Aubameyang disappointed not to win, but admits Arsenal are nervous

Arsenal’s captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang looked a bit flustered in his after-match press conference, but thought that Arsenal should have beaten Southanpton after their great efforts to come back from a goal down.

Obviously it became harder after Gabriel was given his marching orders, but Auba was pleased with the team’s resilience. “It was tough at the end but I think the team gave everything to get that point.” he told “We did it but we’re a bit disappointed because we should win this game but sometimes that happens.”

Aubameyang finally got his first goal after his barren patch, but he would have been happier if Arsenal won the game. “Tonight is not about my goal or me, it’s about the team. As I said, we need points so it doesn’t matter if I scored. For the moment, the most important thing to do is win games and get points.

We may have well gone on to win the game if we didn’t have to play the last half hour with ten men yet again, but our captain thinks it because the team is “nervous”. “At the moment I think we are sometimes a bit nervous because we need points. Maybe sometimes we do stupid things but I can understand it and we have to stay cool in the head and try to be more diligent and keep 11 on the pitch. We need it at the moment. It was hard work. The team did a great job. It was tough to be 10 men again tonight but we take the point. I can’t say we are happy with that because we need points, but we take it.”

As I say, he seemed bit flustered when being interviewed, and maybe it was because he is a little bit “nervous” himself! But if I had gone 6 games without a win I think I would be pretty nervous as well.

But at least we got a point, and hopefully he will be happier after we beat Everton, and thisis what Aubameyang had to say about that: “We’re going to Everton, we’re going to go with belief and we have to win the game and that’s it.”

And that’s it!

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  1. Frequent long clearances equal to suicide at Goodison Park, especially because the Toffees would likely outnumber our two midfielders and they have Andre Gomes the ball hogging master. Only clear with long ball if it’s impossible to build the attack from the back with ground passes, but the Gunners must increase their confidence first

    Our captain set a great example with his goals and efforts last season, but he’s having difficulties in assessing the games from the front. He should’ve volunteered to give the armband to one of our defenders, who can see the games better than our attackers

  2. On a positive note if we go unbeaten till the end of the season with 13 wins and 12 draws we will get 65 points and probably qualify for the Europa league again :).

  3. Arsenal’s attack is too slow and gives defences
    time to regroup like in the Spurs and Saints games.
    Until this improves the gunners will struggle to score and win.

    1. Good point and I am surprised a lot of us fans has not noticed this especially the coach. We need one or two plays who will run at plays and we need to move the ball fast so teams don’t get very settled defending against us which make them look very organized. I have to say that every team has their defensive formation and its the ability of opposing teams to disorganize such defensive formations or organization that make s the difference and one sure way of doing this is how fast you move the ball and run at opposing players that will cause them to lose their defensive formations.

  4. Hopefully auba has turned a corner and start blasting them in. We haven’t been playing the nicest football but I still say arteta needs time and a couple of windows to get his shit together

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