Aubameyang leaving Arsenal is only a matter of time – So who can replace him?

Aubameyang’s Successor

Whether we like it or not, Aubameyang won’t be here forever. His time at Arsenal has been spectacular and his impact undeniable. His signing was the last benevolent gift from Arsene Wenger and it seems as though the much beloved steward of the club had the foresight to understand that the club would go through a rough patch. Aubameyang was his last gift, a pendant to wave off most of the evil that was coming, an evil of much darkness and intensity.

We are going through that evil period now, and while the club has sunk to a dark place, Aubameyang has been crucial to keeping our head barely above water. No one has scored more goals in England than him since he arrived. No one has smiled more, either. Aubameyang is simply an incredible footballer and a great personality. And now his contract is running out.

But whether he signs or not, it is time for us to think about his replacement. Ideally, if he signs, his replacement has to be young enough to be content with limited playing time and impactful enough to deserve being selected in case of suspension or injury. If he doesn’t and he’s sold, his replacement has to be of immediate starting quality and capable of leading the line into the future.

In the previous scenario, our current options are ideal. Gabriel Martinelli and Eddie Nketiah are two wonderful talents. Both have proven capable of playing in the Premier League and both are of an ideal age. Nketiah is 20. Martinelli is 18. A few more years would see them still not at their prime age. For this scenario, Alexandre Lacazzete is not really needed anymore.

In the latter case, throwing Martinelli or Nketiah into the deep end now is not going to be ideal. This is where Lacazzete can still play a role. But if the Frenchman is sold as well, then Arsenal will need a new striker to lead the line while our striking prodigies continue their development. Profiles of experienced goalscorers like Dries Mertens and Edinson Cavani would be perfect.

Everything depends on if Aubameyang will sign and on the level of trust placed in the likes of Nketiah and Martinelli.

Aubameyang’s successor likely plays for the club already and it’s only a matter of time, circumstance and choice before he becomes apparent.

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  1. If he wants 300K a week. we should pay him. he is top quality. if you want to compete with the best, you need the best players in the world. keep him a little longer.

  2. Keep him at all costs! He’s the best striker in the league. His goal scoring record is outstanding, and even more impressive when you consider he’s been playing in a terrible Arsenal team, and out of position almost all of the time. Auba is our only world class player.

    Imagine the numbers he’d be getting if he was playing down the middle for top teams like: Real, Barca, City, L’pool.

    1. Can you pls stop calling Arsenal terrible anymore in relation to Auba. Auba is part of the reasons we’re not in the UCL. Yes you read that right. I’ll tell you matches in which he lost big chances that we went on to lose or draw.

      So pls, just stop it. If he had scored only the 23 big chances that terrible Arsenal created for him last season and missed all his world class goals, we’ll be in the UCL by now

      1. What a joke… blaming the top goal scorer in the league for not scoring MORE goals!?! Preposterous.

  3. I would love to see our lethal frontman sign on the dotted line and stay with us for a few more years. We would certainly go on to challenge for major trophies and bring back our past glory days under our new head coach MA.

    But we have to look at it from the player’s perspective too. Regardless of how big his smile is on the pitch and how lovely his words are to the press about his time in North London, he could have different ideas in his head.

    He is 30 years old and isn’t getting any younger. And although he also wants a huge wage in regions north of 300k per week, he will want to have major trophies to go with his huge paycheck.

    Big clubs will be circling around him come the summer and I will not blame him if he goes to the likes of Juve, Barca or Inter. They will not only offer him a wage of +300k, they will give champions league football and a bigger chance of winning league tittles. We might also give him a huge wage like Ozil’s, but we are in a rebuilding phase and I don’t see us challenger for major honours even if we qualify for Europe.

    The football career is extremely short and not every player gets the chance to play for Europe’s elite teams. I would not blame him for leaving this summer.

    He gave us everything in the short time he spent with us and I will wish him luck wherever he lands.
    We should instead look to integrate the likes of Martinelli, Eddie, Reiss and ESR into our attack as we have a manager who likes working with the kids and has the expertise to bring out the best in them.

    I still want to keep Auba but if he goes, I won’t blame him.

    1. I agree with you though. But i feel we can compete with Liverpool and Man city next season if we strengthen in the summer. we should bring Thomas Partey and Thomas Lemar in the summer. Our Defense is sorted. We move Pepe to the Number 10 role. he is the only player in the squad who can take on players and can shoot. he would draw more fouls. We need players who can move with the ball. we then move Lemar to the flank. Lemar has a quality left foot as well. and with Partey in midfield, we have a strong squad.

      Martinelli/Saka Aubemayang Lemar


      Ceballos Partey

      Ozil, Xhaka, Torrera as subs.

      We have a chance of winning trophies next season.

  4. Auba has his strengths and weaknesses.
    He is not a player to play dirty,nor a set piece threat,lack link ups and one twos capability but he has pace,wonderful strikes,incredible workrate and is a clever reader of the game(very evident from the runs he make).But if you ask me what is a strikers job,it is to score goals anyday.And he does that consistently and his convertion ratio is superb.He has more years to deliver eventhough he is in 30s.And i think players like him can adapt to any system.
    I dont know the authenticity of the reports but i do know this player is worth 300k a week.

  5. He ain’t worth 300k in my own aspect.. 250/80 Is Simply ideal if truly he feels for AFC yeah! And he knows that Shit.
    And I strongly believe and ve been saying Lacazette is our future SS and would remain, He won’t get sold.
    Auba would definitely be sold this Summer.
    Martinelli’ will occupy the vacuum space and him Only..

    Auba should take his time..😏😏

    1. Laca is going,Auba is staying.And i dont see arsenal buying a striker this coming window.They will have to tie down Soares and Pablo,will probably buy one player,a midfielder

  6. Keep him on 300k a week. The media keeps putting out this nonsense that he’s 30 years old and will lose his pace. He is not going to lose his pace at least for couple of years coz he is physically fit. and besides he’s a goal poacher. Aguero never had pace but bangs tons of goals which proves that lack of pace for a goal scorer is not a hindrance as such. Sell ozil and subsidise half his wages to get another club to take him. Give the other half of Ozil’s wages to Auba to keep him at 300k per week. Should be relatively straightforward.

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