Aubameyang needs help from Arsenal’s other attacking players reckons columnist

Mail Online columnist, Jordan Seward claims that Arsenal needs someone to step up now that Aubameyang’s goals seem to have temporarily dried up.

The Gabon striker has been the club’s top scorer since he moved to the Emirates in January 2018.

He helped them to win both the FA Cup and the Community Shield earlier in the year.

His fine form forced the club to hand him a new bumper deal only a few weeks ago, but his goals have dried up now.

The attacker is one player that the club relies on to score and he has been reliable, but he seems to be suffering from a mini-goal drought and that has affected the Gunners,

Seward is of the view that Arsenal has other goalscorers in their team like Willian and Nicolas Pepe and he claimed that they need to step up now to help Aubameyang.

He wrote: “Arsenal cannot continue to be over-reliant on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

“When he is on song, they needn’t worry, but when he’s in a rough patch – as he is right now – there needs to be someone else they can turn to.

“Mikel Arteta will be calling on players like Alexandre Lacazette, Willian and Nicolas Pepe to have a greater influence in games. 

“Those three can all be match-winners on their day and Arsenal need them to step up while Aubameyang works through this tough period.”

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  1. LOL! Auba needs service! Ozil Service for Pete’s sake. Not just Auba, but also Pepe and Lacazette.

    Put in Ozil with Partey and watch the one touch passes and attacks through the middle. For Pepe, Auba and Laca to be effective the ball must ALSO come through the middle.

    We are not 11th! With City and United below us! It won’t be long before their class and talent gets going, while we flounder.

    Wake people. Stop hating Ozil. Arteta has been forced to drop Ozil, and we need to demand that the owners stop interfering.

    1. That last paragraph neatly addresses the issue covered by Dan Kit’s lovely article yesterday. It’s hard to argue that Ozil’s omission from the team is NOT politically motivated, when you look at the type of players we currently possess and it seems patently obvious why. He spoke out against a regime and should be respected for having the courage to be true to his beliefs. In any case, the most rational conclusion to be drawn from this debacle is this:

      We can see who wields the ultimate power at Arsenal and it sure ain’t Arteta. I do not believe the owners are truly fans of football or even have any regards for the club’s ethos and the values that it was built on.

      Arsenal, as an entertaining footballing brand with a moral conscious, is now defunct and has been replaced by cynical business strategy to maximise profits and keep us just above sea level.

  2. If Arteta wants to succeed in this career and Arsenal, he must shun football politics.
    He was doing very well in the beginning, untill he began to allow himself to be used. He had better stopped telling lies about the inclusion and exclusion of certain players, because we know the truth.
    Lies against players and the inability to stick to his initial principles will be his biggest undoing.

    1. How many of Ozil’s would-be assists did Auba/Laca miss or waste. You cannot have an assist if the final player fluffs the chance.
      By the way, what about pre-assists (if there is anything like that)?

  3. @Gily Auba scored 44 goals in the Premier League the last two seasons.

    Ozil played 42 Premier League games and made a total of 4 assists.

    There does not seem to be a correlation between Aubas goals and Ozils assists.

    Auba has been scoring for fun the pasta two seasons and yet Ozil does not pick up hardly any assists. I do not think anyone is helped by counting passes that COULD have led to a goal. Pre-assists is a valid thing in my book but I have not seen any statistics regarding that.

  4. We all should stop acting like MUMU. The truth is Ozil is far better than all the players we have in midfield put together. we are always looking at number of assist without looking at number of chances created. ozil dose his job by creating chances must of the goal that we scored when he plays is from his vision is either he plays someone in to play the final pass what i will call pre-assist if there something like that.

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