Aubameyang exile continues with Arsenal squad expected to leave him behind

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is not expected to travel with the rest of the Arsenal squad as they head off for a Dubai training camp.

The striker hasn’t been a part of the playing squad since coming off the bench against Everton on December 6, and he was also stripped of the club’s captaincy just over a month ago also.

Some may have believed that the break could have helped to repair the relationship, and that there could have been a return to the playing squad following his time away due to the AFCON, but after returning to undergo testing on supposed heart lesions after contracting Coronavirus.

Despite getting the all-clear, he still appears out of the manager’s plans with him not expected to travel to Dubai for a training camp over the international break, as reported by the Standard.

There is talk of a potential exit for the former Borussia Dortmund star, although he is believed to have turned down a move to Saudi Arabia on loan already, but you would imagine that we would be continuing to work on his exit if he isn’t to join up with the playing squad.

It certainly looks like Auba has played his last game for the club, whether we can find a potential replacement for him in the final week of the transfer window or not.

Can you see a way back into the team for Aubameyang?


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  1. This is not a comment specifically on the relationship between Arteta and Aubamayang but more on a general one on Arteta’s approach to man management.

    While I applaud the overall culture reset has overseen at Arsenal, he falls out with too many players for my liking. Whether his career continues with Arsenal (which I hope) or elsewhere, it’s an edge I feel he needs to soften.

    1. Yeah needs to get his ego in check and show some compassion to players instead of hanging them out to dry to eventually be forced out of the club all because he can’t understand man management & all the different personalities that he has to deal with being a football manager with so many different cultured players.

      Ozil was forced, Auba now & Pepe has been permantly benched. Add Dino, Matteo, AMN, Lucas & Saliba to that bunch who were all eager to play in this team with passion & fire but were sent packing as it didn’t suit his mould of a player to represent.

      Xhaka & Elneny – Matteo, Lucas & Amn would have done a better job imo.

      Chambers, Mari & Holding – Dino & Saliba were ready to go.

      Willian over Pepe every game he played and he was abysmal. Arteta has got lucky with Gabbi, Saka & Smithrowe all stepping up at the same time.

    2. Arteta tried to play Man City football for two years till he realized he did not have Man City quality players. So Plan “B” is to invest in a new profile player who are young, pliable, disciplined and totally loyal. This is a good plan as all 6 new players have been integrated into the squad already. Tierney Gabriel Xhaka Martinelli Saka and ESR have bought in as well. So 12 success stories under Arteta. But Arteta does not really rate any one else. Ideally in the summer Arteta would have preferred to move on another 10 players by selling Bellerin Torreira Lacazette Pepe Aubameyang and Guendouzie all for good coin and also letting Cedric Kolasinac Mari and Elneny go on a free. Then brought in another 6/7 more profile playes to add to his core 12 players. So 18/19 profile players plus 4 home grown squaddies like Chambers Holding Niles and Nketiah. 23 players. Unfortunately we only managed to sell Willock and let Luiz and Willian go. So we are stuck with 12 players Arteta does not want. Until this imbalance is corrected we will struggle. In the meantime Artea is hoping he can survive till May with a basic 14 man squad with another couple of summer signings brought forward in this window.

      1. It’s not just the quality but also the mentality of the players which ManC have. Pep wasn’t slow to make examples of Foden and Grealish. I get your point about the new players and some already in the squad being pliable and disciplined.

        It seems quite severe to ostracise your leading player and highest money earner though. May be the latest misdemeanours were the straw that finally broke the camel’s back and whatever the discussions were behind the scenes, have failed to produce the desired result. It’s far from ideal

        1. Severe is an understatement @SueP, considering the player’s reason for travel was to get his ailing Mom…in the heart of the pandemic.

  2. I recall how Mr Ferguson treated David Beckham and don’t believe he was an unsuccessful manager. History will judge.

    I am mightily pleased that he has clearly already missed his last(of very many) unmissable goal chances in our shirt.
    Good riddance to him!

    PS I always only support players who help the club AND who WANT to help. Auba does neither of those.

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