Aubameyang is rejecting two other offers to stay at Arsenal

Arsenal is on the verge of agreeing a new contract with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The club captain has entered the final year of his current deal at the club and they have been in talks with him over a new one.

Aubameyang has been Arsenal’s most important player this year.

The Gabon striker scored both goals in the final and semi-final of the FA Cup this year as he helped the Gunners win the cup for the 14th time.

He also scored Arsenal’s goal and the winning penalty as they beat Liverpool to win the Community Shield on Saturday.

As each day goes by, he has continued to prove why he must be kept and the club is doing all it can to keep him.

Mikel Arteta has remained confident that the captain will sign a new deal soon and that appears to have been corroborated by respected journalist, Fabrizio Romano.

He claimed that the striker will indeed sign a new deal soon before adding that he rejected two other offers to remain at Arsenal.

He tweeted: “Mikel Arteta just confirmed again that Pierre Aubameyang is “close” to extend his contract. Arsenal consider the agreement almost ‘reached and completed’, the deal is done – he turned down 2 other bids. Gabriel Magalhães will be announced soon.”

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  1. Let’s fcking hope so Martin ,our next couple of years will depend on it .
    Weird how it was apparently ment to be announced last week but we are still waiting .

  2. Annoying that it’s taking so long, but there hasn’t really been any dramas around his deal, so I guess it’s pretty much sealed.

    Then we must sign one or two central midfielders if the likes of Torreira, and Guendouzi leave, and Ceballos doesn’t return. We are very short or quality, and quantity in the DM/CM positions. We have replaced Ozil with Willian, which wasn’t difficult as a sponge would have been an upgrade on him, but it’s combative midfielders we badly need.

    Very impressed with Elneny against Liverpool, but can’t rely on just him, and Xhaka all season.

  3. Giving Willian £220/week is gonna complicate a lot of Arsenal contracts. Auba will demand for something higher than that

  4. My oh my this has dragged on… now his brother has started hinting about coming to London today/tomorrow, but didn’t mention why – he was pictured with Auba when he first signed….
    I know I will breath a sigh of relief once it’s announced…🙏

  5. OT.. 2,500 in attendance at the Brighton v Chelsea game. Temperature checks, plenty of hand sanitizers, masks to be worn everywhere except at your seat. Small steps 🙂 And Timo Werner scored his first goal… urgh…

  6. The fact that there are no strong links and rumors about buying a new striker shows that the management are sure he will sign

  7. This is getting tedious now, all the “ close to “ and “ on the verge of signing “ articles is really getting boring. How about no more articles on whether Auba is signing until he has actually signed the contract.

  8. What I take from all the constant when will he / will he at all, and endless dragging out of actual NEWS, is that football fans are extremely impatient . This is hardly news either of course and all fans of all clubs are just the same as we Gooners. Just human nature to want what you want and to want it now and to not have the patience to wait. Or to be more ACCURATE, it is among the younger set , less so among we older ones though we are not exactly innocent either. Merely a TAD less impatient. Or perhaps we oldies hide it better! You decide! But impatience at least shows we care and care passionately.
    IF,(which will not happen) we had complete patience, it would mean we cared less and THAT my friends would be a REAL problem, far more serious than mere impatience. We are ALL humans, let us not ever forget and therefore not perfect. Even though some of us at time may think we are. Especially me, of course!

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