Aubameyang is still on Arsenal’s payroll until the end of this season

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has left Arsenal in one of the most unceremonial manners.

The striker joined Barcelona after being banished from the club’s first team, but Arsenal had to agree to tear up his current contract.

That makes it seem like he is no longer being paid by the club, but that might not exactly be the case.

The club agreed to a small compensation for the former Borussia Dortmund man, which helps them save over £20m in wages that they should have paid him until 2023.

The Athletic’s David Ornstein has now revealed that Arsenal is still paying him until the end of this season and suggests they may not have saved as much as the £25m that was reported.

He tells Sky Sports as quoted by The Sun:

“Arsenal are paying him in instalments until the summer, rather than a lump sum.

“That is very similar to what happened with Mesut Ozil when he left a couple of years ago and they split the wage with Fenerbahce.

“In this case, they are splitting the wage with Barcelona and Aubameyang’s taking a bit of a hit.

“And then from the summer onwards it will just be Barcelona.

“And Aubameyang will be on a lower overall wage than he was earning at Arsenal.

“So there were suggestions of £25m saved until the summer of 2023. It is a significant saving but not that much.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Even if we saved just £10m from tearing up Auba’s deal, it is still a whole lot of money.

We have to also consider that keeping him at the Emirates will attract unnecessarily negative press, which is damaging the club’s reputation.

We need to move on now and hope our current attacking options will fire the team to a favourable finish in this campaign before we splash the cash in the summer.

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  1. 100% AGREEMENT MARTIN. And I know that on this occasion this is NOTone of your many Devils Advocate pieces, arguing against what you truly believe .

    My whole life long philosophy, from which I have never made a single exception and never will, is that I support the club above the support I may (or may not have, in this case) for ANY PLAYER, NO MATTER WHOM.
    A related life long philosophy is that I have had no time whatsoever, in any circumstances, for any player who willingly accepts wages ,whether obscenely high, moderate or lower, BUT who will not give his all in every game.

    Such types are always poison in a team sport and need to be got out , no matter the financial cost .

    To LET THEM STAY is always more costly in the long run and not merely financially either.

    1. How do you know he was not giving his all?

      It can be form. I see Auba lose a sitter and not giving your all doesn’t mean you lose a sitter but losing form can make you lose a sitter. That’s football for you.

      And if you think coming late is not giving his all, then you’re wrong cos he has been scoring loads of goals even with this same behavior.

      I know it won’t have come to this if he is still scoring goals.

      Auba went through a lot since last year ( Having Malaria, Covid and then His mom fell sick, you don’t even know how much he love his mom.) All this might play a part in him losing form.
      The last offense he committed was the 2nd time his mom fell sick. Do you know what happened to his mom? Do you know what happened when he got there and he was unable to make it back as promised? We’re all human and life is better than playing football, so he cherish his mom more than Arsenal and tell me who don’t?
      He took the strip of captain band as a man and never say anything, nothing was reported in the media about him causing issue among his teammates.
      So what exactly makes this issue escalate like this if not that the board his using Auba issue to cover up there asses?

      Xhaka was strip of the band, Gallas was strip of the band and nothing happened and none of this brought anything to this team like Auba did.
      And before you say, Arteta wasn’t coach then, I believe you know Arteta knew about what Xhaka did and Xhaka was on the verge of leaving Arsenal because of the issue and Arteta made him stay and still offer him contract this year.

      So why Auba? I never see him shame Arsenal publicly or do interview everytime to bring Arsenal down or ever complains. He accept his punishment and keep it private.
      I believe the issue is his salary that Arsenal want to get rid off, which says more about the management been incompetent.

      But to you, there is not like losing form but it is the player not giving his all.

      I remember Puyol, Hazard at Chelsea etc losing form for a whole season.

      1. Auba’s form was terrible all of last season, then he had a couple of decent games this year before reverting back to terrible form again. I think arteta was hoping he’d find his form again this season, but auba couldn’t deliver. I think auba is finished at the top level.
        The problem auba had as well, is that he’s not much of a player when he’s not scoring. By comparison, Laca’s goalscoring record hasn’t lived up to expectations since he joined arsenal, but you can see the effort he puts into matches, and you can see that he has an impact even when he doesn’t score himself; he was able to adapt. If auba had been showing that, I think his loss of form would have been seen differently – he seems to let his head drop when things don’t go his way, and doesn’t have that fight in him.
        I do think auba may have been treated a bit harshly because it seems as though his off field behaviour only became a serious issue once it became clear he wasn’t going to play so well on the field again. But, given that he was the captain, and was on a huge contract, I guess you can see it from both sides.

        1. A bit rich hoping he would find form after awarding him that contract though Davi.

          If we are honest, it was a dogs dinner from the minute such a contract was offered (especially after the Ozil one) and accepted.

          Both parties can point a finger at the other and claim the moral high ground…. but the fact is, we are still paying part of the salary, gave a golden handshake and let a player go for free… and Barcelona said thank you very much.

          He’s gone now, so let’s move on and see if MA made the right decision come the seasons end, again, from the player and the club’s point of view.

          1. @Ken
            Many of you also made the same statement during the ozil circus. “Let’s see if Arteta made tbe right decision”

            It’s been a year now since that circus. Do you now believe that Arteta made the right decision with regards to Ozil?

      2. Hi bobs, I just love your brilliant comment, it is spot on. I completely agree with all of the points you presented, great logical points.
        Thank you very much. God bless you, take care and have a wonderful day/night

      3. Bobs HOW DO I KNOW? You may have not realised that most of us have eyes that work normally. Simple as that!

        If you cannot see clear laziness, then its a trip to Specsavers for you old son!

        As for the old soldier playing violins comments about him stiill suffering for his old Mum etc etc, he’s had a dreadfully hard time and suffered way more than any other human on earth and had such a hard time, the poor diddums!

        I’d consider a job as a soft hearted social worker if I were you. Personally, I support the club I have loved all my long life and care nothing for this idle, playboy, chancer and self centred too pot! Good riddance to him!

        1. Jon Fox
          I won’t say that is Laziness.
          It shows you don’t watch football except from Arsenal match.
          Auba has been a player like that if not scoring goals.
          Like Davi said, he can’t play like Laca.
          But who want Laca in our starting line up when Auba was scoring for fun?

          And on him been a cancer and shouting everyday for supporting your club over player is music to my hears.

          So supporting your club means you can forget what a player has done for the club in just a year and call him Cancer to the club?

          Arteta has finished 8th twice in a season, does that makes him Cancer to the club too?

          It shows who you are and will never appreciate anybody who fails no matter what he has done for you.

          I know people like you are more of a cancer but attacks people who has done well before going astray.
          And who says he can’t find his way back if manage properly?
          And like Davi said, he might be finished at top level, but who are we to say that till he retires?

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