There are 3 sides to Aubameyang’s departure from Arsenal

Aubameyang’s case is complicated and has three sides, one from the player, one from the coach, the other from the club.

From the Player, because of his reckless lifestyle (at AFCON, he went partying with his friend Lemina, even if they both disagreed) and contracted COVID. He failed to show up for a single match in the entire tournament, it was from one story to the other until it ended up in a heart problem, when they finally brought him back to London, they said he was okay (just like that), meanwhile, the entire nation looked up to him to rescue them in the tournament, he is their best player till date, but he did not show up. This is his lifestyle and character, does not accept responsibility, hardly takes anything serious, it’s just his personality since Dortmund days. And the “process” does not need such personalities, who will miss a goal and laugh it off.

From the coach, who knew Auba’s personality and game style, he initially built the team around him and played to his style, all the balls were fed to him; then he changed the pattern and moved to the “process,” which involved extra pressing.
Note: Most players who are not used to gengen pressing, when they use all their energy to press, then there is less energy left to think clearly and calm their game down. Which is who Auba is, his game requires less-stress and effort on his part. Laca uses all his strength to press and less energy to focus on positioning and finishing.

The coach switched the pattern after the FA Cup victory, it affected Auba, who was not able to be integrated into the team again.

Being quite an emotional human being, he saw that the team had moved past him, he was no longer the focus/centre of attraction, coupled with his off-the field issues (his mother’s health, time management, lack of leadership to younger ones), then he fell of the track.

Only an emotional response could bring him back, which MA was not ready to give into.

Lastly, the club, who gave a player over 30, a contract of 350,000 a week for 3 years. Not taking into account so many things. Some say it’s a reckless contract, but many were begging him to sign the contract then, including Laca (sign that ting).

Well, any argument you bring on Auba will revolve around these 3 factors, unless you have a new perspective (maybe the Kroenke’s), let’s hear.

Its not really one person’s fault. It is complicated.


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  1. The swagger as he went through the airport in Spain was wholly different to the captain who wasn’t up to it
    I think you wrote an excellent article giving an explanation of the 3 sided coin

    1. SueP,what else did you expect?he was just playing to the cameras,just PR.imagine the backlash if he showed up at the airport with the long face?? also people seems to forget that in the last year Auba caught malaria (lost 4kgs),caught COVID twice,his mother being really ill and poor health, millionaire or not it is a lot to deal with for anyone.also let’s forget that Auba carried the team for over 2 seasons.

    2. @ Jon Fox

      So hypocritical for someone who call himself a realist and a deep thinker.

      The article suggest Arteta decided to change his tactic which will affect Auba. Which means the coach already know his tactic will affect his best striker and he still went ahead to give him a lucrative contract and still play the same striker?
      Does that make sense to you at all? And you call that a great read?
      It shows you’re far from a great thinker and just follow anything that sweet your agenda. Which never makes you a realist.
      And the writer said, gengen pressing?
      Does the writer think Klopp is now managing Arsenal?
      Or let say Arteta is playing gengen pressing, how dare he say Auba can’t play in such pattern? What pattern was Auba playing in before coming to Arsenal?
      Yet he adapted to 3 different pattern and still scores load of goals.
      Wenger, Emery and Arteta’s FA cup pattern are different pattern and yet Auba excell in all.

      And the Article even said, Auba went out with his friend to party… Jeez!!! What a cr*b BS.
      All Gabon team party together and even Gabon coach missed 2 games through COVID because of the issue.
      So tell me how this is a great read?

      It shows the kind of human being you are and only accept what you want to believe in and not the fact.

  2. Good count of the three-sided Arsenal mistake. But more mistake for the club because we have been humiliated and lost everything to Auba’s swagger and free agency to Barca.

  3. Auba was done at Arsenal, so was Arsene Wenger and Ozil, whether we as a fan base like it or not, it doesn’t change that fact.

    I say

    And I only hope that by the end of this season we won’t be hearing trust the process, because personally, anything less than top 4 will be unacceptable, we had every opportunity and if Arteta blows it then he should be gone.

    1. I beg to differ, 4th is extremely difficult, if we achieve it, then Mikel is a genius, if he does not, he needs help. Check the roster of ManU with like for like player and they are better except we have the better defence, once again due to Mikel. As for all those gone, none of them was a game changer whom he could look to either solidify the defence after a 1-0 lead nor could he look to after being 0-1 down. They were a bunch of names to add numbers to the team sheet, not to change the course of the game. No tears. Mikel is a man who has strength in character and cannot be bullied or bluffed by other clubs, players or agents. He has sent out a stern warning that he will not do business if it does not suit the club or its interest. He needs to be applauded and not criticised unjustly. He is rebuilding the foundations for future success be it on or off the pitch. Only one needs to remove her/his rose tinted glasses.

      1. So much sense here.

        In a few years time, we will be grateful for what Arteta is doing, irrespective of where we end this season and whether Arteta is at the helm or not.

      2. @LC

        Now 4th is difficult to achieve?
        You were among people shouting last season that Arteta came 2nd on the table. What happened to that 2nd now? Or was the 2nd a fluke?

        I believe someone who showed much potential like that and came 2nd on the table last season should easily achieve 4th this season when he only has local competition to play for and lucky for him, he has only the league to play for, while our other rivals still has 2-3 competitions to play for.

        Atleast he outspent all the teams he lead on the table for the 2nd half of the season right?

        So why not take it this way… If Arteta can’t be 2nd on the table this 2nd half of the season, it means there is no improvement from last season.
        The only improvement was the first half of this season where he came first.
        So if he can achieve 3rd in this remaining half season, Arsenal will still be 4th overall cos the point different is so small, but if he can’t achieve that and you guys still think there is improvement, then something is wrong with you people.

    2. After the first 3 games we would have been happy to finish the season in 8th place. Now you want to crucify him if he does not finish 4th? Arsenal and MA are rebuilding, we need to give the “process” time. I trust we will do a lot of business in the summer. I am pained that we did not sign a striker in this window, we will continue with the young guys who have been giving us the results.

      1. @Ayo

        After the first 3 games we would have been happy to finish the season in 8th place.

        Your mentality must be really low about winning games just like the boys.

        Arsenal finished 8th in two consecutive seasons and you believe we will be happy finishing 8th?

        Do you think Arteta will still be here if it continue like that?

        Yes I’m an Arteta fan when he came till I see the kind of football we’re playing.
        After the first 3 games, I still believe we will climb up cos losing first 3 games is nothing.
        Check many Ferguson’s start of the season and tell me if Man U fan will lose hope for been 18th in the first 5 games of the season. Do you know how Conte start his first regime?

        Arteta apologist were all saying Arteta is 2nd on the table in 2nd half of the season and only miss out on that because of Ozil and co. Which means you expect every Arteta apologist to believe 4th is achievable this season cos he spent the most money this season.

        What happened to the “He was 2nd in table at the 2nd half of last season?

        If the cries is he was 2nd on table, why are they saying 6th is a good thing this season?

        Does that make any sense at all?

        You guys made us believe he achieved well by been 2nd on the table last seson. It means he failed by been 6th this season. Don’t you think?

        So getting 4th might change some of our mind even though the football is not so good to watch.

        I can name matches where we played ok this season and only one came as lost.

        Even Mourinho’s boring Chelsea is more watchable than ur current play.

        I will change my opinion on Arteta when I see changes in his pattern of play even if we lose or winning games he suppose to win( Everton, Burnley, so painful lost)

  4. I suspect there’s a portion of pay as you play in his last contract which could be as a result of lesson learnt from Ozil’s case. This I sensed from the way he pushed the deal with Barcelona despite Arsenal’s reported reluctance to pay part of his wages in the deal. If not, Auba would have ended up as another Ozil.

  5. absolute speculative nonsense with very little, if any, factual basis whatsoever…not even worthy of a detailed response

  6. I much enjoyed reading this sensible and well argued article. I believe there is much truth in almost all of it.

    It is clear to me that we badly needed Auba gone from our club for the reasons in the article and that has now happened.

    Yes, we foolishly lost much money on him but we can only start from where we are now and not undo past financial mistakes. More is the pity but we obviously CAN’T.

    We were massively right to get him out, at almost any cost, as he was harming our harmony and was a disruptive influence, even among fans.

    1. Isn’t it strange that Wiliam was a bad influence, troublemaker, so was Ozil and now Auba??the club’s highest I’d not because they stopped performing and regret giving them big, lucrative contracts that you have to treat them like outcasts,lepers and going all PR on them and attack their characters.

  7. Auba is gone
    Who is next.
    The Exodus continue.

    This is the worst article with no actual fact but just another author opinion.

    Let me correct you Mr Author, Auba attended a team party that all the Gabon squad including the coach attended.. so it was not the act of indiscipline as you pointed. Since Arteta came on board with his playing style that I can’t even recognize, many players including Auba form dropped… Please this has nothing to do with the player, but the coach. So please, Arteta will not get us anywhere, even if we give him 3 extra years.

    He has man management issues. How can Auba become shit all of a sudden, he got him his new contract.

    Many of you on here are blabbing about us having a young squad for the future and the Arteta project.. come on, project can either fail or succeed. So the team as it stand is not balance, cause by next summer, transfer request might be handed for players like Saka, Smith and we might be force to sell.

    1. Might… can….maybe… that is YOUR opinion. How can you be sure the writers OPINION is wrong and yours is right?

  8. I tell you why Pat, Auba was tested positive for COVID as his arrival in Cameroon nothing to do with his night out.the author is implying that COVID wasn’t not the reason he was sent back because tests in London didn’t spot any symptoms, surely by now,he should not that you can have COVID and be asymptomatic, lastly blaming the fans for MA and the board giving Auba his last contract is ludicrous.lastly I can’t believe that fans would attack his character,s player who carried for 2 seasons, without him ,MA wouldn’t have the FA cup & Shield which gave him plenty of credits in the bank.but it seems to be JA MO,as soon as a player is no longer an Arsenal player,articles attacking their characters,calling them Deadwoods and the likes start popping up,I think it is disgraceful, shameful…on the other hand a player like Chambers who rarely played in 7 years get a nice thank you and good luck article, hypocritical I have to say.

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