Aubameyang should take note of Alexis Sanchez comments

Alexis Sanchez has revealed how he immediately was unhappy with his decision to quit Arsenal to join Manchester United, words that will hopefully help us seal a deal with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The Gabon international is believed to be in talks over a new contract with the club, having entered into the final 12 months of his playing contract in recent months.

Aubameyang was believed to be considering an exit, but is now expected to sign a new deal with the club, although no such confirmation has been announced as of yet.

Hopefully the contract is just a formality, and that there is no chance of him leaving the club, but if he was to have any doubts, maybe former Gunner Alexis’ words will discourage such thoughts.

The Chilean quit the club after running down his contract into the final six months, and he has now revealed how he instantly regretting that decision after only his first day in training with his new side.

“Before, I had an agreement with Man City, but due to football issues, I accepted the opportunity to go to United. It felt tempting and it was something good for me. I liked this club a lot when I was a kid,” Sanchez told his Instagram followers.

“Eventually, I signed but I didn’t ask for information on what was happening inside the club.

“Sometimes there are things that you don’t realise until you get there and I remember the first training session I had, I realised a lot of things.

“After the session I got home and I told my family and my agent: ‘Can you not rip up the contract to go back to Arsenal?’ They laughed, I told them there’s something that doesn’t sit right, it doesn’t seem good.

“But I already signed, I was already there. After the first few months I carried on having the same feeling, we weren’t united as a team in that moment.”

The now-Inter Milan star goes onto add that the reporters also added to struggles, claiming they would make assumptions that were simply untrue, blaming him for his failings.

“I’m telling you my experience, the journalists at times would speak without knowing the facts and it hurt, they had no idea what was going on inside the club,” he added.

“They said it was my fault, and this, and that, but sometimes a player depends on the environment, the family that is created around him, and I think that in that moment we weren’t really a family.

“And that translated onto the pitch, and since there needed to be someone to blame, they blamed me.”

I struggle to feel bad for Alexis after he/his agent orchestrated the deal which saw him force his exit, but Aubameyang should take note and know that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Is there any doubt over PEA signing a new deal?


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  1. Music to my ears 🤣🤣
    I just love how traitors get to find out the grass isn’t always greener on other side.

  2. Hmm, this can happen to anybody…in fact, it happened to me.
    I had a job as an officer, then got a better offer to be a Fleet Manager for the first time in my life, i immediately thought it was a good idea as i will get a bit more money and career advancement-I resigned and after the first week, i quickly realised it was a very wrong move, I started pleading with my former employees to take me back which they did.

    Because I don’t wanna bore you, I will just say, sometimes, the environment you find yourself can determine how productive and competent you would be- unlike Alexis, I did not leave my employers in a bad way, hence the reason I can say I wanna go back.

    Sanchez was completely immature I could not believe what I was seeing, he was so bad that he was fighting and making jests of his own team mates, really??!!! In the end, he had more success with Arsenal than United, even though he made much more money with them, I guess that’s a big enough achievement huh? All the best in Italy…

  3. I’ve been listening to the pundits on Talksport – namely Perry Groves who had no sympathy at all.
    It struck me though, that if as implied the set up at ManU under Mourinho was tougher that speaks volumes about the softer training methods under AW

    1. SueP,

      I do no think this is about being tough or soft, the dressing room was toxic under Mourinho then. He was having issues with Pogba, Martial and Shaw remember??

      Alexis is a self-motivated work-horse,he would not have had any issues with tough training sessions but the dis-united United team.
      He was unlucky he had to work with Mourinho at a time where his usual 3rd year toxic curse surfaced, it might have been a different case if he had started with Ole…

  4. I need to add that, that it happened to Alexis does not mean it will happen to Aubameyang. We have seen several other players leave Arsenal to have better careers elsewhere, Gnabry anyone? I know there are many examples but I will stop there…Even Auba refused to train so he can join us.

    1. Thank you.We can even use a very parallel example to Alexis.That is Van Persie.He went to same club and helped them win a league title

      1. Not no the same era, Van Persie went to Man U when their ship was sailing in good water and no storm under a legendary coach guiding the ship.

        On the hand, Alexis Sanchez tried to copy RVP but when to Man U in the stormy waters 💧, the ship 🚢 was sinking and the self proclaim legendary coach was out of his head

    2. Gnabry did not mis-bahave or immatured like others that force their moves through some reasonable attitudes. What about Alex Song?

      1. Alex song said he didn’t regret his decision, and besides he won the la liga the champions league and he made more money.

  5. Okay first of all it’s not right to say Aubameyang should take note of Sanchez’s comments.
    Should Aubameyang take note of what happened to RVP after he left?
    You could make a case and say Aubameyang should take a look at Cesc, Ashley Cole, and a few others since they all won major trophies and had memorable careers.
    There’s nothing in this Sanchez situation Aubameyang can learn or take note from, simply because if he wants to leave he’ll be going to a settled club.
    Sanchez thought it was greener on the other side, it’s not entirely his fault. Ambition took him there but from the outside none of us saw the level of toxicity indoor at United.
    Mourinho was the coach wasn’t he?
    And everyone including United fans will tell you how toxic that man made the to be.
    I’m not defending Sanchez but like Goonerboy said, it can happen to just anyone. It’s unpredictable, it’s life, he left because he saw a better chance to progress in his career. Sadly it turned out badly.
    Aubameyang could leave and he’ll go on to win major trophies too instead of failing, so I clearly don’t see the point for this article

    1. Bless your heart Eddie for this. I already said something similar in another article where some fans came for him because he said he regretted leaving.

      This article just proves how unambitious we truly are as not just a club but fans as well, if majority have the same mindset as the article author. We simply were not ambitious under wenger, he felt man utd were better, had better chances of winning major trophies than we did. He left, unfortunately, to a mourinho team who didn’t know how best to use him (we all know mourinho went for sanchez because he knew if man City got him, he would make man City 10 times better, mourinho never needed him). And he would have been a beast and dominated the epl if he had gone to man City instead. Is he not doing remarkably well for Inter now? To show you he’s a player with great qualities and we missed him because we were not ambitious enough. Imagine having to replace van persie with Sanogo and giroud, playing coquelin as DM, went from Pires to Walcott, Viera to Ramsey and poor defence that wasn’t fixed for years unend by wenger and the board. I am really proud that Auba is asking the board to show signs of ambition by signing in quality players we actually need, he’s holding the club accountable and he’s brave for doing so. He, like Sanchez has had to carry this club multiple times only to be let down by team mates, who after losing, would laugh, take selfies and it would feel like losing is normal to them. Sanchez was a born winner, he hated losing. Imagine scoring a goal and your defence lets in 2?. I don’t blame anyone that left for Success under wenger because they had passion for football and wanted to win. They wanted their names in the history books. Wenger in his last decade could not provide that and the board could not prove they were ambitious enough as they accepted top 4 was their trophy. sanchez, Van persie, fabregas and many more that left were not comfortable with that.

    2. 👍 Aubameyang came out and said he loved the Club in January and here we are in September (9 months later) and his re signing has not been announced.

  6. “sometimes a player depends on the environment, the family that is created around him, and I think that in that moment we weren’t really a family.”…… Well! You had it all at The Arsenal, Mr. Sanchez, but you chose to throw it away. What you got was very well deserved. You are right they tried to blame you. But they were right.

  7. Big difference on the playing side whereas Auba excelled last season, Sanchez ,in his final year at Arsenal was garbage, and has proved to be a busted flush.Just ask Man Utd fans and they will confirm that to be the case.

    1. @Grandad True Auba has been a model professional in that respect and so was Ramsey in his final year. The same can’t be said about Alexis.

    2. @Grandad

      That isn’t true about Sanchez being garbage at the end. Yes he wasn’t performing at the same levels, but one can understand why.

      Wenger and/or Gazidis blocked his move in the summer, for absolutely no reason, for Wenger to then use him sparingly for 6 months. One could understand any players confusion, and frustration at that. The club turned down £60 million…for what? Despite that, at the time Sanchez left, I think he was our top scorer, and second in assists at Arsenal. So even a “garbage ” Sanchez, as you put it, was still head and shoulders above the real garbage at the club.

  8. The two situations are completely different. Having said that, I fervently hope Auba signs his extension as soon as possible.

        1. The day before the season kicks off – makes sense to me, Sid… although every Friday I’d be religiously checking Twitter for news haha!!
          If it doesn’t happen then (or before), I’ll seriously begin to wonder if it ever will!!

  9. Sanchez just wants attention because he is a forgotten man now.. Arsenal fans should not take anything he said seriously except that United was not a United team that’s all🤧

  10. What on earth Wenger or anyone else’s had to do with his decision, is a deflection.

    How many of you have condemned Ozil for, supposedly, just being interested in the money, but fail to make the same connection with Sanchez?

    Sanchez held the club to ransom in his last season and dissed his fellow teammates and manager with his antics
    How many times has the picture of Ozil under the umbrella been reproduced to slaughter him, yet Sanchez gets away with his behaviour, because he was “ambitious?”
    He’d just won the fa cup, played in the CL and was one of two world class players at our club… he left for the money, a reported £500,000 a week.
    It was his choice to run his contract down and hold the club to ransom – his football was awful in the last six months and he did exactly the same as RVP, he became a judas.
    A contract is a contract and should be honoured by both parties.. Sorry Alex is, you had it all and sold your soul for the money.

      1. Ken, I agree with your sentiments entirely. The things I will say in defense of Alexis Sanchez is that when he left he was ambitious to win things and disappointed with what he saw as a lack of ambition and effort by players around him and the Club. We could have seen his point more, if he had gone to Manchester City; however he went to Manchester United for money. This may have come from the fact that Sanchez grew up in poverty in Chile.
        I personally appreciate the fact that he is now man enough to publicly admit that he made a mistake. Reading his statement I wonder how much he was influenced by his management and their greed in screwing as much as possible from the deal. Another case of Mark 8:36.

        1. He was ambitious and left to win trophies but in his statement he said he wanted to leave immediately and come back to us a club without ambition when he saw how disjointed manu was as a team. Where was his ambition. This is not about the player, i love him to the tee but he went to United because of money and not ambition.

          1. Great reply Mobella, that shoves the “left for trophies” where it belongs – as one of the most feeble excuses for a judas – I wonder how your brilliant response will be countered?

          2. Mobella and ken please read my comment again. I stated “we could have seen his point more, if he had gone to Manchester City; however he went to Manchester United for money.”
            Isn’t that clear enough for you?

          3. ozziegunner, it wasn’t aimed at you and your sensible comments, read what others have said and you will understand the people it was aimed at.

          4. My initial response was in support of you. If Mobella and your comment was aimed at others, they should have been attached to those posts or separate.
            Maybe I am getting too sensitive due to some of ignorant and demeaning comments from other (particularly newly arrived “contributors”) posters on here. 🤔 The old regulars have built up some collateral, but some newbies start denigrating people with different opinions from day one.

    1. @ken1945

      Given his performances, Sanchez had every right to “hold the club to ransom”, as you put it. He wasn’t just our best player by a country mile, but one of the best forwards in the league.

      Give the insane contract Ozil was given, the money was clearly there for Sanchez, but I think maybe it’s his winning attitude that was too much for the softies at Arsenal. Which was perfectly highlighted when Bellerin said Sanchez wanted to win too much.

      You also talk about him running his contract down, but yet again, this is because Wenger and Gazidis would have left contract extensions to the last minute, as they did on a consistent basis. If they had sorted out an extension with 2/2.5 years left on his deal, then it wouldn’t have ended up being so messy.

      I won’t deny he went for the big pay day, and it’s a shame he left, because he would have become a legend if he stayed. Still one of my favourite Arsenal players over the last decade, and given the direction Arsenal were heading in, it’s easy to see why he wanted out.

      1. TMJW, with regards to running his contract down, there had been a new one on the table for months, that he kept declining…just as Aubameyang is doing now.

        Just like MA, AW wanted to keep the player and, just like Aubameyang, Sanchez and RVP kept delaying signing it, thereby getting the best deal they could by holding the club to ransom.
        His performances during his last months were a disgrace, if you care to remember and the toxicity he bought in this time was highlighted by Ramsey’s attitude towards him.
        None of us know what Sanchez was offered, so saying that the money was there, is a red herring.
        If you say Ozils reported £350,000 is a drain on the clubs finances, wouldn’t Sanchez’s have been the same?

        I note you blame AW and gazidis for the contract running down (although AW explained he was desperate to keep him), so who should we now blame for Auba entering his last twelve months of his contract?
        The only one consistent name is a certain kronkie, but I would like to know who you blame. If Auba doesn’t sign, how would you view him?

        I also loved the player that AW brought to the club, but not the one who left.

        1. @ken1945

          You’ve summed up my point perfectly about Wenger/Gazidis leaving things late. Deal should have been on the table years before, not months. Because Sanchez kept declining, they then had no wriggle room as his contract was almost up. It’s almost as if Wenger/Gazidis never once contemplated that a player might stall, or keep rejecting new deals. This is why you try and tie players down, especially star players, at least 2 years before their deal ends. Then if they reject, you can sell early, and get a big fee in. Another good example was Walcott. Yes he kept stalling also, but that’s because he knew he had the power, because yet again, Wenger/Gazidis left it late, so they had no wriggle room. Hence the insane contract Walcott was given!

          I am correct in this, because as we all know as fact, Wenger/Gazidis always left contracts to the last minute. The Sanchez situation was not a one-off mistake.

          The money isn’t a red herring, as you say, because although we do not know what Sanchez was offered, I think we all know it would have been a large amount. If he were offered a poor deal, knowing full well he’d reject it, then Arsenal would have just sold him.

          Sanchez’s wage wouldn’t have been a drain on resources because he was performing at a consistently high level, so we were getting something for our money, whereas Ozil…

          I don’t blame Kroenke in the slightest for the contract debacles, because he wasn’t in charge of day-to-day operations. We also know this because he’s a business man, so he would have taken the 60 million for Sanchez, instead of swapping him for a Utd flop, who was barely a third of the value of Sanchez. That was Wenger, and Gazidis who were to blame, and now the current hierarchy, who are to blame for Auba’s deal getting down to the final year.

          At least the new regime are getting to grips with contracts early, and we also have to remember that their contract negotiations/buying and selling have consistently been hampered, because of the absolute mess they inherited from Wenger/Gazidis.

          1. I quit agree with you on selling players who is stalling to sign a new contract that is why I would say this. Arsenal would be making a huge mistake starting a new season without Auba extension to his contract. We have been on it for almost a year now and we have heard all sort rumour about him signing the contract which I believe not strongly in because we don’t need all this drama to announce a player that is already ours. So if he has not signed I will be glad if we sell him before season starts as a want a settled team coming new season.

    2. @Ken.
      OMG. Your constant whinging and whining about your cult hero is quite something. Ozil is the biggest Victim In human history.
      What are you going to do with yourself once Ozil leaves Arsenal or when he retires from football?
      The guy has been a completely scrounger since he signed his nee contract.

      1. Goonster, what a silly boy you are.
        I’m not defending Ozil in any way – I’m attacking the lopsided view one player is given over another – your just not able to grasp that simple fact.
        Your classic “what will I do when he leaves The Arsenal” just shows your immaturity.
        I will do what I’ve done for the last sixty odd years and support the club…what will you do if MA brings him back into the team?? Keep on moaning and groaning and not supporting MA’s decisions as I’ve been doing?

        1. Your constant Ozil meltdown and victimhood efforts get tiring.
          The guy has been exposed as a scrounging fraud since he signed his recent contract.

          You can keep playing Ozil mental gymnastics but I am glad most fans have realised what a complete overhyped princess he is.

          Sanchez’s shortcomings at United have got nothing to do with Ozils complete nonexistent performances and scrounging off our club.

          If Arteta brings Özil back into the team then I will support his decision. What I will not do is giving Ozil a free pass if he keeps giving us half ars*d performances like he always does. He gets back into the team then he has got to show the same grit, fight, attitude and determination like his fellow teammates. If he does not then as always, i will be pelting him with criticism.

          I think this is different. You might have been an Arsenal fan for 60 years but I don’t thing you have had a player in that time that you were this emotionally invested into. 😊

          You seem so entrenched into your Ozil bubble that all you ever do is go on the defensive anytime anyone criticises him. It’s weird.

          Can you remind me of a single player in that last 20 or so seasons that you have been so emotionally attached too like you have been with Ozil?

          Or can you remind me of any period in Özil’s Arsenal career were you have ever even constructively criticised him. Have you ever criticised Ozil on anything ever in his time here?? Because to me you and a few others on here never see any wrong in him and any criticism of him gets you all senstive, emotional and defensive as hell.


        2. And @Ken.
          Sorry but you have no choice but to back Arteta in this situation. You would look stupid if you did not. Arteta has won us big games and a 2 trophies, and you will be laughed at if you tries your typical “Ozil vs Whoever” against Arteta. Arteta’s results on the pitch have not given you the Ozil acolytes any opportunity to start your “Bring back Ozil” catchphrase like did under Emery.

          But trust me. If Arteta had continued losing like he did in the first 2-3 games after lockdown, you lot would have been criticising him for not playing your cult hero (Ozil).

          Just look back at those first 3 games after lockdown. People were starting their typical “Ozil should be brought back into the team and not ask him to defend, track back, or work hard blah blah.”.
          Arteta is just an assistant manager.
          Arteta is just Raul’s b!tch.
          Arteta is just this and that….

          What shut most of you The Ozil acolytes down were the results on the pitch. That’s all.

          I can guarantee you that if we go through a bad patch next season and Ozil is not playing. The same ozil acolytes will be singing that same catchphrase (We miss creativity, bring back Ozil, blah blah..).

          Wanna bet?

          1. Goonster, you make me smile with your examples and what you think that represents to me…I am not the spokesperson for Ozil or anyone else come to that, theyare my personal opinions.

            You seem to think that I support Ozil not The Arsenal and that makes you look so silly, it is absolutely hilarious.

            So, give me examples of when I have said I’m disappointed in MA, his tactics, the results or what he is doing?…you cannot find one instance of any, that you can be sure of.

            I will defend ANY player from the kind of abuse a supposed “fan” like you gives out, without fear of any comeback whatsoever.

            Ozil, Xhaka, Mustafi, Elneny, Bellerin, Giroud, Pepe, Holding, Chambers…I could go on and on and on with the names of players who have been targetted for abuse by “fans” who believe they can say whatever they want and then become complete snowflakes when the likes of Xhaka, Koscielny and Bellerin fight fire with fire.
            Dross, thieves, filth, mentally frail, lazy, bleeding the club dry, never wanted at the club, are just some of the names/quotes, that “fans” like you call our players – such brave keyboard warriors, who turn to jelly when they are called out by the players themselves.

            You asked me why I never see anything wrong with Ozil – yet another example of you talking with blinkers on.
            First of all, I have always described his salry as obscene, grotesque, unbelievable and, probably, one of the biggest mistakes my club has made in the last sixty years – but they made it and it is a contract, signed in good faith by both parties…something that you don’t seem to understand or accept.
            Secondly, I have never questioned MA for leaving him out of the squad, but I have questioned the timing of that omission.
            You didn’t mention the undefeated games in 2020, when MA was selecting Ozil for every PL game, as you trumpeted the team’s performance since MA dropped him…something that MA himself addressed when he included both Ozil and Guendouzi, when talking about the fa cup win…so typical of MA and so typical of you.

            I have been lucky enough to have had a season ticket when both Sanchez and Ozil signed for the club and witnessed nearly every home game while they were being selected – so I know that Sanchez was being heckled by the fans during his last season, but I have never witnessed Ozil getting that treatment, quite the opposite in fact.
            I have no need to explain to you why I support the players at our club, or why I defend any of them against the abuse from “fans” like yourself. Suffice to say, I was always positive about the likes of Sanchez, RVP, Adebayour, Nasri etc etc until they left our club, as I will be with Ozil, Abaumeyang, Torreira etc etc – that’s what I BELIEVE a supporter should do.

            I’m sure you will carry on abusing Ozil and any other player you dislike and I’m sure you think it helps the club as it goes forward…that’s how you think a fan should act, so good for you.
            I hope it gives you satisfaction and makes the club and it’s supporters stronger – I will carry on backing any player who has not brought the club into disrepute, stayed within the clubs rules and does not renege on a legally binding contract, whether it benefits the club or not.

            A final message for you to digest: I am sure you remember Phil (PAL was his monocle), who went to every single home and away match during the time of Ozil being at the club.
            I will give you a quote he sent me, when we were discussing Ozil, not that you will take any notice of it:

            “the thing is Ken, it’s very easy to be critical of a player, let’s take Ozil. I’ve never ever been to a game where he has played when the crowd has got on his back – not once has this happened. Yet others (I have left out the people he names) pretend that 99.9% of the fans want him out, They obviously don’t. But unless you are there and see/hear the reactions then it’s only an opinion.”

            Now, if you can match his record of attending games, home and away, both in the PL and in europe, I might be interested in having in depth discussions on the subject of The Arsenal.
            From the dirge you repeatedly and monotonously churn out regarding Mesut Ozil, I somehow doubt you come anywhere near that experience.

          2. 3rd reply to @Ken.
            I think you are behind Arteta right now because he is winning games without Ozil. Like most Ozil acolytes. As I said, it would be make you look silly backing Ozil over Arteta right now.
            The Emery and Ljumberg tenures show that the Ozil loyal fan base is always waiting in the wings waiting for any bad results then their typical Ozil catchphrases come out “Play Ozil. We need Ozil. We lack creativity and Ozil provides it..”

            Again, Arteta’s winning streak after lockdown is the reason most of you Ozil fans are quiet. It would be silly to start your Ozil propaganda at the moment. Arteta is winning big games and trophies. But as I said. Just a few losses without Ozil and I put money on it, You and your fellow Ozilites will be out screaming for Ozil to be played.

            And weren’t you the person that kept regurgitating how us losing the first few games after lockdown was due to Ozil not being included? You and others kept pointing how we were unbeaten before lockdown with ozil in the team and now without Ozil we have lost the first 2 or sl games after lockdown. Lol. Even the social media propagandist himself (Ozil) tweeted something thing like “I am ready” after we lost. And that was the final nail for him with Arteta for the season. He was trying to undermine Arteta while you his cheerleaders were cheering him on like always. But I loved how Arteta stood firm and called his bluff on that tweet. Ozil must have thought talhat Arteta was spineless like Emery. Lol

            And you are more emotionally invested in Ozil. You have been on the Ozil emotional train since he moved here. The likes of Bellerin, Xhaka etc you just defend generally. But with Ozil it is a different kind of defense. It comes off like it’s personal, emotional, a very sensitive issue for you. No criticism of Ozil is allowed by you guys apart from blaming everyone and everything else apart from Ozil.

            And I asked you to remind me of any time you have ever criticised Ozi, even constructive criticism for the time he has been at Arsenal.
            Talking about how you commented on his obscene wages is not criticism. Lol.. I am talking about footballing criticism or off the field criticism. Have you ever?

            And I was one of the very few people on here that were firmly behind Xhaka when our snowflake fans were calling for his blood. I absolutely loved what he did. He Told our entitled snowflake lot to “FCK OFF”. The sensitive lot were harassing him amd his family for being average. Always been the guy that stood up for the likes of Giroud as he was scapegoated by the Ozil fan crowd since 2014/15 season.

            And were you one of the Ozil fans that used to blame Giroud for why Ozil was average?

            And Ozil continues to be a scrounger at Arsenal. Just happy to sit it out while draining £350,000 a week doing nothing. Sanchez could have remained at United milking £500,000 a week but showed money was not the be end end all, so he asked to move.
            Mkhitaryan asked to move.
            Sokratis is asking to move.
            Kolasinac is willing to move.
            Bellerin is willing to move.
            AMN was will to move for more playing time.
            Elney willing to move.
            And a lot of these guys took pay cuts or are willing to.

            One the other hand we have a scrounger so obsessed with making money and not willing to move. Refused to take a 12% temporary pay cut like his felllw teammates. Gets paid more but give the least in return.

            And I get so confused by your contradictory Ozil takes. One moment you love to assure us how your cult hero is so loved by fans and his name is consistently sang by more than 90% of the fans at the Emirates. But then at the sams time you love to tells us how Ozil is unfairly treates by our fans. You love to play these two contradictory Ozil cards. One is your constant “OZIL THE BIGGEST VICTIM” the world has ever seen. While as the same time “OZIL IS NEVER BOOED or DISRESPECTED” like some of our other players.
            Choose where you are at.. smh

            And we the Ozil critics have always been the minority. No one argue against that. What we love nowadays is that the majority of our fan base seems to have hard enough of him recently. They are criticising Ozil on the same on the same aspects some of us have been criticising him on for more than 5 seasons.

            I will ask you. When did you start defending the likes of Xhaka, Bellerin etc? Was it after the Xhaka vs Fans incident or well before that? Because I think I can remember the moment you started defending Xhaka etc..

            And another thing. I will keep criticising Ozil or any other player I deem to be underperforming. Ozil has been an underperformer for most of his time at Arsenal. We paid so much for him. Always paid him the highest wages but has mostly given us average to good games on average. Always giving 4-5 very good games per season on avarage.

            This is probably why my criticism of him will not decrease until his last game for us. Only acceptable performances can change my mind. If not that then i will continue criticising him as I see fit.

            Thank you very much.

          3. Goonster, you support the club and the players how you want to and I will do likewise.
            I don’t give a fig about what you think I do or don’t do, who I support or don’t support…it is completely irrelevant to me.
            I support every player when I watch them and the club when the media attack them.
            I will argue with anyone who attacks any player, unless it has been proved a player has disrespected the club or the manager, as is the case with Guendouzi – however, if MA selects him in the future, then he will get my support once again.
            For the record and, once again I have to say, Ozil is not the player he once was, is not worth anywhere near the salary he gets, needs to impress MA and should stop posting statements and get on with playing football.

            If he can’t do that, then MA will take the appropriate action and MO will leave at the end of his contract…no amount of the same old same old senseless twaddle, regurgitating the abusive bile, click baiting articles or making ludicrous statements (comparing DB etc etc) will change the situation and, while he, or anyone else, is part of our club, I will give that person my complete support.

            That is what I intend to do and please don’t “think” for me – it was MA as soon as AW recommended him and there will not be one single word of criticism from me – that is why I am so relaxed and enjoying our success.
            I have no negatives whatsoever at this moment in time and it is a great feeling – so thank you very much for showing me what being continually negative spawns – I’m not going to let anyone or anything spoil the great feeling MA has brought to the club, certainly not a bitter and twisted set of fans who need an outlet for their negativity…

            and now Sue tells me Cebs has signed for another season – my cup runneth over with positivity and pleasure, what a time to be a Gooner!!! The Partey’s just begun.

  11. I have been laughing whole day about this piece of news….🤣🤣🤣

    I believe Man U was teaching him how to make break-legging tackles or shirt pulling. Such things are what they are good at.

    Have to give it up to him for being modest and doesn’t reveal these things in public.👏👏👏

  12. Why would any player want to work with Mourinho now? He’s not the same coach he used to be. Spurs lockerroom to implode next season, as is tradition.

    1. Actually RSH, Mourinho teams normally perform better in his second season, but I can’t see it happening at Spurs. The implosion normally occurs in latter seasons; however this time it may come early.

      1. Yes he’d always won the league in his 2nd season with a club until United…We know for sure the spuds aren’t winning the league!!

  13. I had mixed feeling for him
    at the same i am sad to loose him assume Him Auba and laccazate ozil behind them and happy to loose him we had PEA

    1. “Before I had an agreement with city but due to football issues I decided to go to united..”football issues!,😂 I’m pretty sure he meant” financial reasons”

      1. Siamois, I agree it was for the money, but that may have been at the instigation of Sanchez’s agents looking to maximise their “pounds of flesh”?

  14. On one hand I give it to Sanchez for not sitting around scrounging off United with his £500,000 a week.
    But on the other hand I feel like he flopped big time at United and now making excuses to deflect from his flopping.

    1. I don’t agree, Goonster that Sanchez is “making excuses to deflect from his flopping”. As far as his bad time at Manchester United, that was due to many reasons; manager, playing system, high expectations, tactics etc. The thing is that Sanchez’s is not hiding, has been honest admitting that he made a mistake and as you state, has moved on to continue his football career on reduced wages.

  15. During his final season with Arsenal, Sanchez played very well on two occasions.Firstly away to Everton in the League, and secondly in the Cup away to WBA.Until his final season I was an ardent fan of Sanchez and could not believe how much his form deteriorated.I actually logged his performances, match by match and I came to the conclusion that he was basically over the hill and would never again be the great player he was.Since he left Arsenal, nothing has happened at Man Utd not at Inter Milan to suggest I was wrong.If you need more convincing ask any fan of Man Utd for their views on Sanchez and I can guarantee their comments will not be complimentary.

    1. That is how I saw him in his last season, Grandad. I remember telling a Utd fan at the time of the transfer that he will be surprised just how many times Sanchez loses the ball. or plays a poor pass.

      1. Yes, Arsenal dodged one bullet with Sanchez, unfortunately the second shot hit them and has been financially damaging ever since.

  16. All matters is that no single player is bigger than any club, neither our current captain, if he wants to leave let him do it quickly so we can find a replacement now the window is still open, with Arteta’s, I know will be competing for titles as we used to before.
    Once a Gunner always a Gunner

  17. Both cases are different. Alexis left us for the cash while Auba, if he thinks about leaving, it’s because we want to play in CL

  18. Let’s be honest, no one ever regrets for leaving this Arsenal side, especially someone with Auba’s qualities. The Arsenal side before Alexis left was a fairly good side, well respected in EPL and Europe. But, this Arsenal side is trampled by bottom clubs in EPL and humiliated in Europe, even in the minnow Europa League. Auba should be playing in a top club and in the Champions League, because he is at his prime and this Arsenal side will be hovering around the middle table for years to come. Arsenal is building a mediocre team to compete with the likes of Burnley. Liverpool and Man City are a miles ahead of them and Man United will join them at the top this season. Arsenal will fighting for 6th place behind Chelsea and Spurs. Alexis, Ozil, Giroud and Ramsey formed a formidable core at Arsenal prior to Alexis’s leaving and was a lethal attacking side. But, this Arsenal today is toothless at front and leaky at the back, like an old man with ED and Diarrhea.

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