Aubameyang has had his punishment so let’s draw a line under it – like Xhaha did

Let’s end this Auba issue now! by Shenel

As good as things seem to be going on the pitch right now, off it things are not that great with regards to certain disciplinary issues!

So we know there’s been disciplinary issues with Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang yet again.. But he is human and if it was because he was visiting his sick mum then surely this should be taken into consideration no?

Although it just happened that the two games he has missed we have won, we know Auba missed the last few games due to the latest disciplinary issue, but isn’t it now time to draw a line under the whole thing and bring him back into the squad?

His been stripped of the captaincy which is the worst form of punishment he can get in my eyes. I understand the principle and that he breached what the “rules” are on a number of occasions as per the rumours. But life is too short to continue to isolate him or anybody else.

He made a mistake, he has been punished, maybe it’s time for Arsenal to stop being so petty and just bring him back into the fold.

This will do nothing for his confidence in front of goal and despite the team seeming closer together this goes a long way to show that doesn’t always seem to be the case as isolating Auba is not teamwork!

Regardless of what he has done he isn’t the first and won’t be the last to break disciplinary protocols I am sure!

And I believe every player deserves to come back into the fold at some point, let’s put it this way it’s not that big a deal is it!

So, for his sake, let’s hope just like previous captain Granit Xhaka did, Aubameyang can return and goes from zero to hero.

Well if Xhaka can turn things around then surely Auba can too!


Shenel Osman

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  1. Agree 100% but some fans always seem to need a whipping boy.
    What’s the point of giving someone x amount per week, but then hang him out to dry?

    1. I do wonder if the ball is in Auba court, as in no apologies, not remorseful etc. I suspect he has done something more than being late, I can’t see why Arteta would sacrifice he’s own team options for a small infringement. As someone as posted before he earned the contract (in todays world) but Auba himself should take responsibility and say fair play I deserve it..

  2. Wow…
    Now let’s apply the same forgiveness and consideration to other players(Matteo) who have fallen afoul of Arteta…🤔

    1. The difference being, Guendouzi has trolled the club, the manager and the fans…. has Aubameyang done any of that?

  3. Xhaka was disciplined for the wrong reasons, and that was because he decided to stand up for himself against a group of fans who were targeting him for the club’s issues and show exactly how he felt. Auba was disciplined for not complying with team standards during training.

    Xhaka earned the right to return, Auba needs to do the same.

  4. Bring him back to the squad? To do what 😦? To miss simple opportunities to take his team forward, playing ball bound to goal in an offside position, and being lazy AF. Let’s not spoil the good harvest we are experiencing at the moments

    1. And forget what he has done before?
      It’s so easy to be critical and blame one person (the whipping boy!!!) and the list is endless :
      Ozil, Guendouzi, Ramsey, Lacazette, even Tierney was mentioned!!!!

      I have been critical of Aubemeyang since the start of the season, but there is no excuse for villifiying him.
      He has obviously overstepped the mark – he has not commented in a detrimental way – let’s integrate him back into the squad…. or make him available for transfer.
      A decision has to be made, or we WILL end up with another Ozil scenario.

    2. That so said good harvest may be for short-term. The boys you’re praising can go off form anytime, like others did. What’s important is to have options in case your current shining boys are off form!

  5. unless you have more background knowledge than i have seen published, you cannot know the whole story. the club must come first.

  6. Unlike some, I trust our manager to do what he genuinely thinks best for our team and club. I do not agree with those who think MA holds grudges and think that a silly and foolish agenda that some on here have against MA.

    It makes no sense at all that any pro manager would choose to harm the team by holding a “grudge” against any single player. Many fans are incapable of putting aside their own anti MA bias and so and falsely accuse him of holding grudges.
    As if!! Its ludicrous of course.

    All managers, unless completely unfit to manager anywhere, will naturally put the teams interests before that of any individual, when those two matters clash. MA is doing as he ought to do and simply putting the interests of AFC FIRST..
    Others accuse him of mismanaging some players and holding grudges. I think such fans are beyond reasoning with and reject completely their agenda ridden, biased,nonsensical views.

  7. I beg let him stay off till he is the Auba we know before…. He has cost us much….. We need to sell him….

  8. Auba needs time to himself, please don’t disrupt him. For him coming back to the state is on right now is not helping him nor anyone.

  9. Shenel Osman, I’m a bit surprised at your position with regards to the Auba disciplinary curve. You need to be reminded that as a captain, you lead by example in fact you’re the you’re the character index as far as the playing team is concerned. Going against the rules as a captain should be met with the best possible severe punishment just to put others in line. You have no idea what went down before he traveled. He may have been sounded the warning about coming back late yet he chose to travel. One player can not be allowed to mess with the psychy of the rest. Plus this is not his first time. He should get more disciplined. He was not even at his best performance wise. You can imagine how much trust the coach must have for him playing him even when he’s clearly off form. We need that discipline in the team. Arteta has done well.

  10. Auba’s ostracism from the team as a result of failing team rules and other players in Arsenal is beginning to portray the manager Arteta and the club as “insecurity” to players. You whip a child to order not throw a baby away with the bath water. Auba goofed but it shouldn’t be overoehestrated.

  11. This is so silly to me for a number of reasons. Fans went after Xhaka and his family online (let’s not pretend like we dont have bad eggs we went after Willian too – among others). Xhaka then had a human reaction on the pitch. I understand why he had to be disciplined but it was out of context in my opinion.

    Auba has been guilty of breaking the rules more than once. They don’t often reveal details so we shouldn’t speculate (all this talk about visiting his sick mum is manipulative). But as a captain, he sets the example. If they let him get away with it how are they supposed to discipline the rest of the team?

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