Aubameyang has two massive clubs to choose from this weekend

It has been a very strange season for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, without a doubt. His form went to pot and after scoring just 4 goals in 14 League games and missing untold sitters, he was late to training again after extending a visit to his mother.

Then he was suspended from the Arsenal squad by Mikel Arteta, and in the aftermath Mikel Arteta stripped him off the captain’s armband and was told to train on his own until after AFCON. That slso became a disaster for the Gabon captain and after contracting Covid on the way to Cameroon, he was sent back to Arsenal withought kicking a ball at the competition.

The latest set-back has seen Aubameyang left in London while the squad has gone for their mid-season break in Dubai, with rumours saying that he could have played his last game for the Gunners.

It appears that that may turn out to be true, as in the last half-hour, David Ornstein, the Arsenal specialist, has revealed that there have been official approaches to the Gunners from two European giants to take our ex-captain off our hands on loan.

Ornstein tweeted….

This will be an incredible twist if Aubameyang does leave, especially to one of these European powerhouses. I can’t wait to watch All Or Nothing when it finally comes out to see if they atually give us all the facts.

But one thing is certain, Juventus and Barcelona would not have put in an official offer unless Arsenal had let everyone know that he was available, would they?

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  1. I can scarcely believe that ANYONE AT ALL still fondly imagines, or in other words chooses to fool themselves, that Auba will ever wear our shirt again.

    It is beyond obvious and has been for many weeks already, that he will NEVER wear it again! THANKFULLY!

    Why do SOME Gooners deliberately blindfold themselves??!!

    1. That such caliber of clubs are still bidding for Aubameyang should tell us something.
      I think the Arsenal disciplinary measure on the issue of coming back late from visiting a sick mum has gone overboard. It’s called killing a fly with a sledge hammer. The consequence is that you might end up causing more damage than the fly itself.
      I believe a games suspension or some form of fines would have sufficed in the interest of the club. No matter how poor Aubameyang may have been perceived to be by some, he still gives more hope on the pitch or coming off the bench than Nketia. At this critical stage of the league we need every ammunition at our disposal. We shouldn’t be cutting our noses to spite the face. Every great player always have their of seasons or periods, but when well supported emotionally and psychologically, they eventually bounce back. It’s very callous and inconsiderate to begin to kick and hammer down on a man who’s down and trying to get up. How quickly people forget the good times and excitement that Aubameyang has brought to this club. If the club and the ‘unforgiven’ fans as Emmanuel Adebayo puts it, want Aubameyang out, the least the can do is, allow him leave honourably, not in this humiliating manner. Other top players are watching, it happened with Ozil and some others. Lacazette is watching, he would not sign a new deal, because he know when you near end stage of your carrier with Arsenal, the fans humiliate you out instead of celebrate you contribution and past achievement with the club. Why would Dlahovic come to Arsenal, whose fans are beginning to behave like anti-Star, fans simple because they earn big money which is not more what other big stars would get in other clubs?
      We need to get Aubameyang back on track in the absence of any better player coming in.
      Up Gunners.

      1. Jay, although I might not agree with all you say, it is so refreshing to read the opinion of someone who doesn’t try and humiliate others with different viewpoint.

  2. It’s the same way that many fans had forgotten the success that Arsene Wenger has brought to Arsenal for twenty consecutive years in the top four and all he is remembered for by many is the last two years at Arsenal, when the team finished 5th and 6th in the league. Wenger was not good enough for them. Today fans are craving for top four finish. The fact of life is you never miss the water until your wells run dry. However, If Aubameyang is not part of the future plans, Arsenal might as well let him leave for Barcelona now in exchange for defensive midfielder Frenkie de Jong (swap deal). Then, Arsenal can now sell Elneny and Xhaha to help fund the acquisition of Alexander Isak or Jonathan David before deadline day. Arsenal must act fast. Just dreaming.

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