Aubameyang & Arteta pre-season falling out emerges

Mikel Arteta is claimed to have been livid with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang ahead of the new season, with the striker having been unavailable for Arsenal’s opening game with Brentford.

Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette both missed the opening weekend of the campaign after contracting Coronavirus, with our side going onto lose 2-0 to newly-promoted side Brentford.

It has now emerged that our club captain held a birthday party for his son in the build-up to the opening game of the term, and subsequently contracted the virus to rule him out of the clash, which infuriated the manager at the time.

His latest issue with the striker has only highlighted their issues, with Auba also having been dropped from the starting line-up back in March when we took on Tottenham, and this now appears to have been the final straw, with the captain’s armband finally being stripped from him.

The DailyMail claims that Arteta and Auba’s issues have not gone away since the opening weekend of the campaign, and their relationship hasn’t been at it’s best all season.

Hopefully Auba can get in line with the new leadership within the team and get on board with the job in hand, although there is talk of a potential January exit which may or may not come to be true.



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    1. Im starting to think that Arsenal loves other teams showing is just how to use our ex-players…hopefully klopp doesnt buy him

  1. How much truth there is in this, who knows. I just figured that there was more going on than just what was reported in the latest incident.

    Nothing too surprising really, top player with attitude, new manager with ego needing to stamp his authority, always bound to turn out ugly.

    Unfortunately it remains in the forefront rather than the game today. At this point I hope Arteta just stops feeding the fire. He just simply says that he and the club have addressed the issue, and no further comments will be forthcoming. The club is focusing on the upcoming games and hectic December schedule.

    1. Apparently Durand, there was at least one earlier instance, at the start of the season, when Auba again ignored Covid guidance (this time to do with a children’s birthday party) and subsequently tested positive.

      1. Thanks Guy, just saw that myself. I would assume there may be more incidents in-between as well that led up to the preverbal straw that broke the camels back.

        Arteta has to be tough or risk losing the locker room if players get away with rule breaking. I’m with him on this one, though maybe not publicized the captain issue until after the West Ham match.

        But hey, it’s a decision by the club and manager, so it is what it is.

  2. Let me get this straight Dan. You accept that Auba has broken the rules, you accept that this should have consequences, and you accept that Auba is not a suitable captain.
    But because it’s Arteta that has removed him, you think that this is purely a diversionary tactic to distract fans from poor onfield results. And that as he is manager Arteta should be able to work with any player, no matter how disruptive they are to performance or morale?
    You contradicted yourself by firstly stating that this would not happen in Wenger’s day (although it did), but followed it by saying players are currently millionare prima donnas. Wenger started to get this issue as players became more powerful at the end of his reign, and you’re correct in that he didn’t confront them. Instead, the lunatics took over the asylum and we all know how it finished.

  3. GoonerP, this is old news, it was widely reported at the time and I think the birthday party was mentioned in an article on here at the time. Come on, keep up!

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole thing started with Auba complaining about tactics or something,even questioning MA authority amongst other things,after that,their relationship has slowly got worse.

  5. Leaving aside the unfairly biasedDan kit, who is always against anything MA ever does., most reasonable and non agenda ridden fans now see the hopelessness of Auba as skipper.


    With the sole exception of Ozil, I cannot easily think of a single player this century less suited to be our captain than Auba.

    To my practical mind, what matters now is not discussing past mistakes but rectifying them.

    To that end, I know that we urgently need Auba gone from our club completely. He is not the type of person who will improve our team or our dressing room harmony and I suggest that most Gooners – obviously not the maverick Dan kit though- now realise that truth.

  6. As a disciplinarian & leader in my field, I support MA in all his actions cuz if the Arsenal hammer falls, it will certainly fall on his head. If u don’t separate the bad egg 4rm the group, it will contaminate the whole crate. Failure 2 stamp ur authority is gross incompetence.

  7. Arteta is right to nip the bud before it grows wild. A captain without discipline is a huge setback on any team so I do not see why this should be a contentious issue. I thought that Aubamayang over stayed as captain of the team.
    The next best thing to do would be to ship him out in January before he becomes a bad influence on the team.

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