Aubameyang disgracefully fined for rightly venting on social media

Arsenal’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been fined by the Confederation of African Football for his comments on social media, when he was wrongfully held against his will in an airport in Gambia.

The Gunners striker as held in an airport for hours the night before Gabon’s crunch clash with Gambia in the group stages of qualification for the African Nations.

His team went onto lose the match the next day, which is no surprise given they were held in the airport until around 6AM the next morning, which just so happened to be the day of the match.

Had his side won, they would have taken a six-point lead at the top of the group, but they now sit level on points with their rivals after the clash.

To make matters worse, the federation have now moved to fine our striker for his comments on social media, where he tagged the CAF urging for action to be taken after his ordeal, and they appear to have taken the alternative course of action instead.

Aubameyang hasn’t had much luck in front of goal since the ordeal, with his last league goal coming from the penalty spot against Manchester United coming two weeks prior to the international break.

Could this unnecessary ordeal have affected his mental state?


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    1. Well, considering what another two of our players went through last year, this altercation seems like child’s play.
      How many of us have had to stay in an airport due to flight cancellation or late arrival?

      1. Hahahaha
        The Me Me Me melts of today.
        Awww, a multi-millionaire footballer playing the ultimate victim because his team had refused to do COVID-19 tests before being allowed into another country?
        Awww, let’s all feel sorry for multi millionaire snowflakes that were stuck inside a safe clean airport. They slept on a clean airport floor while wearing gadgets and personal belongings that were worth tens of thousands of pounds.

        While in the real world on the same continent (Africa) we have babies as young as 2 years old sleeping on cardboard paper on the streets each night not knowing what tomorrow brings.

        But let’s all lose our sense of reality because a multi-millionaire sports man used his personalised smartphone worth £1000’s to keep posting cringeworthy pictures on his social media while stuck inside an airport.

        Auba’s social media updates and pictures of himself and his teammates inside that airport were some of the most cringeworthy stuff i have ever seen. I am like “can you please stop”.

        1. real talk!
          its absolutely disgusting that people who have more than they deserve post such stupid things online and think that the masses will have compassion.. and the even more disturbing fact is, that there are indeed folk who pity these rich snowflakes

  1. Ya look thats the least of an African teams problem. Who hasn’t had to stay over a day or two at an airport

    Is it ideal before playing a game, of course not but it’s hardly enough to disturb someone’s long term mental state

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