Aubameyang comes back to Arsenal under a cloud as his season keeps getting worse

What nightmare this season has become for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. He lost his scoring boots a long while ago and has been called out by Arsenal fans ever since he signed a new mega-contract with the Gunners.

Last season he was dropped for the North London derby after turning up late for the bus to the game.

This season, after scoring just 4 goals in 14 League games and missing untold sitters, he was late to training again after extending a visit to his mother. Then he was dropped from the Arsenal squad again, and in the aftermath Mikel Arteta stripped him off the captain’s armband and was told to train on his own until after AFCON, putting his future at the Emirates in doubt.

Then things only got worse when he contracted Covid on his way to Cameroon with allegations of partying in Dubai, so had to isolate while Gabon played their first game.

The second game against Ghana was also missed as Aubameyang and his fellow-traveller Mario Lemina were shown to have “cardiac lesions” following recovery from the virus. Gabon finally agreed to send the two players back to their respective clubs for further medical investigations, but it seems the rumours in Africa are saying that the pair were kicked out for disciplinary problems.

So, now our ex-captain is on his way back to Arsenal without kicking a ball at AFCON and has hit out at the “false rumours” surrounding the saga.

Aubameyang tweeted: We have problems that are already complicated to solve, then to that are added rumours, in short, we have our health to take care of above all, I will not go back on these false rumors and I wish with all my heart that our team will go as far as possible.

So now what for Aubameyang? He comes back to Arsenal with a (hopefully not serious) medical problem, and not knowing whether he will even be able to get back into Arteta’s starting XI (not looking good at the moment).

Could things get any worse for Aubameyang?

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  1. Things are not bad for Auba.The 32 year old multi millionaire has for ten years played with and against most of the best players on all the famous grounds in the top European leagues and around the world. He has been viewed and is known to a billion people all round the world. All the while he like his fellow top players has been paid more money every 3 months than those even in wealthy countries earn in a lifetime. He’s nearing the end of his career so unless his medical conditon becomes accute he is cruising to retirement on 300k p/w whether he plays or not. Hardly an impost I would have thought.

  2. I hope he doesn’t have any medical problem and can get his career back on track. Only Aubameyang and the medical teams know about his health

    1. Ya hope it’s not serious and he can rediscover his form even if not in Arsenal. He needs to save his career.

  3. Auba firstly needs to get his health back on track!
    Whilst doing so,he needs to reflect on things and with the help of his teammates get match fit and either move on or enjoy his football

  4. Auba is on faaji mode, let him be. The fans cried for his contract renewed after a string of brilliant performances and he was wrongly rewarded.

    I think we should learn from this… no player above 30 should be given such contracts. That’s a phsycological number for players. A lot of distractions come in by then, you start to think of life after football. By then your head is no longer in the game.

    Players do this either in the USA or go to Asia and wind down their playing career, it’s just unfortunate we’re witnessing Aubas decline in Arsenal.

  5. It raises a question on why Arsenal gave such a deal. For the club of this size surely they have people to do some assessment which should reveal whether player is motivated to perform and also some safety net if he does do that. Some learnings from Ozil should have used ?
    Who knows, maybe there are and when he is not selected he is not paid full 300k a week ?

    1. I was totally against the renewal of aubameyang and called for his sale! But have you forgotten the “sign da thing” or what ever it was that was going on? Most called for this.. I guess some have short term memory.

  6. What of if Auba in his first game back scores a hat trick, I tell you all of a sudden you guys will sing his praises just like you did before he signed his contract extension when it was unfathomable to let him go..
    Look at Coutinho at Villa now. Class is some times class.

  7. Good for you zamind, I too want Auba back fit, well and scoring goals for the Arsenal again

    Not so sure about the Coutinho comparison though but I know what you are saying

  8. Auba is our player and despite his off field theatrics , he is still a good player.
    Let Arteta and the medical team at arsenal do their job both physically and psychologically. I truelly feel we are going to need him in our final push for top 4 this season and some important games next season.
    He should be spoken to sternly and reintegrated back into the team.

  9. Tough gig for Auba, as even though it’s clear that his struggles immediately following his re-upping were largely due to the negative tactics being deployed by MA, he certainly didn’t help himself this season, when opportunities were there for the taking and he failed to come through…now of course we still weren’t firing on all cylinders, so chances were few and far between, but from an optics standpoint, this wasn’t a good look for a player already facing considerable criticism…to make matters worse, being publicly sewered by his manager, not once but twice, considering the circumstances and the “crimes” in question, allowed those who were already disgruntled to pile on…I feel for both him and the sport at large because when he’s on his game there’s few who bring what he does from a spectating standpoint, but it appears as if such awe-inspiring moments are but a thing of the past, at least in North London

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