Aubameyang reveals where his future will be and what his target is

Through the summer there was relentless speculation that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang would depart the Emirates for Old Trafford, well, Auba stayed put in North London and has reassured the Arsenal fans with his latest comments.

Speaking to Sky Sports as cited by the Mirror, the Gabon international expressed how happy he is with Arsenal and what he wants to see happen over the next couple of years.

“I feel that we can change something in this club and we will try. Now it’s time to win trophies,” Aubameyang said.

“I’m sure we can do it and I am honestly happy to be here.

“I feel very good. For the next few years we want to play at a high level and win trophies. That’s what we are talking about.”

All the right words, obviously, things can change, especially if Arsenal misses out on a top-four spot and the 30-year-old has yet to sign a contract extension but it is clear he is happy where he is right now and who can blame him.

Auba is guaranteed a start, he is surrounded by top-quality talent in Alexandre Lacazette and Nicolas Pepe and he can see that the club is going in the right direction and you have to think he will be given a decent pay rise once the contract extension has been agreed.

Also, United are hardly the attraction they once were, they have no more chance of making the top-four than Arsenal and the atmosphere at Old Trafford is not exactly harmonious.

The bottom line is that Aubameyang is happy and ambitious at Arsenal and will not be going anywhere anytime soon.


  1. Our problem is not the defence but the defensive middle,where Emery tend to use xhaka and guedouzi. Both are just past ball passers and not tacklers,thats why when both play together though our play is pretty but the defence face wave and wave of opponent attack and are bound to make mistakes. But watch torriera and willock against forrest. Emery is our problem

    1. What is the matter with people on here
      They wanted AW gone (I also agreed his time was up). We got a new man in (not my first choice but he is our leader of the band of brothers)
      So stop moaning and get behind the boss and team
      If he doesnt deliver a top 4 place (which we are all crying out for) by the end of season then we need to review his positon

      1. Very sensible comment.

        Careful purchases and (hopefully) settled and sound selections and tactics should produce the desired result of top 4 this season. If so, then whether it is onwards and upwards will be the next test. Football is about supporting the club, not hysterical reactions 6 games into the second season following a seismic change.

      2. Finally, someone with some sense on this site. If Emery doesn’t deliver top 4, we can talk about finding a new manager, until then we get behind the team and the manager. End of.

      3. Just go back and think about how long it took Sir Fergie to win his first trophy at ManU. In fact they nearly got relegated before they won anything. There is no instant success in this business. It takes time and several transfer windows to build something, in this (Arsenal’s) case virtually from scratch.

  2. Forest isnnot Man U amyway. Measure the player in big matches. That will be fair enough. Passing a the opponent by a defender is not Xhaka’s error. It has been a habit that to any mistake in defence only Xhaka and probably Mustafi butbl I think we have to analyse critically on the whole team and that defeat is a result and depends how you play that day. Look at Watfird where Willock was introduced, did he change anything? To the match lake the Man U one, experience matttlers and not trying players there.

  3. Until the contract extension is signed that’s when I will know that he’ll be here for long.
    If we don’t do well this season, many other top clubs will look to tempt him.

  4. Yeah…. Props to him for his performance so far….. I hope he’s planning to take home the match ball tomorrow 😁

  5. I wish we never had xhaka in Arsenal. That the only problem we got and it paind. That’s why we will sacrifice the better players in order for him to play. If we really have to play him, then 4:3:3 formation is the only option and it has never worked for us. Another option which I can ever dream of is 3:5:2 .our most realistic format is 4:2:1:3 and for it to work Xhaka should not be in the starting lineup

  6. I’m hoping with the pace Chambers and Tierney have on the flanks, Aubamayang and Pepé will get a good service.
    It’s good to see two pacy full backs rather than the slow laboured play of Nile’s and Kolasinac.

    1. Declan I’m not used to seeing the words ‘pace’ and ‘Chambers’ in the same sentence. I think he could be shown up at RB if Utd play one of their fast players on their left wing.

      I also don’t know how quick Torreira is but at least he’s a little terrier in the tackle so maybe he could do well at RB if not called upon to make forward runs. That would release Chambers to play either alongside Holding as a CB or back in the position he played so well for Fulham. Would also like to see AMN given a chance to play back in the position he last played against Utd. Those two would be no pushovers for United’s midfield.

      Not too concerned about our more attacking players but hope Pepe plays and has a good game. He’s due one!

  7. An injury plagued MU mauled Arsenal
    8-2.The gunner attack may have scored 11goals the last 3games,the Norwegian
    Will try to extend the gunner winless run.
    In the Forest game the gunners were given time and space. I believe the reds will be haring down on the gunners.
    Final score 2-0 to Arsenal

  8. I wish emery would see what we the fans re seeing around xhaka. I hate to see him start games pls some one should tell unai to reduce xhaka playing time!!!!

  9. Got into a good exchange on here the other day, when I said in my view Auba was beginning to show leadership qualities at our place.

    It was hinted my view was based on goal scoring only – far from it.

    I didn’t necessarily mean as Captain, but more becoming a “figurehead” for our younger players to look up to etc.

    I have seen strengthened my view since I have read Guendouzi, Pepe and Martinelli all cite Auba as one player in particular who helped them settle at the club, and take them under his wing.

    He also now been included in our “pool of captains”.

    This from a player who was deemed to be a “risk” signing from a personality viewpoint !

    Auba continues to grow into the fabric of our club, and as much as any pro player nowadays, seems to have found “home”.

    Keep going Auba.

  10. They have to tie Auba down now, don’t wait til summer for agreement we need to get it now. If we wait then all he has to do is say one more season and nothing we can do about it he’ll be gone one way or another. It’s promising when they speak but all players who end up in difficult situations were speaking well before getting into that last year. How many teams will come after him, teams who miss out and have money to spend as well as winners who want to improve even more. Vink seems to be on it, he knows it has to happen soon hopefully before Jan, get the both of them tied down, if one of them signs it may speed up the other signing. Arsene could have done with a pair like these strikers, what were you thinking Arsene sure we weren’t even a team that likes to cross the ball in.

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