Aubameyang hails ‘unbelievable’ Arsenal team-mate

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has hailed the impressive Mo Elneny, who has returned from the abyss to become a key member of the Arsenal squad.

The Egyptian was told he was surplus to requirements by Unai Emery last summer, and allowed to leave the club on loan, before returning to the Emirates this summer to work with new coach Mikel Arteta.

The Spaniard has made a change in the philosophy at the club, and now has a hard-working team fighting for trophies, and Elneny has been one of the biggest to profit from the changes.

Aubameyang is amazed by the vast improvements made by his team-mate, especially after he was frozen out only 15 months ago by Arteta’s predecessor.

“It was also a fantastic performance in midfield from Mo,” he told Arsenal Media. “I think his loan spell was good for him – to go out and get some more experience. He came back with that experience and that’s really important too. How he’s been playing since he came back is just unbelievable.

“His sprint at the end of the game… I don’t know how he did that! That is the energy he has, that’s what we want as a team and everyone here really wants to play that way. We want to give everything, in every minute and that’s exactly what Mo is doing.

“He’s a funny guy Mo, and I think we are similar people. We are both always smiling and being positive, so when we get together it’s always funny – we laugh a lot. It’s really, really nice to be around him.”

Elneny has been a breath of fresh air since his return, although his performances come as no shock to us at JustArsenal who have defended the player on a number of occasions.

Does Elneny deserve to play in all the big games alongside Partey?


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  1. The partnership with Partey is there for all to see, much better than either Ceballos or Xhaka to date, so MA really should select Partey and Elneny for the villa game.
    In fact, there is one player I would consider before Cebs and Xhaka to play alongside Partey and that is AMN.

    The performance against united was the best to date this season, so why change a winning team, unless an injury is involved?
    As captain, does Aubameyang’s opinion mean anything I wonder?

    1. Ken, If you mean does Auba have any say in selection, it surely is a firm NO. Same at all properly run clubs too I’d say! It is not a question I have EVER wondered about and am surprised that you seem not sure. Unless you meant something else and if so please tell me.

  2. A re-print AW’s quote when he signed Elneny for a reported £7,400,000:
    “He can be box to box and be a holding midfielder, so that for us is very promising.
    We wanted a versatile player and I wanted a player who can play defensive but can, as well, play to box to box.
    His strengths are his technical level, his intelligence, his disciplined attitude and his physical attitude to compete at a high level.
    I think he has the physical qualities to play at the top level.
    Where he needs to adapt is to the challenges, the force needed in the PL to survive.
    I think that could demand a little bit of adaption. But overall I think he has all the attributes to do well.”

    Such a shame that he (and UE) couldn’t see this vision come to fruition, but MA has followed up AW’s wise words and the fact that he played with him at The Arsenal has helped in his assessment of what the player CAN achieve in the future.
    For anyone interested, just search for Ma’s actual quotes on Elneny and, I believe, one will conclude the player is here for quite a while, if he continues in the form he is at present.

    1. I will freely admit to being amazed at his vast improvement , mostly in having NOW, the confidence to pass FORWARD, which always makes amassive difference. He has always had pace and mobility, both of which Xahaka sadly lacks and always will lack.

      That is why Xhaka will never be of a title challenging standard. I BELIEVE HE WILL BE GONE BY NEXT SEASON, as MA has amply proved his ruthlessness in many ways and always put team success above ANY player. As all managers always should!


  3. He did not play badly even before his loan, but he was not given a proper chance and position previously, he even played as a CB before. He is way ahead of Xhaker in terms of ball control, ball winner, concentration. Xhaker has the worst concentration ability that I ever seen as a player. He could just pass the ball straight to the opposition without any pressure

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