Aubameyang backtracks after leaked attack on Mikel Arteta

Considering that Mikel Arteta had just guided his young Arsenal team to a win over Liverpool, leaving the Gunners still sitting pretty at the top of the League, it was very bad timing that a leaked video was revealed showing our old captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang bad mouthing our coach, and saying “Big characters and big players…he can’t deal with it. He needs some young players who don’t say anything,”

Aubameyang had left Arsenal under a cloud in January, with talk of him turning up late for training and worst of all, not doing his job on the pitch as well as in training. He was an awful example as captain to these “young players that don’t say anything” and Arteta has been proven right to get rid of these “big players” with so much ego that they didn’t need to follow the boss’ rules.

But he has now tried to play it down and giving some sort of public apology by putting out this tweet to his followers…..

Well he may be “sort of” aplogising, but the fact is that he disrespected his team-mates while he was at Arsenal, and then he disrespected the club when he forced Arteta to sell give him away to Barcelona, and then he bad-mouthed Arteta and the team once he left.

I admit I appeciated him while he was scoring goals for us, but it became obvious that he was the very bad apple in a barrel of top class Grade A apples, and any respect I may have had left for him has now gone out the window…

I hope we wipe that smile of his face when we go to Stamford Bridge…

Darren N


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  1. Not new behavior, he had issues at Dortmund if you believe the past reports. Seems to be all smiles when things are going well or his way, trouble brews when adversity surfaces.

    Honestly don’t much care since he left the club, not an Arsenal player anymore. This year I prefer to focus on the players on our roster, are they performing, and how the team is overall.

    Appreciate what he did early in his time at Arsenal, but adversity showed another side. Love to see him play against us and be on the losing side.

  2. Fans shouldn’t boo him when we play Chelsea as it will motivate him even more, he was angry, he had been dropped as captain because of his lateness and attitude. We need to move on, he won us the FA Cup, let the players do their talking on the pitch, and we can beat Chelsea, Potter is a good manager, and was good for Brighton who we did sometimes struggle against. This is a team moving forward, lets concentrate on that.


    His wilful refusal, in his last two seasons, to put in ANY noticable effort when playing was IMO, a disgrace and I wanted to see him gone long before he eventually did.

    He is not the sort of person, I could have any time for. And I HAVE NONE. GOOD RIDDANCE, IS MY VIEW OF HIM.

    I look at workaholic MARTINELLI, and see, thankfully , his polar opposite. I have huge respect for HIM!!

  4. He was a great striker to start with,but age caught up with him,his work rate dropped off and then his attitude changed, it’s a sad fact of football life.
    Now only worth 30 mins burts. But he threw away respect at Arsenal just like Ozil.

  5. I actually think his response to the leak was well played. Is it a big surprise he had some ill will at the time?
    What he said wasn’t that bad and arteta has since proven him wrong anyway (in the sense that whatever his management style has started to show *major* improvements).
    This doesn’t change my opinion at all really – auba was and to some extent still is a very good player, but he can be childish when things don’t go his way. Water under the bridge in my mind.

  6. Thanks be to God we got rid of players like gallas, adebayor, nasri, van persi, ozil, auba their attitudes stank, love these bunch of players we have now…

  7. But then we have had people blaming and wanting to hang Arteta for getting rid of these bad attitude egotistical scrounger dead-beats.

    One keeps exposing his weaselly primadonna self in Turkey and another one is here chest thumping while citing how he is such a Big Big bad boy celebrity player that little Arteta couldn’t handle???. Smh

    “But but Arteta is a egotistical authoritarian dictator / Pep waterboy that was very jealous of these social media celebrity players and concocted a grand conspiracy to smear and paint them as the bad guys while they were actually the Victims”.

    Just glad that Arteta did not give into the pressure and emotional sensationalism these primadonnas and their cult followers put on him to reinstate them into his progressive team project.

  8. The players and manager he disrespected through his earlier behavior and now through this now-leaked video have moved onwards and upwards.

    Aubameyang can go kick rocks as far as I am concerned. Any surprise this mercenary is already batting beady eyes at Paris Saint-Germain?

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