Aubameyang didn’t really leave Arsenal for “free” after this revelation

Arsenal allowed Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to join Barcelona in the last transfer window for “free”.

The striker had been the highest earner at the club and they wanted him off their books.

The Gabonese star had a troubled last few months at the Emirates and he was even banished from the first team and stripped of the captain’s armband.

It seemed there was no way back for him when he was left at home while the rest of the Gunners’ squad headed to Dubai for a training camp.

He would eventually seal a deadline day switch to Barcelona after the club reportedly terminated his contract.

However, The Times reveals Arsenal agreed to pay him £7m to become a free agent.

That is, however, a small fee compared to the £29m they would have paid him in wages if he had run down his deal at the Emirates.

Just Arsenal Opinion

£7m is small compared to the wages Auba earned and the negative publicity he brought to the club.

The former Borussia Dortmund star remains one of the most talented players we have signed, but his off-field antics overshadowed his on-field reputation at the club.

We can only wish him the very best in his new adventure.

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  1. “£7m is small compared to the wages Auba earned and the negative publicity he brought to the club”…. One of the reasons Dusan Vlahovic rejected Arsenal, we the fans forget easily…. Called him Messiah few months ago and many would have called him traitor if he hadn’t ‘sign that thing’ but the song changed to crucify him as soon as he had a dip in form.

    1. That’s the name of the game unfortunately

      You’re only as good as your last few games and if it goes off then patience from the fan base doesn’t come into it, unless you believe the dip in form is because of the manager

    2. I have said it before and I will continue to say that with these clowns in charge, no descent player will join Arsenal. All these hypocrites fans we have here were begging Auba to extend his contract, saying the board should pay him any amount he wants. Now the same people are castigating him for the same contract he was BEGGED to accept. It goes to show that humans are nothing but GULLIBLE.

      I pray Auba rediscover his form and fire Barca back to champions league, something that will take Arsenal years to achieve.

  2. Probably the only persons arsenal could regret let go was guendouzi and mikhitarian, others have not been better than how they were at arsenal. Letting Auba leave Isa good decision, if martinelli was given the number of games he was given last season and this season, maybe he would have scored more goals than what Auba offered and as well been a better person. If we look at performances of our players that left permanently or on loan, we might agree that letting them go wasn’t an error.
    The only problem is replacing them.

    1. Have you heard of Gnabry in Bayern Munich, the same guy some fans were saying shouldn’t be in arsenal? If he was in arsenal now he would have been branded “DEADWOOD” but the guy is doing well and enjoying himself in Bayern. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. In future it would be interesting to know the truth of what really caused the “fall out” between Arteta & Auba. Arsenal has reached its ceiling already & top 4 is daydreaming. Maybe top 6 but competition is stiff. It would surprise if team finishes 8th this season.

    1. So many rumours from clumping Arteta in an argument and that it is he who is the Arsenal player at the centre of the yellow card betting scandal, I guess we will never know

  4. Tardiness isn’t offfield antics. Mikel playing to the gallery is costing us – the man lacks man management skills. All teams have issues but ours ends up on FrontPage.

    1. I bet Man Utd could do without the adverse publicity they are currently dealing with. It was widely reported that Grealish and Foden were disciplined. Then there was Rodgers having to omit players who disrespected the Covid rules in place at the time and it cost them points. It really isn’t just Arsenal this happens to.

  5. So gunslinger, Mikel “For Free” Arteta is not so mean after all. At least, he pays his victims -handsomely too – before they leave.

  6. be very skeptical whenever you see our club and the term “free” in the same sentence

    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      If they lied about Auba leaving for free, chances are they also lied about all the negative things they said about him. PERIOD.

  7. If this article is based on facts, then Aubameyang’s departure becomes even more absurd!!
    Months after awarding him with a bumper contract, presumably because MA / Edu thought he was worth it, they then turn round and pay him £7,000,000 to leave the club and join Barcelona (not Bradford or Birmingham, but Barcelona) for free!!!

    Can ANYONE remember another club involved in such an embarrassing saga?

  8. I remember a comment I made when Auba was offered his ridiculous new contract. I said ” just don’t stop scoring goals or else”. That said, I am sorry it didn’t work out, for whatever reason, and wish him all the best at Barca. Who knows we might get to meet up with him again in one of the Euro Cups? That would be interesting!!

    1. This is being jealous , even messi could go long without scoring but Barca just loved him. and to show you that Auba never fancied money he opted for pay cut at Barca. This is how you and Arteta will also lose pepe unless you learnt from wengers patience that brought unknown players to limelight

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