Aubameyang sends out positive message after abysmal performance

Aubameyang urges Arsenal to “keep fighting” following Southampton draw.

Arsenal needed a last gasp goal from Alexandre Lacazette to help them get a point in a 2-2 draw against Southampton, and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has urged his fellow players to keep fighting until it gets better.

The Gunners had been without a win in 5 league games and their fans were desperately hoping that they would get back to winning ways against the underperforming Saints, however, that wasn’t the case as Unai Emery’s men once again frustrated their fans.

Aubameyang spoke with the club’s media after the game and insisted that the team has the quality to perform better than they are doing right now.

When asked what he thought about fans booing the players off the pitch after the match, he said per

“I don’t know [if the criticism is fair at the moment], but the team is disappointed like the fans are as well.

‘When we are playing, we are the first to be disappointed when it doesn’t work. We will try to keep fighting.

‘I think we have the quality to come back and we have to fight.”

Aubameyang has to send out a positive message about fighting and about how disappointed the players but his performance was one of the worse on the pitch.

The manager deserves immense criticism but so do the players, they have badly let us, the fans, down today.

The Gunners welcome Eintracht Frankfurt to the Emirates on Thursday and fans will be hoping that they can secure a morale-boosting win before they travel to Norwich next Sunday.


  1. And how unconvincingly he said this message too. He did not believe a word of it himself, to judge by his tone and body language. So why should WE believe things will get better , UNTIL Emery is sacked, this weekend unless the club has lost its corporate mind and proves itself as inept as this joke of a so called “manager”. If the club do NOT sack him after this latest shambles they are complicit in harming our club and will be equally to blame as he is. It is obvious to a bling man or woman that these players are not playing for him, that they don’t want him there and are marking time till he is gone. They want and need someone they can understand, both verbally and tactically.

    1. Well said Jon, who could argue?

      Emery started all those defenders again a team facing relegation. He is a coward tactically and has no idea how to drive the team or players forward.

      The board, Raul, Edu, and ownership should finally be taken to task now.

      They still defend that wretch, and they bear equal responsibility until they sack that clown.

      They should sack Emery now, or pipe down and not use the word “ambition” until he’s gone. How many points have we dropped to teams near relegation zone?

      Somewhere Kronke fiddles while Rome burns.

    2. jon, He has his mind elsewhere. All the talk from the usual sources and probably his agent agitating,about interest from Barcelona is turning his head. I am afraid he will be disappointed.
      Barca will not come in for him, he is a good player but they have better options. Neymar or much younger players not one who is most likely on the downward path. Some of his recent games have been very poor from what I have seen and need to improve. I see the Sanchez saga all over again with Auba particularly as he has stopped an further contract negotiations.

  2. Bellerin said similar before the game and I was expecting us to prove a point today, no pun. The team should know if the booing was fair, did the players and staff feel disappointed, did we feel like we should’ve done better, well then there’s your answer Auba.

  3. I bet £10 on 3.5 goals because I thought we’d win 4-0. I still won though. 4 goals in total
    Only bright part of the day for me.

    We are fighting for 6th place. Not top 4 😠😭😵

    1. The way it`s going, Innit, we will be fighting for survival if this form continues !…………does anyone feel positive where the next PL win is coming from ?…………….I dont !

    2. Why would you expect Arsenal to win a game innit?

      I don’t expect them to win any fixture. Every team knows how predictable we are. They know how to beat us! No one is scared to play us. In fact they look forward to it!!

      Some of us are just so naive and disrespecful to so called lesser teams.

    3. Innit, And just yesterday I told you you were fooling yourself by expecting us to score four goals and win by three clear goals. I am a realist , you are a fantasist, as your many posts show us clearly. BTW, until Emery is a sacked we are fighting for top ten at best.

  4. Just home from the game.
    Inept, incompetent, useless, hopeless.
    The mood in the Emirates was toxic.
    The mood in the Gunners pub was scary.
    My mood is not suitable to describe on here.
    I’ve never known anything like this in all my years of supporting Arsenal.

    1. I for one would love to know what your mood is Declan, but can you do it without using colourfull language ? 🙂

        1. You have my deepest sympathy`s Declan, it`s bad enough watching or listen by media, but to be at the game and witness first hand how bad it is !………….brave man !

    2. Yeah, can imagine as much, Declan. Emery doesn’t have a Scooby Doo what to do. He’s not got the gonads to set up an attacking team. He’s trying to minimise the chances of conceding a goal to the point evert team sees us as a team with no spirit! Emery has killed what little belief we had. Emery is a complete muppet! Please go. Help the team and club to move forward Emery!!

    3. I feel for you, Declan! And all those other poor sods that were there. I’m so fed up, am losing interest and don’t feel like going again…oh and to make things even worse – Santa said no to managing us 😂😂

  5. How many times have the manager and players tried to talk up and gloss over what we all know is garbage?

    Holding, Luiz, Sokratis, Bellerin, Laca, Xhaka, Chambers, now Auba. I’m sure I’ve missed a few.

    Less talk and more action. Fire Emery, that will get a response where a dozen speeches have failed.

    Call me whatever you want, only Emery’s sacking will satisfy me. If they persist with that wretched fool, some in management should follow him out the door.

    Management has chosen to stick with that clown so there’s no hiding behind him or Xhaka now. They bear just as much responsibility for the current regression and failure

  6. You are all pointing everything at Emery and he is the manager and he gets the flak but the big point here is regardless, the players are letting this club down equally. Either, regardless of who is manager they aren’t good enough or they are not made of the right stuff. I thought the team sent out today was easily good enough to have done far better than they did, player wise and set up. Its a bit worrying that not only are they under performing, they are playing absolute tripe. Even with the worst coach in the world, there is no excuse for ineptitude. Emery picks the team and he sets them up so fot that he is responsible but the performance of some/most players is unacceptable and that by people should not be forgotten. Emery is a symptom he is not the overall problem. That is down to the players and for that dont expect a miracle when Emery is sacked. The players are getting away with murder and they nearly always do.

  7. Today we got lucky with a draw but it will get worse,how can the board let this idiot of a manager expect to turn things around or for him to manage a club like Arsenal we are the worst run football club in the top flight why do you think PSG got rid of him before he stunk the rot out they acted like a professional club and don’t forget he actually won the league there. They new what was coming and they had ambitions so they got rid of this incompetent of a so called manager. Useless bored a I said before it starts from the top we Will never ever win anything until the Americans sell up they haven’t got a clue

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