Aubameyang calmly scores and gives Arsenal hope for the future

Arsenal fans were just 5 minutes away from seeing our season effectively over before the end of February, but then we watched the young Saka get the ball down the wing and send in a pinpoint cross to find Aubameyang waiting by the post to put a simple header into the net.

20 minutes earlier we all thought that Arsenal were out of the competition and you could hear all the pundits and keyboard warriors were sharpening their pencils ready to give a damning verdict on Arteta and Arsenal’s season.

But Aubameyang kept his nerve and scored an incredible winner at the death, and after the game our captain was buzzing, and he was asked by how his nerves were as he jumped up for Saka’s cross. “Solid! I have to tell the truth!” he told “It was a hard one, but at the end I think we deserved it because we showed great character tonight, all the team and the guys that came in as well. They gave so much for the comeback and we did it, so we are so happy!

“It’s hard because when you concede one, it’s okay, but then when you concede a second one, you know that you have to score two goals again, so it’s really hard, but as I said, we showed character and we kept calm during the whole match. We scored in the last minute and we are happy.

“It could be very good [for the rest of the campaign]. I think in this difficult season, hopefully this will give us some hope, but also some confidence for the future that we can do comebacks like this.”

so now we have to wait until lunchtime today to see which team we will face next, and whoever it is will now know that Arsenal are not going to let their heads drop if we are behind in their games…

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  1. One thing I want to mention: I think there’s something going on between Arteta and Martinelli.
    The youngster desappeared from the rader while Saka and ESR are shining.
    The few minutes Gabi comes on I can already hear Arteta shouting his name every time.
    I hope he won’t be the next Guendouzi

  2. Arsenal on paper has the best and the most expensive strike force in the league. But this season said strke force has been misfiring badly.
    Thus the poor results.
    Aubameyang showed v Leeds and Benfica what he is capable of.
    If Lacazette and Pepe find their shooting boots let alone Martinelli
    Balogun and Saka Arsenal will qualify top 6 and probably go right through and win the EL.

  3. Aeteta + Arsenal is a true reflection of lack of ambition & a true display of averageness. An ambitious team cannot employ a novice for a coach. Someone should advice Arteta 2 have a starting X1 not an experimental X1. Another should advice Arsenal 2 hire Allegri. 4get he won the FA cup, Arteta is not a coach 4 us.

  4. Auba needs a team that has thoughts of attacking and not possession based, negative, slow build up. He is a high quality finisher and needs feeding, he doesnt thrive in the style Arteta is playing. Auba is having one of his worst ever seasons and it isn’t (as some fools say) over the hill. He loves scoring, not the rest, the rest is something he is not as good at and isn’t his natural game.

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