Aubameyang isn’t rated as one of the best strikers in the Premier League

Troy Deeney, speaking on Talksport, has made a list of strikers that he thinks are the top five in the Premier League and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang doesn’t make the cut.

Aubameyang has scored 22 goals in each of the last two Premier League seasons and the attacker remains one of the most reliable goal-getters in the competition as well.

He is enduring a rough patch at the moment, but he is a top-quality goalscorer in every sense of the word.

However, he hasn’t been played as an out-and-out striker by the club for a very long time with Eddie Nketiah and Alexandre Lacazette both sharing the club’s top striker role.

Deeney’s top five list even includes Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino who has also been under fire for his lack of goals.

He claims that while the Brazilian doesn’t score, he links the play well for the Liverpool frontline.

He also named Wolves Raul Jimenez as well as Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy who won the last Golden Boot award.

Sergio Aguero and Harry Kane completed the list, with the Englishman emerging as the best.

Aubameyang has been cutting in from the left of the Arsenal attack to score most of his goals at the club.

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  1. He’s championship level and should by now refrain from spewing bull about our team and it’s players.

    1. Well, reading through the article, didn’t notice anywhere he said anything about Arsenal or any of its players.

  2. You might want to be biased but all the strikers mentioned are better than Aubameyang, yes including the non- scoring Firmino.
    And it is not because he is having a purple patch at the moment, those players are ballers, Aubameyang can’t even complete 5 yard passes accurately..Argh!
    Aubameyang is just a poacher.

    1. Goonerboy, compare him to Thierry Henry!!!
      Like chalk and cheese – yet once again, a section of the fans were screaming give him “whatever he wants” and the club folded.
      Look at the weekly wages reportedly earned below and that three year deal for Auba might just turn out to be yet another Albatroos around the neck of the club.

      1. as goal scorers go he is up there with the best but he isn’t a baller like the great Henry by any stretch.

        The things Henry used to do on the pitch was magical at times, full pitch dribbles past basically the whole team to score, he was unplayable alot of the time.

        I do think that if we didnt have this corona pandemic then either or both of laca and auba would have been moved on, Laca should have gone this summer as he is probably one of a few players we could have done without and had a resale value.

        We have spent over 180m on our front 3 in the past 4 or so years, 1 cant get into the team regularly and gets tangled up in his own feet, 1 doesnt score enough goals and cant even score from 5yrds, the other is played out wide to accommodate the other.

        Auba is a player that needs service, he cant do it on his own like Henry did, so when we play negative football like we do, he suffers and in turn the team suffers, we need to take a few more risks in the middle and final third, also know when and when not to play out from the back, its blatantly arrogant that we try and play that way against very good pressing teams when we’re not that great at doing it anyway.

        Bottom line is we need to start playing more aggressively
        and play more in midfield to get Auba into better positions to score goals and Laca can drop out

  3. Some interesting reported figures on the earnings of the players mentioned:

    Aubameyang:…£300,000 a week.
    Sergio Aquerio.£280,000 a week.
    Harry Kane:……….£200,000 a week.
    James Vardy…….:£140,000 a week.
    Fabinho:…………………£85,000 a week.
    Troy Deeney:……….£65,000 a week.

    Just out of interest once again:
    Lacazette is earning a reported £182,000 a week, so perhaps our friend Troy Deeney was thinking about value for money when excluding Auba and Lacs??

    1. Ken
      Interesting points made
      Is it your assertion that The club folded to demands of the loyal supporters? I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I’m just surprised that if they felt the Ozil situation was troublesome, then going down the same route with Auba could be a disaster. The pay structure or the contract negotiator needs sorting out if you compare the deals of the likes of the brilliant Aguero and Kane

      1. Just put it up for comparisons really SueP, as I have lived through the Ozil salary debacle and just wondered if the same thing could happen again.
        It also gives an insight into just how much over the top we are paying our players, never mind if they deliver or not!!!
        I know I’m an anorak, but these comparisons always intrigue me 🤔

        1. Well this is true
          I think we all wanted Auba to sign but in my short memory of extensions – players past a certain age the salary went down instead of up.
          It’s like the club is reactionary rather than pragmatic.

        2. Ken, The problem that people unfairly called “anoraks” have, is that they have a worthwhile attention to detail which bores silly those who deride anoraks. So the silly ones do not arrive at truth while anoraks have a far better chance. This is my take KEN and I would far rather be called an anorak than a sloppy no attention to detail man.

          Put more simply, many who look down on anoraks are secretly jealous of their intellect and penchant for the whole truth. Though just being an anorak does not, BY ITSELF, mean you always get truth, merely that you have a greater percentage chance to do so.

    2. If that Auba wages is true then my dear club has not learned from their past mistakes. Giving that much to a 32 year old player. When will this wastage stop.

  4. Aub has been unbelievably consistent and as soon as he has a quiet patch, everybody is writing him off.
    It’s not helped by Arsenal lacking creativity.As Arteta says, he can’t be expected to score in every match.

  5. The truth is that arsenal as a club has some lopeholes in the way they handle contract negotiations. Why leave a player till he enters the final year of his contract before giving him a new contract? At that point, the player has much power in the negotiations. Now to what Deney said, he is absolutely right bar Firmino, the likes of Augero, earns less but produces far more than Auba, even Harry Keane, these strikers are better all round players than Auba when u compare their skill set and the score virtually all types of goals. I think Auba should be played through the middle for us to completely get the best out of him, his current form does not merit the marmouth wages in his new contract, otherwise we wl be seeing another Ozil situation developing at Arsenal

  6. A player of Lacazette’s quality should not be earning that kind of salary, he is just an average player. I don’t know why arsenal and their contract negotiating department keep wasting money on players who are even below average. As far as am concerned, Keane is the best striker in EPL followed by Aguero when u consider their skill set and the number of goals they score each season

  7. A very smart and financially prudent club would cash in on Auba before the transfer window slam shut and replace him with a much younger striker instead of giving him another deal with crazy wage.

    Eduard from Celtic would have been a smart buy.

    People fail to understand that our midfielders are the problem.

    Even Ronaldo and Messi will look very average in front of Xhaka and ceballos.

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