Aubameyang is feeling the love from Arsenal fans

Auba can feel the love!


After signing his contract on Tuesday and announcing it to the world, those of you that follow Aubameyang on social media would have been aware that he did an Instagram live video in the evening just to give his many thanks and show off that ever growing smile of his!


Luckily I was able to catch the live video and it proves my point made in a few articles a while back, that fans as well as Arteta have been playing a key role at the club in getting players to sign for us, either as an extension or as a new player especially in this transfer window.


Fans have influenced the signings of Gabriel and even the return of Ceballos after both players revealed that social media messages practically begging them to join us had made a key key impact because of course, us Arsenal fans are the most passionate out there ๐Ÿ˜‰


Similarly, our captain revealed that the fans also helped play a big part in his decision to stay, as well as that key chat with Arteta of course.


On his live video Aubameyang said:


โ€œEvery day you guys are sending me messages. And I feel the love.โ€


Donโ€™t worry Auba the love is 100% reciprocated!


Those key words in that one sentence from our Captain, just sums up the pure two-way love and affection Aubameyang has for the clubs fans, and vice versa.


Before social media was so apparent fans rarely had a chance to get their points across unless it was at games, but now social media is having a good impact for once, when it comes to Arsenal fans getting their heroes and targets to join us at the club, or in Aubaโ€™s case to โ€œsign da ting.โ€ If this works then why not use it to get our messages across and keep those players that are helping to shape and build our team.


How much more can his love for the fans and the club grow and how much more can we love the legend that is Aubameyang! Only time will tell but if his heart is as big as his smile then the love will forever keep growing!




Shenel Osman


  1. Arsenal fans do get to influence players lately.. It was the same for the Auba deal. Arsenal were never interested in Aouar too at first place, it was pure media links and speculations until after the Lyon game that Asenal fans started talking and asking for Aouar.
    They influenced Gabriel also.
    Hell they’re doing the same thing to Partey.
    Anyway before the window closes, Arsenal could actually make Crystal Palace an offer to take Zaha on loan with an obligation to buy.
    That’s the only deal Arsenal are considering making for Zaha

      1. Lol… Sue, I bet Crystal Palace would reject it. Zaha would probably kill to make it happen๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ even though it’s a loan offer

    1. Why Zaha? When we have wingers in our team.. William can play left wing, saka can play left wing.. Martinelli can also play left wing. I pray this is not true.. And if truly we are interested in signing a left wing.. Why not go for the Algeria winger who plays for Brentford?

      1. My thoughts exactly, we don’t need another winger in the squad at present. All their attention should be on getting Partey, then Aouar.

      2. Seems you still don’t get the fact that Arteta wants competition all over the place, both first team and bench exactly the way it was at City.
        Plus we only have 4 genuine wingers please.
        2 of them are youngsters growing.
        Plus the games would be very much.
        Arteta is pretty taking his decision of getting back to the UCL serious.
        Do we need Zaha? Not really but is he welcome addition? Very much.
        It won’t hinder Saka or Martinelli.
        As far as I’ve read, Nelson, Smith Rowe and Willock could be sent out on loan

  2. Signing Aouar or Party is not a necessity at all. With auba perpetual scintillating form I think we can achieve big things with the current crop of squad at our disposals. We love you so much our skipper. All loves from Kenya

    1. Absolutely nothing Sue, I don’t think I’ve ever loved any Arsenal player as much as I love Auba since Henry, Bergkamp and Viera of course and Wrighty, Adams before them. Auba has that same measure of love from me right now. Absolute legend

      1. Spot on there, Kstix! In years to come we’ll speak fondly of him just like we do all of the other legends you’ve mentioned… he’s etched in our hearts forever!!

  3. We surely love you Auba. Your commitment to the Arsenal cause is relentless and from the heart. I hope the sales of Guendouzi, Socrates, Torreira Mustafi/Chambers and Kola are fast tracked to get Partey and Aouar. Than we are right up there with the top. If we get Zaha, what happens to Pepe?

  4. Zaha is now a no no for me tho….. Use too want him but in recent I don’t think so. Partey I likey coz I know him so well and we need those type of powerful players in our team for games that needs strength and not only technics, don’t know much about aouar but with the speculation and fans reactions I think he his gonna be a good signing for us. So emotional this period coz something’s tells we gonna be grate again. Am not in haste won’t mind top4 finish first and we move for something bigger next season

  5. Arteta is a good defensive mildfielder during his time in arsenal,why can,t he make the best out of Lucas toreira.

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