Aubameyang dropped for disciplinary reasons? Answers please….

Well that has made an interesting start to the build up to the North London derby.

It seems that Aubameyang has been left on the bench, and Sky Sports are reporting….

Hmm, so what on Earth could he have done? Could it be because he has had another tattoo without permission?

Has he insulted Arteta in the changing room?

Was he late?

Out partying all night?

Anyway, this is purely conjecture, so what interesting or funny reasons can you come up with?


  1. First conspiracy theory from Twitter…..,

    N’Jelly N’Ice cream

    Apparently Arteta told him he wasn’t allowed to bring his Batman mask and aubamayang flipped. Threw a water bottle at one stage.

    1. Ad PAT, AS PASSIONATE FANS , I wish to speak for those of us, a majority I believe , who prefer to take this lapse of discipline seriously and not trivialise it with unneccessary so called “humour”.

      This is our club and our lifelong passion we are discussing , NOT Batman masks!

      I am surprised a passionate fan as you are prefers to cheapen this important subject. But each to their own I suppose!

      1. Well Jon,
        Some of actually enjoy a bit of humourous banter now and again.
        Why so serious all the time? Chill out man!

  2. I read somewhere on Twitter ( don’t know how true it is though) that he confronted Arteta about some of his selections. Like I said don’t know how true it is, I’m sure we will hear more later.

      1. Perhaps he came late because he was polishing his gold Ferrari which he had planned to take out after the match regardless of if we won the derby or not

  3. We got a funny coach, I doubt whether Arsenal is in his heart or learning how to manage top clubs with Arsenal. This is a game you need every big player in your squad to start and make an impact. Mourinho can’t bench Kane for whichever reason because he wants to win. Win first then do the rest.

    1. Arteta never was or will be the right man to take Arsenal football club to where it deserves to be….. He sells a top class goal keeper, but holds on to Leno…. He sends players out on loan, but holds on to players like David Luiz and Willian….. To take a top club like Arsenal to the top, and challenge for trophies and the title, u need a top class coach who can bring out the best in players, and knows wat team to pick for the type of game he wants to play.. We need to make serious changes at the club we love so much…

      1. He didn’t sell Martinez willingly, he left and bernd leno is a good keeper, and he has made the most change out of all the managers since wenger left….get your shit straight

    2. As much as I love arsenal no one is bigger than the club .if the manager see it fit to discipline a player no matter who they are then so be it.

  4. I think it’s because he accepted a grotesque and ludicrous contract that the club offered him and his body language isn’t to everyone’s liking…. OH and he doesn’t run up and down the pitch like a blue assed fly… remind anyone of someone else? 🤔😂😂😂😂

    1. I must be honest. Auba is behaving like Ozil and he needs to be tamed. I support Arteta on this one even if the team had lost today..Auba is lazy and rarely fights for possession. He wants to be spoon fed.

    2. FORGET THE BLUE ASSED FLY Ken, but it seems you have never agreed with me that all players need to run , whether up and down or across the field. But to at least RUN, not stroll, like someone who reminds us both of someone recently gone! To which one of us thinks, THANK GOD, at long last!
      On a separate and more important tpoint, as it is about now, not then, do you think Auba was a silly choice as club captain, as I do, and on which I also think there is no way he wil still be our captain next season. Nor should he be!

  5. If all been said is true, what a hell of a captain aubameyang his, on what ground does e has to confront the coach, what example he’s he showing the young lad, he’s job is to play and score not to select players for the coach, if e knows that much about coach, e should no that the first rule of coaching is to coach ur self

    1. Is it a fact yet? Rumours every where ,dont jump into conclusions.

      Arteta can be annoying with his team selection sometimes. Even you as a fan question.

      As a captain he has the right to speak for the good of the club and players.

  6. I don’t have any problems with disciplining Aub ,but my concern is that ,how can Willian play when martinelli is not playing, thats a bad idea ,martinelli must be given some playing time ,it will boast his morale, because he is the new Ronaldo

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