Aubameyang confident of Arsenal improvement next season

Arsenal’s most expensive signing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang only arrived in January and has proven to be worth every penny as he has contributed to an average of one goal for every single game he has played in since his arrival and has quickly cemented a great understanding with his new team-mates.

Although the Gunners have ended the season trophyless and are currently without a manager, the Gabon hitman is convinced that the team will improve next season. After scoring the winning goal against Everton at the weekend Aubameyang told how happy he was to have made Wenger’s last game a winning one. “It was important for us because it was the boss’ last game and it was important to win this game for him,” Aubameyang said. “It was special to score the goal and I’m very, very happy.

“I’ve learnt a lot in not a lot of time working with him, but I really did learn a lot. I’m so happy to be here. I thought he’d be here for years. Of course it was a shock, but this is football. Sometimes you never know, but I was happy to play for him.

“At the beginning it was really hard because I don’t think I was ready physically. I didn’t play in January all month, so it was not easy. After a lot of work with the staff I found my form again and then scored some goals thanks to my team-mates.

“These last few weeks we’ve played well and we have a lot of young players. It’s good for the future and I’m sure that next season will be a good one for us.”

With Lacazette also coming back amongst the goals lately and Henrik Mhkitaryan regaining fitness, the Gunners will surely have a lethal strike force next season and we should be seeing an abundance of goals under the new manager. We just need the new man to sort out our defence and should surely get a lot closer to the top of the table in the next campaign, even without any new arrivals.

Onwards and Upwards!



  1. Barren says:

    Arsenal will be making a huge mistake by giving arteta the job. Remember when moyes was the chosen 1??? Paul Clement was a number 2 at and bayern and he didn’t do so well at Swansea!!! Is afc looking for a yes man? Personally I wud want jardim look at wat he does Monaco with diamonds in the dirt and limited resources I honestly feel with him going in2 big games I won’t be nervous at all! It took Liverpool and man u years to get back wer they are nw and looks like we heading down that same road! Stan and Josh think premier league is NFL Americans think they know everything I’m actually not looking forward to next season! On the bright side the transfer window opens this Thursday! Coyg

  2. Kedar says:

    According to Sky Sports Arteta is leading race for to become Arsenal Manager… What a poor decision… We haven’t learnt anything from Manchester United …. And unfortunately we are not as big as United by fan base and financially… United able to cope with 3-4 bad years at their standards financially but I afraid we hardly would… Now only God can help Arsenal….

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      depends if we are going for top 4 or the title…

      Arteta maybe good enough for top4 esp with auba guarantee goal like kane and sallah

      1. good enough??!! how in hell u know

        1. ArseOverTit says:

          John posed the question , do our owner and board really want to secure the best to be the best OR (which I think they will do) hire someone who can keep us in the top four so the revenue comes in and profits get bigger without having to deal with someone who will demand the best and a transfer kitty to make that happen NOW and not in 5-10 years ‘maybe’.

        2. Kilted Gooner says:

          How do you know he isn’t good enough?? Get behind whoever is put in charge!!

      2. John0711 says:

        John is he going to stop us conceding lol

  3. Counsel says:

    Now you see the dithering of the arsenal board,the transfer window opens on Thursday and they are yet to get a new manager. Arteta needs to brought in time to work with the top club officials to have new players in and prepare for the new season

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      mislintat and Raul will decide who to sign and the new players

      mislintat influence will be big

    2. John0711 says:

      No idea about football

    3. Enagic says:

      Arsenal are taking Barcelona and Madrid model people above the head coach are the one going to do transfers and that’s show you management we’re frastrated with Wenger for thinking he knew everything and decide anything on football matters and anytime he feels because power was on his hand when he negotiated a contract renewal.

  4. Counsel says:

    The football experts here think that Arteta is a nobody,I myself as a right thinking member of the society have confidence in him 101% to take arsenal forward. Even pep doesn’t want to lose him.Guzidis is the boss and he wants Arteta what else do you expect

    1. John0711 says:

      Football experts Council
      What experience or knowledge of football do you haveI have asked before and you slink away
      I have my UEFA B license and previously worked for a pro club
      And where is the evidence for Arteta
      Your just a keyboard warrior with lack achievements Personally
      Hence you talking ?

      1. John0711 says:

        In fact you could even be Gazadis

        1. Phil says:

          Now now John.Be very careful what you say.Rumpole of the Bailey is 101%confident in Arteta’s appointment so who are you to argue.What with your UEFA License and previous experience of working professionally within the game.If Rumpole says Arteta is the man then he must be right.I mean Lawyers are never wrong are they?
          I’ve said it before John but again total respect for previous achievements.

          1. tas says:

            well with my DVLA Licence if it has to be a ex Arsenal player i prefer Arteta at least he has an understanding of the way we play and lets hope he has picked up a tip or two from Pep, we cannot afford to mass change the team and system it will take years to recover if Arteta can bring us back to top for in his first season he has done well and i believe he can with one or two addition but to challenge for the top spot we would need to start approaching the likes of Neymar’s of this world

            P.S i have in the past had for nanny years owned, played and managed my Sunday league club which you get to learn a lot about a lot

      2. Counsel says:

        @jonh there referees and many people even in third world countries like African countries with UEFA license and they are still peasant farmers its merely an achievement. I have stated I’m a right thinking member of the society therefore I have a right give my opinion on anything because I can reason. So is that so hard to comprehend English is my fourth language it should be easier for you to get my point.

        1. Phil says:

          See John.I told you.You have gone and upset Rumpole of the Bailey now.And to think how hard it must be for those Peasant Farmers to get those Coaching Badges Rumpole talks about.And Rumpole speaks other languages as well.Its just a pity that when he does have something to say it’s mainly S**T that he spouts out.

        2. John0711 says:

          Wow in one post you
          Third world countries
          Farmers and the UEFA licence
          Yet you then say you’re a “right “ thinking member of society
          Just my opinion I don’t think society needs bigotry
          And you have shown to have not substance or evidence to your claim

          Our conversation is finished
          You can’t play chess with a pigeon as no matter what the result the pigeon will eventually strut around as if it’s won and shit on the board

          1. barryglik says:

            Counsel is a member of
            Just Arsenal admin and
            appears under several
            different names.
            He is just playing devils advocate and writes
            in a comedic style to lighten proceedings
            And I think that is just fine 🙂 🙂 🙂

          2. John0711 says:

            I think more of an idiot style

          3. barryglik says:

            Calm down John0701 🙂

          4. John0711 says:

            Banter mate nothing more
            I assume if someone makes undignified comments about others the same law applies

    2. Kedar says:

      Lol…. do you think like this?? I would take Rui Faria instead of Arteta if Arsenal want to take risk…. At least Faria has worked as number 2 for 17 years with Jose… Won the Champions League… And many Domestic Trophies as number 2…. So at least wise choice then Faria… Arteta has no experience what so ever…

    3. Sue says:

      Pep said he won’t stand in Arteta’s way!!!
      Maybe it was a deal they struck up after the watch business ??

    4. Ted-Esi Samson says:

      ? I’m with you…

  5. McLovin says:

    People here have differing opinions. Rightly so, Arteta as a manager is a HUGE GAMBLE.

    Fact is, no one knows what will happen with him in charge.

    Nagelsmann was an assistant coach for Hoffenheim before he was elected (2 years ago!!). Now he’s the better option for many.

    My concern is that Arteta has always been a yes man. Will he be like that as a manager as well?

    But no one here really has no clue how he’s going to fare. I think no one does.

  6. Phil says:

    So can I post something ON TOPIC PLEASE.
    Do you not feel that the signing of Aubameyang really does prove that be signing Quality you get Quality in return.£55m transfer fee.10 goals in 14 games.Starting for a new club when not totally fit due not often playing at Dortmund for two months.Lacazette immediately looks a different player.We look as though we can score at will.
    Then compare with Danny Welbeck.
    You get what you pay for.Its as simple as that

    1. Sue says:

      Spot on Phil….. he is that forward we needed!! He’s on mega bucks at Arsenal (with all his bonuses & signing on fee) but it’s nice to see he’s earning it!! Can’t wait to see him next season.. golden boot maybe??!! ?

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        By the way, not to be pedantic but I thought Aubameyang scored the winner against Huddersfield not Everton in Arsenal’s last match!

  7. Yes Admin, onwards and upwards! Unfortunately Arteta will only take us sideways and backwards like his passes did back in the day. We made huge progress forward just by kicking out Wenger, all that good work will be undone if Arteta becomes boss. We must move for a big name coach to steady ship before we find ourself slipping even further down the table. For glory!

    1. tas says:

      QD come on you have to except that Arteta was played out of position he was an AM but AW as usual played him as DM if you remember when he first come to Arsenal he was playing AM and did well in fact he was a better option as a DM then what we have now and lets not forget he was in his retirement era

      1. Well true, we could blame Arteta’s drop in form on Wenger for playing him out of position. Nonetheless, I don’t trust the guy. I know everyone has to start somewhere but for goodness sake why must he start at the top? He should coach the kids or even another team in the league then we can say we have chosen Arteta because he has done this and that. So far we are chosing him without any clear cut reason.

        1. tas says:

          we have to be optimistic and hope that the board aren’t that stupid to bring in Arteta without knowing something

          all i know is that you cannot make wholesale changes without going backwards and if you do you will lose your existing top players as well, the way Arsenal play its different from most clubs we have our own DNA and i’m scared if we get a top name manager he will start to change the whole team then leave after a season if it don’t work and where will that leave us? but with a yes man we can make slight changes to improve on what is a great team almost

  8. Meja says:

    The fact is all this young managers expecially arteta are a huge huge gamble but in my honest opinion, arsenal dont have any room for a gamble otherwise we might slip down badly both commercially and football wise and it took other bigger teams than arsenal many years to climb back and some even never managed climb back eg ac milan, liverpool, inter, man united. We dont have championsleague and thats a draw back on itself, a slight mistake in replacing wenger will hunt us for years to come… #Auba has a combined 31goals and 7 assists this season… He will be a monster next season… Lets have micky,auba,mahrez and lacca infront of goal and that will be the best attack in europe

  9. ArseOverTit says:

    Front line is good, and Ozil needs a kick up his Arsenal so a proven top tactician and man Manager is needed.

    There is only one man who fits the bill and he is an Italian with good teeth (no not al Pacino – but he would fire them up). Question is do the owner and board want to be the best and are willing to get the right man no matter what?

    Based on history I’d wager no.

  10. jon fox says:

    A realistic article in the main. But I has to snort with some derision when I read that “we just need the new man to sort out our defence….” Personally I use “just” for something that needs perhaps a minor and easily made adjustment. Or when saying ” I am just going to make us a cup of tea, dear.” To use “JUST” when saying all the new man needs to do IS TO REPLACE THE WHOLE SHAMBLES OF A DEFENCE AND GIVE THE REPLACEMENTS TIME TO GELL TOGETHER, is a major undertaking. Nothing “just” about it! Words and their unambiguous use are vital when making a point , so my being pedantic is not without good reason, MR ADMIN.

    1. Admin says:

      You do make me smile Jon 🙂

      So do you think the new man (Arteta) will have no input in who comes in this summer?

  11. eagles033 says:

    I believe mikel will come good at arsenal..just take a look at pep during is time at barca and zidane at madrid nobody gave ds guys a chance and yet both went to to prove everybody wrong..coyg

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