Aubameyang can sit on the bench at Barcelona or be star man at Arsenal

Aubameyang urged to snub Barcelona interest unless he wants to stay on the bench.

Barcelona is reportedly interested in signing Arsenal attacker, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang as they look to replace Luis Suarez, but the Gabonese attacker has been urged to snub their interest and remain at Arsenal.

Aubameyang has been Arsenal’s most effective player over the past two seasons as he has scored the goals that have kept them competitive. However, his goals have been unable to help them get into the Champions League.

Arsenal is looking to tie him down to a new deal, but the attacker is reportedly waiting for Barcelona to make a move for him.

Barcelona is prepared for life after Luis Suarez even though he has managed to net six times in ten league games this season.

Former Chelsea star, Craig Burley has, however, advised the attacker to remain at Arsenal and avoid being used out of position as Antoine Griezmann has been.

“If this was to happen, he’s going out there to sit on the bench,” he said of a potential transfer.

“There’s already a problem at Barcelona where Griezmann has been moved out to the left to make room for Suarez and [Lionel] Messi playing in behind.

“I’m not sure they would go for a player like that, although he’s a good goalscorer.

“I think for him, it wouldn’t be a great move.

“He’d be a bit-part player at Barcelona, right now with their squad.”

Burley does have a point, there is a chance Auba will be a bench warmer but I am not so sure.

If he is supposed to be brought in as Suarez replacement then surely that means first-team football to the same level the Uruguyan enjoys.

Regardless, I have a feeling this one could be a saga and distraction for Arsenal.


  1. Barcelona’s interest on Aubameyang sounds like a BS, since they already have Griezmann and Dembele

    Besides, Suarez is older but he is more productive and more skillful than Aubameyang

    1. For Suarez who will be 33 in Jan. it’s getting physically more and more difficult to be on top.

      Dembele is not a CF (rolls eyes).
      Griezmann can play as both CF and winger (winger for France).

      If Auba joined Barca at the end of the season, he and Suarez would be CFs for a year max. or Auba + Grizi if Suarez goes before his contract expires in 2021.

  2. Hmm Trophies and bench VS Starting regularly and no trophies. Tough one

    He would sit on the bench but get trophies

    Seriously, it’s better to be a star here. He’s in one of the best cities in the world. Making excellent salary (nearly as big as Ozil).

    1. Literally every person I know would rather live in Barcelona than London so that argument is a bit weak. Innit?

  3. I don’t think a player like Auba would need to warm the bench. At 30, his pace is still solid, and until recently, he has been on a scoring frenzy playing alongside possibly the most creatively dull team in the EPL. I would say he has more than enough going for him to warrant a regular start at Barca.

  4. If we are not careful, our club will fall into the same trap as they found themselves in with Ozil and his contract.

    Auba is sitting back, waiting for both clubs to make their moves, knowing he is in a win win situation regarding his salary.

    Just as The Arsenal awarded the most ridiculous contract, a reported £350,000 a week, so they will find themselves agreeing to another bumper salary in order to keep auba…UNLESS…they put their money where their mouth is and, if he doesn’t sign the contract, put him on the transfer list.

    That was what raul publically stated in such a bold way, let’s see if, once again, a player is left holding all the cards due to the incompetence of the club.

    Once again, I wouldn’t blame the player one little bit.

    1. Good as he is he is not in the same class as Suarez. Anyway to me its all mind games. Barca have their mind set on Naymar. If he really wants to leave, the club should not be held to ransom and as said by KEN, stick by their rules about contracts. Sign or be sold.

  5. Sign or be sold is the most important part of this regardless of whether anyone believes Auba is better here or in Spain (or anywhere). He is a great player and we need him locked up or sold on so hopefully a better collection of management can use the cash to advantage (the current crew will spend it on magic beans).

    Right now with how screwed up the club is I am not sure what is better. Effort has not been there by times and he seems switched off, but to be fair, he gets no service so what is he to do? Same goes for most of the rest of the team – playing crappy out of position does not equal crappy. Not many of us have the skills to be excellent (and for elite athlete that means top fraction of a percent excellent) in multiple jobs.

    Lightning will strike me, and I know that I am speaking out of both sides of my mouth based on other posts, but some of Granit’s games for Switzerland have been pretty good over last couple of breaks. He has sucked when playing for us, and had his complete hissy-fit meltdown to boot.

    Broken record, but for me it all comes back to our leader – to quote Wile E. Coyote – Genious (and I realize that Emery really looks like Dracula and not a Coyote but I love the line): “are you in genious, are you in capable, are you in competent”?

  6. Aubu won’t sit on the bench for barca,they v looking for a serious replacement for Suarez for a while now,buh the truth is that every player has a price,if aubu should refuse to sign the best thing is to sell him,though it will make us hypocrites for real,because Wenger could have tagged non ambitious for selling his best player,plenty examples abound!

    1. Uchman, could have been tagged?????

      He has always been hounded for having to sell his best players, when, in my view anyway, he was instructed to do just that…and then offered peanuts to replace them.

      That was why, when gazidis took over the resposibility with his three musketeers launch, the club panicked, because they knew Sanchez was going and they had to keep Ozil at any cost to prove their worth in taking over the reins of transfers in and out, salaries, contracts – just look how it has turned out!!!

      That is why both auba and, let’s not forget, lacs are a really big test for the new regime.

  7. Auba is a great player but not the type to excel at Barca. Team structure and formation is very important for the success of any player. Auba does not have the level of technical skills required of successful Barca players. Auba is more of a smash and grab attacker but that is not the Barca way.

    1. Aubu will be a massive signing for barca and he will surely do well, remember he started his career as a winger am sure he doesn’t lack the technical ability to succeed there, he succeeded under Wenger with inferior players,imagine him bn sorounded by superior players,Suarez has bn very poor for the past 3 seasons now and I think its hightine barca look for a replacement and aubu won’t be out of place

  8. Big respect ken, dont know why we forget soo easily for real,sometimes I laugh when guys accuse Wenger of making us to lose 60m ponds on Sanchez I was like how hypocritical can people be? Imagine selling Sanchez to city and boom he won the league with them, the abuse on Wenger could have bn @ cloud 9, the fact that we r now appreciating everything we accused Wenger of show how ungrateful some of us r as fans, my fear have bn for us not to lose our global appeal as a club with the way things r going! I believe we will still get it right again!

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