Aubameyang claims Arsenal hold ‘the keys’ to contract situation

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has claimed that Arsenal have the information needed to secure his future, although what is needed isn’t explained.

The Gabonese striker is nearing the final 12 months of playing deal at present, and has been linked with the exit door in the coming window.

The preference for any Arsenal fan however would be to see our star-striker sign on the dotted line and commit his future to the club.

Aubameyang has shown consistently since his arrival that he is amongst the best goalscorers in the world, and in a summer where teams are not expected to have vast sums of money following the Coronavirus pandemic, keeping your best assets could be more crucial then ever.

The soon-to-be 31 year-old claims that no offer has been tabled recently, although talks have taken place and Arsenal know exactly what they have to do to secure his signature.

Aubz told Telefoot: “I haven’t recently received a proposition but of course there have been discussions with the club.

“It’s them [the club] who have the keys and for them to do their work. Afterwards we will see what happens.”

A deal to keep Aubameyang at the club could be the most important piece of business this summer, and our club will hopefully be doing all they can to convince the former Borussia Dortmund striker to extend his stay in North London.

Ian Wright this week warned our top goalscorer that turning down our contract could well be a mistake for his career, claiming that a lot could change at the club to lower his negotiating stance.

What do we think Aubameyang’s demands would have been? Should we fear that he is demanding a release clause or is it more likely that he wants the club to show ambition in the transfer market?


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  1. He or rather his agent may well be looking for a 2/3 year contract at a substantially increased salary .At a time when millions in the World are likely to lose their jobs ,despite his aptitude for scoring goals I cannot bring myself to support such demands.He is already a seriously wealthy man who is highly paid for doing something he loves. If I were running our Club I would not acquiesce to such demands but would offer a one year extension on his contract to 2022 at his current salary.If this is not acceptable to him,he should be sold on the basis that our Club is more important than any player, and always will be.

    1. Agreed Grandad. He will be wanting a big pay rise. The situation has changed over the last couple of months though, with clubs worldwide feeling the pinch. He may now struggle to get the wages he’d like elsewhere. Also age isn’t on his side as clubs would rather invest in younger players these days. I’d like him to stay, but don’t want us to be held to ransom.

  2. Roachie, let me make something clear to you, strikers like Aubameyang are reducing by the day, Aubamayang is like Suarez and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Zlatan is still playing top football at 38, Suarez is still scoring goals at 34, I can assure you Aubameyang will still be scoring goals for us at 33, the guy is a goal scoring machine, he never get injured, he knows how to take care of himself. Believe me he deserves any contract given to him and he has earned the right to a pay rise and am sure he will continue proving his worth unlike a particular shirt seller in our club.

  3. He will definitely be looking for a big contract as it is his last big one at 31. A 35 year old auba will still bang in the goals as his biggest quality is attacking positioning and that doesn’t decrease with age.

    Normally he would easily get a big payday but in these special circumstances nothing is normal anymore.

  4. Give him a 2 year deal on top of the one he has left ffs… 2023, 34years old then can walk away. up his wages to what he wants and get rid of a few player and their wages to help that. Mesut will only be here for one more season then there is 300k a week off the bill also by next summer.


    Upamecano, Saliba, Partey & Kluivert

    I wish!!

  5. The question is does he want to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond?I agree at this moment he deserves to be our highest paid player and Arsenal needs to show ambition in the transfer market but one thing he cannot do is to hold the club to ransom especially with the pandemic financial repercussions!if money is not his priority the solution is easy!arsenal should offer him a contract extension with a small increase and once Ozil is off which is one more season then he can be made our highest earner and because of his age he should well to remember what happened to van persie one good season and then forgotten,Sanchez who prioritised money … he is at the stage where he should concentrate on the sporting side of things ,he can always go to China,UAE….afterwards for money not that he will need it with his sponsorship deals on top of his wages!

  6. I think a lot of us are using history but taking into account Auba as a person. Auba doesnt want to leave Arsenal. Mark my words, he doesnt even want a big pay rise. He want signings. When Arsenal finalise Upamecano and Partey, the Auba situation will move very quickly (@~$250,000/week excl bonuses for 2year deal). He doesnt want to leave, he wants a chance of getting something at Arsenal.

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