Aubameyang reveals the message he received from Arteta

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang fell out with Mikel Arteta in the last months of his time as an Arsenal player.

The Gabon striker was banished from the first team before he moved to Barcelona finally.

He was one of Arsenal’s key players before he left the club and still had a good relationship with the fans.

However, the same cannot say of his relationship with Arteta and it is easy to understand if he and the Spaniard didn’t speak after he left the club.

However, the striker has given an interview after he joined Barca and he insisted Arteta wished him well after the move.

Mundo Deportivo asked him if he received a good luck message from his ex-boss and he said:

“Yes Yes.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

It is a good thing that Arteta wished him luck and it shows that the Spanish boss has no ill-feeling towards the former Borussia Dortmund striker.

He was one player that helped Arteta to win the FA Cup and Community Shield during the early days of his time as the Gunners’ boss.

However, his indiscipline before he left the club was too much. and we needed to offload him.

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  1. Too much ego to ostracize such a good striker & leaves you without any striker for the second half of the season. I wish Auba the best.

  2. A player who plays well only when he feels well will not get silverware. He has to have a desire to win. He will play hard to beat the opposition even when down by 2 goals. Aubu seemed to get very discouraged and quit, Arteta had no choice.

  3. soldier go,soldier com; barrack still remain unmovable.god luck to the either side nd remember that ‘NO ONE IS INDISPENSABLE’

  4. We need a positive mentality Auba was bringing bad vibes hence he has to go single player z bigger Than d club

  5. Well no hard feelings boy you do your bidness, attitude and egotistic shit at barca but we don’t have time and place for that..
    We might face the next few months without a striker and lots of doubts where top 4 is concern.. But things weren’t better whilst having a striker anyway and to make it worst the progress and forward movement were made without you while on the books and done by kids who earn 10-20% of what u do..
    Atleast they have some integrity you on the other hand are a piece of shit buddy.

  6. Aubameyang is a top talent, and any rational analysis of his performance shows that his lower production this term was more down to fewer minutes and chances than lack of effort on his part.

    Anyone claiming Aubamyeng was a bad influence, or lacked discipline simply parroting what coaches have claimed. No one knows what happened between the coach and the player with neith being explicit in what was said.

    Whatever Aubameyang did, stripping him of the captaincy, ostracizing him, and letting him go on a free seems fairly extreme given Arsenal’s realistic chances for top four.

    If Arsenal miss the Champions League places but a game or two a very strong case could be made for the manager cutting off his nose to spite his face. Especially if Aubameyang leads Barcelona into the Champions League in La Liga. Now that would be irony.

    The real question is; what does success look like for Arsenal this season from the owner’s perspective, and from that same lofty perch, what would be a bad enough final result to put an end to the current regime?

  7. 99.5% of good players are problematic and Auba was not the first and he is not going to be the last.. what is important is find a way of handling him which Arteta should have done.
    The loser was Gunners not the coach, so name any player, from Maradona, Ronaldo’s, Ronaldinho, Ozil all had problems but coaches at their former teams new how to handle them.
    Such players you need to put him in the field he will do what you want him to do. Play and score. Not one on one with him that you can’t win.

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