Aubameyang blames Arteta but the facts say otherwise

So, now that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has gone off to Barcelona, he has now given a small insight into why he was so quickly removed from the Arsenal squad, and he seems to put all the blame on the manager Mikel Arteta. “He wasn’t happy,” It was reported in the Sun, “I can’t tell you more. He wasn’t very happy, I was very calm.

“My last few months at Arsenal were complicated, that’s football sometimes. For my part, I never wanted to do anything wrong.

“My problem was only with Arteta. I can’t say much more, I wasn’t happy.”

Well, we all know that Arteta was clear that he thought that our striker was not completely committed and respectful to the Arsenal cause, but the fact is that he broke the rules simply too many times to retain the captains armband, when he should be a shining example to the young players around him.

As Arteta said when he he removed the Gabon hitman from the captaincy: “I do not establish my authority by being dictatorial or ruthless,”

“I just ask for one thing: respect and commitment. At this level, if I don’t get that, I will pack my bags and go somewhere else because that is the minimum I can ask for.

“I am going to expect that from everybody who works for the club. First of all from myself, and the day I don’t do that I will walk through that door and go and do something else. It as clear as that.

“To be successful you have to be passionate about something and want to represent a club of this size, with its history. That is the minimum standard you have to bring. I am not going to ask anybody to put the ball in the top corner every time they hit it, but I will ask them to do the right things every single day for this club.”

So Auba makes it sound like Arteta was desperate to get rid of Aubameyang, but the 32 year old goes on to admit that he went to Barcelona on Deadline Day to force through his move to the Spanish giants without Arsenal’s knowledge, which sort of makes it clear that Arsenal did not want to sell him. He added: “I really wanted to come here, that’s why I came in the morning, because I wanted to get things done.

“We waited until the last moment because it was a bit difficult with Arsenal, but in the end I’m here.”

So basically he disrespected Arsenal and Arteta yet again, and as far as I’m concerned, I’m glad he is as far away from our club as possible…

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      1. Before Arteta can leave He has to have gotten rid of all the deadwood and poor attitude players.
        Xhak, Guendouzi next..

          1. That’s the past – Vieira would be deadwood if he was in the squad today at whatever age he is. Auba has been terrible for 18 months, not the player he was.

          2. Abu was now deadwood especially this season and the one before
            . Do you remember Laca scoring almost double
            Abu even though he Laca was used sparingly
            sometimes playing half of Abu’s minutes
            . Do you remember how many goals he scored
            before his fallout- SMR is/was highest
            . Go you also remember him talking about
            dreaming of finishing off his playing career at
            . Lastly his fallout was never a coincidence, it
            well planned & calculated by him and his

            Goode riddens

  1. Blah blah blah, he was the captain who disrespected that position and everything it meant. Constantly breaking rules.
    If The Athletic is always right with their reports like they’ve always been, you’d know Auba was even luck to stay in the team for this long especially with the Captain band when senior figures at the club got tired and we’re feeling Arteta was giving him special treatment different from the other players.
    If Arteta finally had enough after defending this man for such a long time whenever he broke the rules then I don’t have any complaints.
    I am certain his inability to also get his scoring boots back pushed forward the frustration to stop defending him.
    And on the last day he also proved club figures and Arteta right with that move he pulled by going to finalize a move when the club had no idea.
    I mean the man did it saying fvck it I gotta go, and I won’t blame anyone at thw club for saying oka fvck it, let him go too.

    You remember there was a certain small portion of Justarsenal members who were against signing Auba and cited his disciplinary issues as something they didn’t want. Turns out the club won, with Auba contributing to the FA and community shield, but those fans also won too.
    Man, I hate talking about past players of ours or trying to bring down their contributions. I dont do it with Fabregas, RVP or Ozil. I won’t start with Auba. I’m just glad on his own part he’ll go play football and hopefully he enjoys himself. Both parties did what’s best for them. Good luck Auba.

    BTW I cut my finger this morning in the kitchen while trying to make breakfast. I don’t undery why Arteta will allow this to happen. Mikel what have you done? Wtf is wrong with you?

    1. 😉
      I also think there is a very glaring omission from Auba’s “statement”.
      What about an apology for turning up late?

    2. Xhaka did worse than Auba when it comes to disrespect and guess where he is now? Straight into the first 11 whenever he’s available!

  2. Pat, unless one or both parties come out and let the fans know exactly what happened, there will always be guesswork involved.

    I was one calling for Aubameyang to be dropped because he was giving nothing back, but why was this happening and why DID MA keep selecting him up and until he arrived back late from visiting his sick mother?

    My real beef, however, is how the whole transfer saga was conducted, who we gave him away to, the £7,000,000 “sweetener” and that we are subsidising his salary from a contract that MA rubber stamped… plus we failed to buy a replacement.

    If any other club conducted it’s business in this way, we would be in hysterics – but it’s starting to be the norm at our club.

    1. Yes ken, the article is trying to say a lot of things not proven. It says Arsenal wanted to keep Auba, DID THEY? We paid 7mil for him to go. Strange, when were supposed to want to keep him. Two sides to every story but another angry player has been ejected and no improvement in the league.

    2. @ken1945
      Just imagine paying 7m for Auba to go, when other clubs are making money from player sales. Just a few months ago, we pulled the plug on a Xhaka deal and opted to pay him extra, for him to stay. Who does Business in such manner?
      Right now, we’re just a few injuries away from “crisis mode”.
      Well, let’s keep trusting “the process”… whatever that is!

    3. if we could pay Ozil his balance wage then we have every duty to pay Auba a very useful player who helped us win the FA cup and was a great player during his career until last season and not a one season trickster.You cannot have one rule for your pet and another for other players.
      Now back to the topic, this is the same Mikel who enhanced his wages, gave him the captaincy and had faith in him even during his lean patch. Ungrateful player, hope Mikel put this at the back of his mind and comes out stronger.There can be ZERO tolerance to commitment or discipline.

    4. @ken1945
      What is it you are looking for?
      Arteta has clearly said it was an unacceptable breach of discipline, and Auba hasn’t at any time denied it. Not even now. What he is saying is a lot of nice things, but a glaring omission of anything about his own part in this.
      I think it is also very noticeable, that the rest of the team had a very positive reaction in the matches after Auba was dropped.
      Don’t you think it shows something?

      1. I’m not arguing against MA’s decision to drop /sell him, that’s the managers perogative.

        I don’t know what he did to cause a “SERIOUS” breach of club rules and turning up late again, might fall into that category, but dropping him and stripping him of the captaincy and doing it publicly was humiliating the player… even if it was DESERVED.

        What MA did, just like Ozil, was to force Aubameyang into a corner, with no way out, but Aubameyang out foxed him, got a move to a bigger club, a golden handshake and The Arsenal are still paying him for God’s sake!!!!!

        You don’t throw the baby out with the pram, you don’t give a player away, you don’t pay said player £7,000,000 if he’s in the wrong and you don’t agree to subsidise his salary if, again, he’s broken club rules.

        What every other club / manager has done with a player in this situation has done, is PUT HIM UP FOR SALE – NOT GIVE HIM AWAY AND PAY FOR THE PRIVILEGE!!!

        1. @ken
          I don’t know if this has gotten sidetracked too much to have a serious discussion about, what happened with Arsenal/Arteta/Auba. But here is how I see it.
          Auba did make a serious breach of discipline, I understand we agree on that.
          As for Artetas reaction, it is actually part of my point, that dropping him completely, stripping him of his captaincy and in the end letting him leave the club, shows how badly he must have behaved.
          The thing is, no serious club, no serious owner, no qualified superior, would let a manager permanently drop arguably the biggest name in the team, the captain, the highest player etc. without looking into, what is going on. So I think, we can rest assured, Artetas superiors, have not only questioned him about it, they have looked into it, conducted their own investigation, possibly also spoken to some of the more mature players in the team about, how they see it. All actions which are normal in other workplaces as well, and which will have allowed them to reach a conclusion about whether Arteta’s is in the wrong here, whether he is out of touch with the players etc., etc..
          After all this, they are united behind Arteta, and have concluded, getting Auba out was the best solution under the circumstances.

        2. How about thinking of how much the move to Barcelona and paying him a severance package has saved Arsenal?
          Arsenal is a top top organisation in value and popularity, so is able to employ top brains in the industry, people who have played the game and have been involved at the highest level of their profession. I think we should respect the work and decisions of these people as we are not privy to first hand knowledge or information of what goes on behind the scenes. we only comment based on media permutations and speculations. We should accept the fact that they know more than most of we the fans think we do.
          Cutting ones losses and savings on wages and also preservation of an organization’s image are also part of being smart in business. It is commendable that both Aubameyang and the club were able to agree on a settlement without muddling. At the end of it all everyone is happy moving on. No winner no Vanquish.
          Please let’s stop making it look as if we employed none entities to run our club, this guys are capable and they understand the business of running a football club. Yes there might be little disagreements and mistakes here and there, these guys are still top-notch, let’s appreciate any progress made no matter how little. Fans were clamouring for players who were not contributing much to the team to be moved on, thankfully that’s done and dusted. It’s a new chapter. The team is fit and ready to push for a place in Europe, let’s back them, it’s just about 17 more games to go, let’s push the team over the finishing line and we’ll all smile at the end of the season.
          Up Gunners !!

      2. Anders I am totally with you on this and with Ad Pat , who wrote this sensible and to the point article.

        Ken, as most on JA realise, has his own biases, mostly involving AW , from whose sacking – he calls it a “resignation”, so out of touch is he!! – Ken has never seen as necessary and has never moved on, despite his protestations that he has.

        Ken is a great chap with fine life and social values and on many important things in life at large, he and I think alike .

        But on Arsenal matters it is almost impossible to ever agree with him. I have long thought that KEN, WHATEVER HE CLAIMS, SUPPORTS CERTAIN ARSENAL PLAYERS ABOVE THE CLUB.

        Of course he is far from alone on JA in doing this but it is not and never will be my way. Club first and always for me.

        Ken claims to support MA but almost all his posts this season are negative and accusatory towards MA .


        1. @jon
          You have not replied to the Article where you said that i was the single most negative person on JA because of my views regarding Arteta .
          And called me out as not being a supporter of our club .
          I countered you by saying I remember your posts regarding a certain french man where you posted I hope he gets Ill just so he would leave .
          can you explain the difference between me and you as a supporter then ?
          Like I said I would never stoop that low and wish harm on anyone ,my views are because I do not rate Arteta and nothing else ,your views to me regarding Wenger seem very personal .
          I’m just wondering why you single me out When you yourselve have done exactly the same you excuse me off.
          And before you reply with some long winded post ,remember I was on JA a long time before you and I remember when you first started commenting.
          Yes you write well but unlike you I have a very very good memory and remember posts from 5years ago like they were posted yesterday.
          I would love your response on the difference between me and you as supporters regarding different managers .

          1. Because Jon is always right (according to Jon) and everyone else is insignificant. Oh and Jon cant accept other people’s opinion, unless its his.

          2. DK, You write as if you are a stalker. A sinister admission and so I prefer to ignore all your posts TO ME, IF THEY OCCUR, WHICH I HOPE THEY DO NOT, from now on.

            I accepted that you are a Gooner, even though IMO you do not act as one should and that is my final word ever to you, directly.

            1. Funny jonny boy as once again you skirt the question asked of you .
              Regarding youre final word ever to me directly,you also said the same to FAir Face 5 months ago(your words I will never interact with you again ),low and behold you have interacted with him countless times since .
              Stalker wise ! no like I said a very OCD memory ,i could say verging on photo graphic memory but I would never big myself up because I do not feel the need to tell fellow football fans my personal life story and accomplishments like you .
              You still haven’t explained the difference between me and you as football fans regarding our views on 2 different managers .
              Let me guess you won’t .
              Like Ken said last night (thank you )
              I’ve never got personally unless I feel the need to have a comeback .
              My views are my own and I respect fellow posters on here as is their right ,something you seem completely oblivious too.

        2. Jon, I have just read your post about my “biased thoughts” and, like so many others on JA, have to ask you about your biased thoughts that included wishing and hoping a manager of AFC would become ill and how you feel your thoughts are any different to those you now condemn as not supporting the club… it’s actually BS from you and that’s why you fail to answer the question.

          I couldn’t really care less about things that happened nearly four years ago and only defend people when accusations or untruths are said about them… like MA, supposedly, being responsible for Xhaka’s disciplinary record, or Emery being blamed for the recruitment of players and the false information that TMJW tried to give out regarding AW.

          I note with interest that, despite being asked by different people on many occasions, you have not had the gumption to explain why you think your treatment of AW is /was any different to those fans who dislike the way MA is behaving.

          For goodness sake Jon, have the balls to answer those questions and not evade them by saying you won’t reply because you don’t like the messenger – that’s a coward’s way out of it.

          I fully support MA’s decision to drop and discipline Aubameyang – that’s his perogative as the manager.

          What I question is why he let him go to a club for nothing and paid handsomely for the privilege of doing so – something that has never happened before, unless you can give me another example?

          By the way Jon, have you also forgotten the declaration you made that no big club would entertain Aubameyang?

          How about some realistic answers from you Jon, instead of trying to belittle everyone with a different opinion?

          1. @Ken
            I will keep asking these questions to Jon as you have rightly put to him .
            He called me out yesterday as been the most negative poster on JA (maybe he as a point )but it’s only because I actually want what’s best for the club .
            We all know by now that he will disappear until he thinks it’s safe to reappear but I will keep asking the questions you have put to him.

            1. And he will ignore them, as he has no answer to them Dan.
              Phil has called him out on numerous occasions, but Jon, as a “realist” believes he can call others out, but is immune when the roles are reversed.

              I note that we both answer the questions put to us, as do most on JA, but not Jon…. let’s just keep trying.

              By the way, your view that AW left six years to late is wrong in my opinion, but then you, Phil and Jon always were un… realistic!!!!

              1. Last paragraph Ken 😂
                2015 he should have left for me as it was going stale up to that point .
                Don’t get me wrong you know that I called for him to go as we fell out about it ,but atleast I’ve carried that same opinion over to the next 2 managers and have judged them in the same way .
                which for some reason other fans cannot grasp .
                It’s always
                “you have an agenda “
                “You hate him”
                Best one from Jonny boy last night
                Pretty much called me a Spud .
                But let’s hope he has the balls to answer our call outs .
                Doubt it but you never know .

                1. Dan, we argued in a way that was respectfull.
                  I admit to having a blind spot for AW, but try to explain why whenever asked.
                  There are some really good fans on JA, who have completely different views about AW and challenge my beliefs.
                  I always respect their views and answer every question (unless I have missed it) put to me as honestly as I can.

                  They are as passionate as I am and I have to admit that, sometimes, I had to take stock of what I believe to be correct.
                  Of course AW made some awful mistakes, there is no denying that and why should it be denied?
                  In fact, I often play devil’s advocate in order to learn why/how fellow Gooners see things so differently to me.
                  In fact, I’m having a great debate in another article regarding AW and Zidane – love to debate around such differing views and learn about our club.

                  But AW left over three seasons ago and time SHOULD be a great healer and I should let the untruths, as I see them, pass me by.

                  I’m really to old for all this argy bargy, but when Jon come out with his sanctimonious speech about supporting the manager and being a true supporter, I bite once again.

                  I look forward to seeing Jon’s reply, even though I know what it will contain…if, of course, he replies!!!

          2. KEN honesty is my stock in trade, so here goes. I WAS very wrong to write, as I did about AW **. It was caused by long lasting frustration over many of his failings – none of which excuse that post – but which I list now:

            Lack of intent to EVER get even an adequate DM after Gilberto left. Lack of attention/ INTENTION to do anything to make the defence be any good, in general .The three years fiasco with Almunia. The inability and unwillingness to stand up to trouble makers. The decade longlasting Walcott fiasco, the slightly less long Ozil fiasco. All far too soft attitudes towards perennially injured players when he should have got them out while he still could.

            He put players welfare above the clubs welfare in those last years and that is unforgivable. Many other issues too, far too numerous to list them all.
            Now to MA, I have consistently said that he was not my first choice and would not be now, IF wehad a realistic choice of any of the worlds proven top managers. I do not accept the notion that any of THEM would accept the job or even be offered it , under Kroenke.
            MA has made many costly financial and tactical/ selection errors. Willian was his worst. I HAVE NEVER DENIED THAT.

            He should never IMO have given either Xhaka or Auba those new contracts and both were HUGE ERRORS THAT COST US TO THIS DAY.
            But KEN, unlike AW who had been here a decade plus before I turned against him and even then only slowly and reluctantly, until it became blindingly obvious to the world and his dog that we were constantly losing ground, MA has had no real chance to turn this massively “damaged ship” around yet.

            I utterly reject the nonsense of DK, Reggie and co, who choose to fool themselves that could and should have been accomplished already – in the circumstances and owner MA has to put up with!

            To this day I thank our lucky stars we had AW and he has had ENORMOUS influence on how our club is warmly regarded around the football world, esp outside Britain.

            As you know, I would love him to be our owner OR the world football dictator in chargeof global policy. How rare a non corrupt one would be in this sad age!

            I stand firmly by no current big club entertaining Auba.

            BARCA ARE THESE DAYS A MERE SHELL OF WHAT THEY WERE BACK THEN. NO PSG, JUVENTUS MAN CITY, LIVERPOOL, BAYERN, -that they have to entertain getting such as Auba, while having to lose Messi recently, shows that only too well. I note with wry satisfaction – offered him a place! Funny that, eh KEN?
            Finally Ken, as I have not and will not join the sheep calling for MA s head, hourly at times, I will support and praise what he has done,esp since last spring when a new and complete change of team policy was instigated. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER IS MY WAY.
            I believe that TRUE supporters support the manager chosen, until as with AW he has proven to fail. I firmly expect MA to be here for many years yet.

            Hope that answers what you want.

            DK and others will hopefully read this. I choose not to debate with him; a middle aged man who behaves like a constantly negative child. I find that too repulsive to debate with him any longer, personally.

            ** It is interesting to note that “you really couldn’;t care less about things that happened nearly four years ago” ODD THEN that my posts about AW which were out of order, were almost four years ago. It seems you DO CARE, but only when I say it.

            YOU have said very many things years ago which I remember well but I have chosen to move on from.

            I ANSWERED YOU IN FULL, so perhaps you will return the favour KEN

            1. Jon, just got to reading your post – thanks for the reply.

              We will always differ on AW’s latter years and we both have fellow Gooners who agree with both of us – on that score I think you will agree?

              You have covered the post regarding AW’s illness and we can put that one to bed as well now.

              But, as you say it was frustration that led you to say it, why can’t you also see that it’s frustration with MA that leads those who differ with you to be just as frustrated with our performances since he took over?

              I don’t think ANY real Gooner wants him to fail, far from it!!
              What I want is consistency and leadership both on and off the pitch.

              I don’t see either.

              The treatment of players is so unbalanced… Xhaka to Guendouzi for example.
              Contract negotiations are worse than ever… Aubemeyang, Lacazette and Nketiah for example.
              Performances are so unpredictable… spuds and burnley for example.
              Signings that make no sense… Willian and White when Saliba and Martinez are/were being ignored.

              So, just as you pointed out your frustrations with AW, there are some that I have with MA.

              Saying that MA hasn’t been in the position long enough is no excuse, unless you are putting him above the club?
              Football is all about results and that’s why AW left… I see no reason that MA should be judged differently.

              As for not caring about the past, that is a bit hypocritical coming from you – Walcott, Ozil, Bellerin???
              The reason I remember your posts Jon, is, mainly, because I read between the rhetoric and insults, as I enjoy what you have to say on most occasions… but that post has stayed with me and many others it seems who were around JA at the time.
              Nothing to do with The Arsenal, more to do with you!!

              As for your views on Dan kit, that’s between the two of you – I have always found him to be someone who sticks to his beliefs and isn’t frightened to repeat them.
              And, of course, he knows how to wind you up 😂😂😂.

              I have problems with LC, TMJW, TRVL and many others, but we still engage with each other AND if we were able to sit in a room together and discuss all THINGS Arsenal, I’m sure we would enjoy the friendly debate – jeez you and I have declared war on numerous occasions, but here we are today…

              Anyway, I’ve made a personal pledge to not get involved in any more “slanging matches” regarding AW – I know what I believe and history will judge him for what he achieved for our club in a positive way – I’ll let you vent your anger on what you see of him.

              Here’s to MA proving the doubters wrong – especially me!!

  3. We repeated the Özil mistake with Auba. We cannot repeat it again.

    Saka needs to be sold this summer if he doesnt agree to an extension (with moderate wage increase).

    Otherwise we will end up either:

    A) repeating ÖzilAuba mistake

    B) have unhappy player with half assed performances for year or two, and lose him for peanuts anyway

  4. Aubameyang is a honorable and passionate player all through his time in our red and white shirt, the issue of disrespect is just a decoy, nothing more. Thank you Aubameyang for not following the Ozil path. It is clear that Artetar wants him out to the extent of paying him 8M to subsidize his salary while playing for Bercelona. What a shame to run a club like this.

    1. I agree fully. The truth will come out soon. Why are some players not motivated to extend contract if MA is doing the right thing. Next is Pepe and Elneny both performed well in AFCON. And not good enough for our dear manager.

      1. Why did the whole team have a sudden upsurge in form, when Auba was dropped???
        Could it be, they actually felt, the right action was taken?

        1. Anders
          Neither was Auba brought back when our team suffered this January.
          Can be a coincidence don’t you think?
          And before you say, Jan games was worse because we lose players to injury, Afcon and COVID.

          Remember none of our players in Afcon is playing in the first place except Partey who missed only one match we don’t lose anyway.

          And who says, Auba won’t come to life this year?

          Our player till Man city was awesome but after Man city, it was a flush, did Auba caused that too?

          1. No, I honestly think Auba not only returned late, but in addition either by action or directly expressed a total disrespect to Arteta, leaving Arteta no choice but to completely drop him, the way he did.

    2. I didn’t see much passion over the last 18 months. He put the work in for a few games and seemed happy when he or the team scored, but he looked down and out most of the time.

    3. It’s wrong to say Arteta paid Aubameyang 8m to leave Arsenal. It’s is not Arteta’s duty to negotiate and pay such and Arteta cannot singlehandedly ask Auba to leave if the Club hierachy does agree. It’s an organization’s decision, Arteta is just an employee like Auba. Aubameyang himself admitted that something went wrong. Even if Arsenal was planning to get rid of him, he played right into their hands and gave them a reason to, so he should take responsibility for his actions.

  5. I don’t know these people, I just watch them play football for the team I follow

    I don’t know how the Club is run or what goes on inside it, I just watch the team I support and hope we win

    I had hoped that Auba would go and play at AFCON and come back into the squad, earn his place back and score us some goals this season, but that wasn’t to be, shame but no real biggy for me

    I have faith and confidence in the players that we have, they seem to have confidence in themselves, each other and their Manager, I am optimistic that when we finally get back to playing some football that we will end the season well

    I’m not really all that bothered about the politics or money to be honest, I just want to watch my team play well, that has been the case with me for well over 50 years and no individual player or Manager (and certainly not any Director or Owner) has or will change that

    1. Its amazing what a dying breed fans like yourself are. The ‘supporter’ fan, which is what a fan should be and nothing more in my opinion, has been replaced by the modern day Fan/Manager/TechnicalDirector/Wage & Transfer Negotiator etc. The most value any fan will ever provide to his team is by being just that & nothing else, a fan.

        1. I don’t think FF meant it the way you put it Pepe, he was saying (hope I’m right here) that, at the end of the day, all he wants is for the club, manager and players to be successful… and who can argue with that?

          But forums such as JA give fans / supporters the opportunity to ask questions vent their feelings, argue and discuss with fellow Gooners the news surrounding the club we all passionately support… again, who can argue with that?

  6. Newsflash, Millionaire players have egos!

    Auba needs to understand rules and responsibility, and Arteta needs to learn to manage players and egos or find another line of work.

    The truth usually is somewhere in the middle with disputes like this.

    Honestly there doesn’t seem to be a good guy in this dispute. Auba has a history of acts like this, and Arteta cuts off anyone who challenges his ego.

    Sadly it is the club and fans hurt by the actions of these two. Auba hasn’t learned to follow rules, and Arteta hasn’t learned man management.

  7. Aubamayeng is trying to cause a rift from without. He was part of the cancer that was eating this team for decades. We are over the moon at his departure. Just like Lee Dixon responded to him on Twitter : ” I don’t care.”

    1. “part of the cancer that was eating this team for decades”…. thought Auba was only here for 4years, how come he had been cancerous to us for decades?

      1. Awhy. Dboy did not say Auba had been cancerous for decades. He said he was “part of the cancer”, even though here for only four seasons.

        And he is right too. LEARN TO READ CORRECTLY IS MY ADVICE!

    1. Well said!why can’t all fans be like you,thank him for his services,wish him good luck and then move on?instead attacking the player’s character because he is no longer an Arsenal player,he is not the first and won’t be the last player to leave a club under a “cloud”.

  8. I read we are paying half his wages till the end of the season on top of paying him £7m. Smart business eh!

    1. But better maybe better than paying all the wages to a player, who disrespected the club, the manager, his team mates and the fans.

      1. Tell me how Auba disrespected his teammates?
        The last time I checked, Ramsdale posted Thanks for taking care of me bro. Check all other teammates replies too.
        Those replies doesn’t show been disrespected.
        So where do you get the information he disrespected his teammates?

          1. And he definitely didn’t disrespect me as I’m a fan.
            For me all he did wrong was lose form .
            I can only hope the next player to do so does not get the same treatment ,by all means drop them but to completely lay the blame at his feet was a farse in the highest order .

            1. Even if he did – and since he does even not know me that is impossible, as a brighter man than you would realise – that would be the pot calling the kettle black then!

  9. I love the fighting spirit of the young players but we still need the experience of the older players. Aubameyang saga was a distraction to the performance of the team,i appreciate his contribution.Arteta needs to understand how to manage star players in the future. We still need strikers to replace Eddie and Lacazzete.

    1. Player power can destroy the team if you are not careful. No player should be more powerful than the club which pays his wages

  10. Hard for any of us to speak about this with such authority, unless we were actually on the inside, but from the outside, I blame both, but mainly Auba.

    We can only go on what we know, and that is: Arteta can be too harsh on players at times, and Auba as been ill-disciplined on many occasions, and not just at Arsenal.

    My take on it, is that Auba was the club captain, who’s ill-discipline was setting a very bad example on our very young and impressionable squad. We know Auba had been warned, maybe more than we realised, and along with getting dropped for poor form on the pitch, things got even worse.

    He rocked up late once again, and I think Arteta must have just had enough at that point.

    I do feel Arteta has been too harsh on some players, and although he’s probably played a part in the breakdown of their relationship, I do feel he has ended it in the correct way.

    It was a power play at the end of day.

    1. Overall I prefer the discipline, than what we were getting from the likes of Auba and Ozil, and their like. The culture had to change!

      1. Spot on. With Auba every other coach before MK had to suspend him. Look at Ozil, unceremoniously left the German squad, Arsenal and currently fighting with current club. Then somenone chooses to blame the coach

  11. Same as the shirt selling genius (Ozil).
    All they do is blame everyone but themselves. It’s always the other person’s fault.

    Glad Arteta does not take such nonsense.

    1. Love the way you had to let everyone know who the shirt selling genius (Ozil) was Goonster… as if we ever could forget 😂😂😂😂 but please keep reminding us!!!

        1. @Ken and Dan
          I had to identify him, we have lots of new poster on here. Trying to let them on the history 🤣
          How is the Shirt selling genius doing in Turkey anyway??
          Must be absolutely selling shirts and bringing in million for Fenerbache. Must be breaking all sorts of records down there like Chances created and Assists.
          Ozil is just honouring his contract 🤣🤣😂
          I can’t forget these kinds of cringeworthy “Titles and excuses” that you lot served us for seasons whenever it came to the guy.
          Cringeworthy as hell. Every time The shirt selling genius is mentioned anywhere My mind just keeps going back to such stuff you lot kept thinking inventing.
          Trust me guys, I will keep having a giggle at them now and then on here whenever I feel like it.
          Why didn’t you encourage Auba to also honour his contract here and just cause mayhem??
          Comedic historical gold 👍😂

  12. There is not a shred of honour in Auba’s behaviour having admitted going to Barcelona to push through the move whilst still being contracted to our club.
    Whatever good thoughts of him I had before, I hold him in disdain now.

    1. @SueP
      My sister, I am very happy with the way Arteta has handled the likes of Ozil, Auba and Guendouzi.
      This is why I was so frustrated with wenger and Emery at times when it came to giving into players egos.
      This is his best attribute and identifying areas needing strengthening in the team. Not yet convinced about his “on the field” Management.

    2. But the club didn’t want him sue
      What did you expect him to do sit on his contract for the next 18 months .
      Best for all parties involved IMO

      1. Dan kit
        Honestly, It’s not a case of what I wanted. I’d have rather whatever it was in discipline terms hadn’t happened at all in the first place and the goals were flying in.
        However, I’m glad he’s gone even though it has cost us to get him out. He had stopped caring before the the final spat and football being a team sport is not just about oneself.

        Not quite Ozil mark2 but an embarrassing situation for the club at all levels.

        1. He was stripped off the captaincy and banished from the first team. How is it not honourable for him to seek a move away from the club?

            1. Given what has transpired it is understandable he would act that way. Whether he acted right or wrong is another matter but by banishing him from the team the manager clearly showed he does not want him at Arsenal anymore.

      2. Dan kit, this is what some fans are missing – Arteta made it abundantly clear he didn’t want Aubameyang – that’s fine with me, he sinks or swims with his decisions and Aubemeyang wasn’t contributing anyway, since MA gave him that grotesque and ridiculous contract… YES it was MA who gave him it for goodness sake.

        What I cannot understand is that he then gave him away and paid for the privilege!!

        What kind of management skill is that???

        Never done before in the history of football, while I’ve been following it.

        1. @ken
          Obviously something went on behind closed doors with Auba and Arteta which we will probably never hear about .
          In a fan base already split we are seeing the Arteta ins as blaming everything on Aubas shoulders which is their right ,but some of the comments above are IMO a joke and a fabrication of non facts and only hear say ,likewise the Arteta outs .

          1. Maybe @ADPAT could do one of his famous polls ?
            I believe we haven’t had one since the Ozil one which was 2 years ago .
            I would love to see who is for and against Arteta .
            Over to you Pat .

        2. Hi Ken

          Can you send a link where MA gave him the grotesque contract?
          So we all can see the evidence for ourselves, I can’t find it myself…

          If Auba demanded £2m a week for the new contract and MA said to the board “I want him to stay” I think the board would tell MA to
          F…k off…

          I suspect managers say I want to keep/sell or buy a player, and then it’s down to the board to issue a salary/contract to that player.

          If Auba wasn’t putting the effort in to be a professional footballer and by example became a bad influence on the team. I can see why the manager wants him gone ASAP, and to facilitate the departure by any means,. The truth is Ken we don’t know what’s happened and I suspect the manager and player have different versions/perspective of why the fell out…..

          1. GoalDan, suggest you go to the Arsenal website, Google or any other mainstream outlet and watch Aubameyang “sign dat thing” as the saying went.

            Surely your not arguing that he didn’t sign the contract are you?

            Even the most ardent MA fan boys are saying how much the club have saved by giving him away to Barca.

            1. And you actually answered your own question… MA went to the board and said I want to keep Aubameyang and this contract will keep him here – the board said f@@k it, let’s do it then and it happened…. different beginning maybe, but same ending, if your scenario is the right one, wouldn’t you say!

  13. Reading this article pretty much sums up getting rid was the right thing to do regardless of if he was replaced or. It. We wouldn’t of had a committed abu at all and this would of massively impacted the team, performances and results. Never mind the wage saving.

  14. For starter, I will always be on players side….I respect and support Auba decision..and I am happy he is at a big club outside of the PL. Dunno the details of exact what went down but there is a pattern here.. it seem like Arteta has ego issues too. We went from Ozil, Gwenduzi, Saliba now Auba is gone! All in the name of respecting the club! You respect the club by winning games…how many years has Arteta been in charge? Wht is Arteta’s punishment when he doesn’t get tactics right ? Do you really think Auba would have signed the long term cont. If he wasn’t committed? I find it funny for you to say he disrespected Arteta and the club. The man took a paycut…to move away from the nonsense sooner than later. He easily could have sat on the bench, practice alone and get paid until his contract ran out! He saw wht went down with Ozil…he’s in his 30s he need to be on the pitch not on the bench because of the gafer’s ego. Arteta has to learn to manage big personality otherwise we are never going to get top class players that can get us into top 4 or win something. No big player is going to join Arsenal to be a yes ma’am….so that they won’t be benched! We didnt hear displine issues under Wenger, Ljungberg or Emery! At the end of the day it’s all business, to me seems like Arteta is more for the owners, he’s saving them $$$, he gets paid $$$, we lose. Arsenal we are just a “name” now….mid-table club, if we are lucky. Dont forget we just got knocked out by lower legue club! Let that sink in…thats how low we are now. Couldin’t beat Burnley at home!!! This last transfer window everyone is making deals, we were too busy pushing out few players that could have taken us to the finish line. Gone are the days of glory. I really hope I am wrong…but I doubt it!

  15. This is just an article to put down Auba.
    Though I’m happy he left but putting and blaming everything on him because you want to support Arteta is a no no for me.
    He achieved more than Arteta as a player in an Arsenal jersey, so no mata what you say, he has history at Arsenal.

    And on his interview, I don’t see where he said, he left without Arsenal decision. If he left without Arsenal decision, he won’t go late to Barcelona or you all forgot the deal almost fell through?
    So I believe is the decision of everybody including Arteta.

    But because you people all support Arteta, then you need to bullshit him and hold him in disdain.

    Everybody kept pointing to Balotelli and others for having bad behavior which come in the way of there success. But forget that having potential doesn’t mean you will make it in football.
    Ronaldinho, Van persie, Gattuso and others all have bad behaviors and get under the skin of there manager but they were manage properly and achieve something.
    Auba as a ill-discipline behavior but still achieve in football.

    Watch out for Guendozi too.

    I wish Auba all the best in Barcelona and hope you score goals to prove everybody wrong that you still got it.

    Wish Arteta success in our fight for top 4 too, cos I F****ING miss CL man.

  16. Auba has been treated unfairly IMO..
    if coming back late from seeing a sick mother is the reason for the rift between manager/club and player then the club is simply not sympathizing enough… Is his sick mother we are all talking about here?

    Comparing Auba’s fiasco with that of Romelu Lukaka recently at Chelsea, which offences truly carries more weight?

    I don’t believe the whole disciplinary stuff with Aubameyang, the club simply wanted to get him off the wage bill especially the fact that he was no longer productive footballing wise…

    Am not surprised to see Arsenal struggle to attract quality players, With the way the club is run, world class players will find it difficult to choose Arsenal.

    There’s a big part/role in players transfer that no one simply talks about, and that is the seeking of advice from a mentor before joining a new club.. Think about it, do fans, managers, directors, or club itself actually knows how important a recommendation from past players can go in helping a transfer to go through?

    1. Well Buddy
      All I can see is…
      We are out here
      On the sidelines
      Or if you are lucky enough
      In the Stadium
      But we don’t know the full story
      Cuz we are on the outside
      I know Arsenal is a lenient football club
      They gave him time off when his mother was sick… it has to be something more than that

  17. The club pulled a blinder on this one ,he was completely taken out of the team stripped of the captaincy and made to look like he didn’t care when in reality all he did was lose form .
    So he try’s to leave on transfer day ,(and it was widely reported they wanted him gone )and then the club say they had no knowledge of him being there to again make him out as the the bad man .
    All in all really badly handled and I’m glad he as gone to stop this witch hunt .
    93 goals in 161 matches that’s what he bought to this team and carried us for 2 seasons so he as my up most respect and I wish him well .
    Maybe we will meet him in the CL next season 🤔

    1. DK, it appears as if we’ve developed some sort of an organizational “handbook” for dealing with such matters, unfortunately it’s totally counter-intuitive from both a footballing and financial perspective…I just posted something in this regards in Dan’s early article about “no goodbyes” so I don’t want to go down the rabbit hole again, but needless to say I agree with your assessment regarding the total mishandling of this situation…that said, I’m hardly surprised as this has been par for the course since we left the Highbury

      1. TRVL
        I would t say straight after Highbury but maybe from 2012 and the van pervy mess .
        It’s gone downhill since then for me but it coincides with wengers last 6 years and just going through the motions regarding keeping the fans happy for staying in the top 4 race which now seems par for the course regarding our present manager .
        But player contracts and the way they are still handled are a complete joke seeing we were told the new regime would never let this happen again ,seems to me that we never Learnt any of wengers last decade of contract cock ups .

            1. spot on DK, below is a little revised version of my above mentioned post…Cheers

              at some point in time I can only hope that common sense will finally prevail and we will stop taking what appears to be the easy way out when it comes to the assigning of blame in these matters…it simply can’t be a coincidence that this continually happens at our specific club, especially considering the manner in which many of these cases have similarly unfolded

              if we look specifically at the post-Highbury era, a very peculiar and disturbing narrative has emerged…on numerous occasions, choices were made that were counter-intuitive, from a footballing perspective, then sold to the fanbase in a largely disingenuous manner, like the seemingly constant propagation of the misguided notion that we lacked the financial capabilities to retain their respective services and/or through an intentional campaign of media leaks meant to undermine the player in question’s relationship with the fanbase

              these attempts to intentionally deceive were devised for the sole purpose of protecting a managerial/ownership agenda that was primarily self-serving and oft-times wasn’t in the best interests of the club as a whole…by adopting such deceptive practices, not only did those in management conspire to disguise the real underlying agenda, it likewise made it infinitely easier to move on from each of these respective players even when the terms of each particular departure were far from optimum

              therefore, it’s high time that we had a serious look in the mirror and stopped taking the path of least resistance or this will continue to happen time and time again, which will ultimately be to our detriment…after all, these tactics regarding the sketchy removal of high-priced assets with little to nothing to show for it continues to proliferate 10 years and two managers removed from the original sin involving RVP

              1. TRVL,Ever heard about full stops ? THEY MAKE LONG SENTENCES SO MUCH EASIER TO UNDERSTAND BY BREAKING UP SEPARATE THOUGHTS. You are a bright man but refuse to use them. Why?

    2. If you can
      Can you bring up his stats
      Pre and Post signing that contract he was given
      And that along with Arteta’s word
      Is all the information I need

      1. He was an Arsenal player pre contract. Just because he lost form after contract does not wipe away all he did pre extension. I don’t understand this kind of thinking.

        1. I said above HH
          93 goals in 161 matches
          113 goals and assists in 161 matches
          Fastest player to 50 goals for our club
          First 2 seasons keeped pace with 3 of the best forwards to grace our league (Kane ,vardy ,Aguero)
          Problem is if I suggest the reason he tailed off is I accused of having agenda for my views .
          Line I’ve said numerous times no forward player as excelled under Arteta.
          Laca and Eddie have 3 PL goals between them and are both leaving but they are ment to be our saviours for the second half of the season .
          Auba didn’t want to leave but lost form but Arteta trusts 2 players that want out .

          1. Agreed Dan. One has every right to support the manager if they wish so but I don’t think they have to feel obligated to defend any decision he make especially the wrong ones.

            Supporting the manager is one thing and criticizing him is another. One can do both.

    3. You make a lot of good points here. I’m always banging on about how poorly auba’s been playing and how he should have been sold /moved on for a while, but i do think your post here is likely a fair summation.
      I suspect his behaviour has been the same since he joined, but now he’s lost his form, we’re using it against him. Classy haha

  18. Haahahha
    Firstly thank you for posting this.
    I know I would be good friends with Arteta cuz of his simple demand.
    “Respect and Commitment”
    I’m a bit simpler
    I need your
    “Honesty and Commitment”
    That’s so cool

    Sure he can make mistakes
    But it’s his passion
    But it’s his vision
    For Arsenal Football Club
    That I Know the board
    sees in him,
    trusts in him

  19. Here is one basic rule the casual fan (including myself, at times), don’t fully understand “you just can’t have your cake and eat it too”. Meaning: you can’t continue the practice of paying “deadwood” players to leave for free – and still expect us to find money to attract big players like Vlahovic and Isak.

    Does anyone know where to find an on-line course in Aretaeconomics?

  20. Like Dixon.. I’m just glad he’s gone and laca can finally play coz it’s been greatly unfair to him 2b on bench while auba plays coz I’ve always said laca is better,we can see that now. I’m just disappointed dey didn’t get a winger n midfielder atleast in d transfer as we are very thin in good footballers. I feel we have an hungry team now , I hope dey are hungry enough n stay injury free. Up Gunners!

    1. I think Barcelona have more meaningful possession than us, and probably create more chances, but Auba is in the big boys game now, Barcelona fans will not tolerate simple missed chances and will be dropped in no time. I can see this not working out for him sadly……

  21. Barca are in a right state and fans will not be expecting Auba to be some kind of saviour.
    They are 15 points off real and have only just started to find abit of form.
    2-3 years ago I would have agreed with you Dan but they are not the club they once were and with a reported debt of over billion they won’t be for some time .
    The signings they have made since last summer only backs my statement up more .
    Long gone are the days where they take their pick of the best players .

    1. So on that basis, Dan kit, PEA is not a pick of the best players and yet he is the one that Arteta should have picked his squad around.

        1. But believe Suep
          None of Arteta’s signing will be Barca’s best pick.

          But Auba before Arteta is one of Barca’s sweet pick.
          So let Auba start next season and see if is Auba before Arteta or Auba during Arteta.

  22. Everything goes wrong after Arsene Wenger left Arsenal. It reminds me how precious he was for the club and for me, personally.

    1. Careful Benjamin, Jon Fox will be after you, even if the results back up your thoughts.
      You mustn’t question MA in any way, shape or form, but with AW the world is your oyster – you can even wish him ill.

    2. I’m sorry Benjamin but part of the problem we now see ourselves was because Arsene stayed on -3-4-5-6 years to late depending on the which side of the fence you sit on and the hindsight we all have .
      Unfortunately the club has not moved on from his worst season and seem to be rewarding failure after failure as we are hearing Arteta getting an extension on his contract for bettering his 8th place last season if he finishes higher this time around after getting 250 million in 2 summer windows .
      Wenger stayed on way to long but atleast we never Witnessed such a sH1t show under him like we are now having to put up with .

  23. @sue p
    Even in the state that Barca are ,they are still in better shape than our club ,and will probably once again get CL football .
    I’m not suggesting that Auba should have been picked for Arsenal what I’m trying to say is the way he was treated after what he bought to the club and his downfall when Arteta turned up
    Can you honestly say that any forward player as been a success since Arteta arrived ?
    Our goals for would suggest that they haven’t .
    Auba got dropped in December ,we had a run of 4 games against inferior teams and January comes around and we score no goals going out of the FA cup and the sh1tty EL cup
    Will Auba be a success there ?
    Probably not ….
    But I’m sure he will bang in a few goals and transfer to the Middle East or the good old USA in 12 months .
    I respect you’re backing of Arteta I just wish that the opposite would get the same respect.
    I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face that my views are that I just don’t rate him,no personal agenda which some fans believe to be true .
    I said last night that I was supportive in his first 12 months when many didn’t see it .
    But I changed as soon as I saw different
    1-Our football is dull ,easy to counter ,there is never a plan B-C
    2-He continually shifts the blame from himself when things go wrong .
    3- he’s broken every negative record going in the last 25years
    I could go on but like I said I will get accused of having an agenda .
    It will always be about the Arsenal where I’m concerned,if I don’t like what I see I will speak my mind .

    1. Dan kit
      I’m not always with you but I’m with you on this.

      I remember when Freddie was the coach and I kept asking Arsenal to make him permanent or make Arteta the manager which EDDIE backed me up then saying, he has no problem with any of the two.

      How can I have agenda against a manager I have been longing to have as manager even before the management appoint him as one.
      I so much love Arteta that I was in the moon when he was finally offered the job.

      But I’m an Arsenal fan first before been Arteta’s fan. Yes I knew I love him since his days at Everton but not more than my club.

      But when I saw his tactics and play, I was disappointed and I want him gone immediately.

      I was even more than happy when he continue to sideline players he never want until he lied to give everybody another chance but yet again failed to give Guendozi chance.
      That wasn’t my main issue but the tactics and boring football pissed me off that I want him out immediately.

      I was beginning to support him again till we met Everton and Man U and again this January game which brings me to the opinion that, I was tricked by the small teams we beat.
      The only average team we beat was Tott, Leceister and Westham. And both Tott and Leceister were so awful this season. Which makes Westham the only average club we beat.

      Now I’m getting scared to lose the Spurs game because it will be a shame to us for postponing the game and then lose it.
      If we continue to play the kind of football we play in Jan, God help us…

      But unlike you, if we qualify for Europa league, I won’t count it as a success but will count it as Arteta success and see if he can bring my own success next season.

      But if he makes the top 4 this season, then that’s a success

    2. Dan kit
      We all crave the success we once had. I know that 2 distinguished managers were unable to bounce back immediately into the top4 and Arteta- the newbie – was left in a sort of no man’s land. Whatever Arteta’s failings are, losing out on a return to top4 and a CL place if we hadn’t capitulated in Baku are huge failings from better placed managers. The longer you are off top4 the harder it is to get back. I’m not confident a top4 is attainable this season but I am seeing a better team emerge out of the embers. That is down to Arteta as players move on to the next stage in their careers away from Arsenal and I expect to see better come in. Nothing less

      I know you don’t rate him, and I know that, like me, you want him to succeed, even if you think he hasn’t got it in him. It has been said often enough that he was a young and inexperienced manager in a top job too soon. I may well be wide of the mark but I think he is doing well. I can only look at ManU tonight to know that a hatful of top players and an experienced manager in Rangnick can cock it up at home.

  24. I am watching an Arsenal team here with a midfield including Song and Denilson, Up front we have chamakh, arshavin and nasri at the back is squillaci and Clichy.

    Sorry how did this team stay in the top 4?

    The bench is OMG

    1. The team been in top 4 is not the icing on the cake.

      That the team can outplay all Big teams there even if they miss so many chances to score.

      It means, they can create so many chances.

      How many chances do Arsenal create this days?

    2. Atid, why not try and answer the question yourself?

      Either the players weren’t as bad as you thought – played as a team – had a manager who was able to make average (dross) players play for the shirt – were just lucky from 2012 onwards.

      Take your pick and let me know 🤔👍

    3. Song was brilliant at that time (massively underrated imo and dominated the midfield in most games), and we had a dynamic attack. Chamakh didn’t last long as well.
      You’re probably seeing a game during an injury crisis?

      1. Also want clichy signed as city’s defensive left back (as opposed to kolarov the attacking left back) to help them to win the title? He can’t have been bad?

  25. You have a tendency to twist the facts every which way in order to make Arteta look good, so it’s actually quite pointless to argue otherwise.

  26. What happened between two people (Arteta and Auba) is different from what someone (Media, journalists, ITK’s,) said happens. We should be rest assured that unless we (Fans) are there when it happen both party will be coming out with news nuggets to make them look like the Good guy out of the situation.

  27. The only FACT we have about Auba is that he overstayed a visit to his sick mother by one day and was stripped of the captaincy and completely sidelined. All the rest is hearsay. Another FACT is that Xhaka openly abused his own fans and, apart from missing a few games through his usual red cards, is still being picked whenever possible. Were his actions not disrespectful? Looks like double standards (and teacher’s pet) to me from Arteta who seems to be getting a reputation as a ‘one strike and you’re out’ manager, not good if you’re trying to attract quality players to our club? His, so called, ruthlessness could turn out to be counter productive.

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