal fans say something about arsenal not supporters, FAN derived from word FAN ATIC, that is y fan always be optimistic not create distraction

  3. If he said so I support him completely. Arsenal as a club don’t seem to be serious, we fail to do the right thing at the right time. As it stands now we are supposed to have gotten all our targets, but here we are still confused . we sold the best goal keeper in the land, yet not able to rap the deals of Aquar and lamtey. We are never a serious club. I know a lot of fans here will call me names but I don’t care. All I know is I love arsenal and want us to be one of the best.

  4. Who cares, he’s just signed for us and literally turned down Barcelona, yet were supposed to be mad over a tweet like?

  5. Twitter is well known for being populated and used by twits. Why else does Trump virtually live on it! It an empty headed vehicle for mainly, though not exclusively, empty headed folk. My mature advice to those who are concerned by Aubas “like” is, GET A LIFE!

  6. This belongs in the gutter. I know it’s not the thoughts of Admin at Just Arsenal. It’s being reported in all the gutter rags.
    “Do we think Aubameyang stayed because he wanted to, or because the right offer didn’t come along?”
    He turned down Barca. He said Arteta persuaded him to say. Does that answer the question.
    As for the headline. Aubameyang angers Arsenal fans. I’m an Arsenal fan and it hasn’t angered me.
    These bum wipe gutter press troll stories are churned out just for clicks.

  7. Yeah. I had said it earlier. I said that as soon as Auban signs for Arsenal, the jealous ones would start throwing unnecessary jibes at that guy as they did to Ozil. This is just laying the foundation. GoonerP or whatever he calls himself must stop being petty & nonsensical. Blabber.

  8. Wind your knecks in, its not a problem, i think he should be at a bigger club but he has signed for us and we are very lucky to have him. As long as he gives his all and doesn’t steal a living off our backs, he can like anything he wants.

  9. Aubameyang didn’t like the fact that he is too good for the club but that he is very good.
    Don’t destabilize our top scorer. By the way , Jamie Vardy is the League’s top scorer with five goals at the moment. I do not want to engage in a debate of whether Leicester is bigger than Arsenal or not.
    We want Aubameyang to have a settled mind to chase Vardy now.

  10. Aubameyang signed his contract simply because he wants to be legend and also his demand were fulfilled by Arsenal

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