Aubameyang “sounds pretty convinced” that he will stay at Arsenal

Well, I can imagine there are a hell of a lot of happy Arsenal fans out there today, as the Gunners reach their 4th final of this decade, and as won the other three, I think we can approach the Final with confidence whoever are our opponents.

And once again it was that man Aubameyang, who scored a goal in each half to seal our place in the big final. He recently broke our record for the quickest ever 50 goals for Arsenal in the Norwich game, and he certainly doesnโ€™t look like a player that is looking to leave Arsenal in the near future.

Obviously Arteta was asked about that situation by in the after-game press conference. The Boss was asked if wins like this will help convince Aubameyang to stay, and he replied: โ€œI think it will help everybody. These beautiful moments are always better than the bad ones and when I look at him and speak to him he sounds pretty convinced, but obviously if he can see the success and direction that weโ€™re taking is the right one, I think he will be more positive about it, yes.โ€

I wonder how many Arsenal fans would have predicted that we could beat both Liverpool and Man City in the space of three days? I should all the players and the fans must be feeling on top of the world this weekend.


  1. Well, there’s only one thing I can wear today…..and it’s red and white!!! And first thing Monday morning, i will be renewing my membership!!
    So, so happy……..
    Auba signing will be the cherry on the cake! ๐Ÿ™

  2. Its very hard to predict.
    More clubs will be interested and maybe is already negotiating after yesterdays game…


  3. Auba wants 250 per week and 3yrs contract, nothing to do with club achievement or ambitious, he’s a lover of fine things in life.We can afford it but we need clear Fringe players to tame the ballooning wage bill.

  4. The problem is and has been for a number of years , the ludicrous salary awarded to a ball player who does not have the energy to secure a place in what has become a hard working unit under MA. Unfortunately this rope will not be released from our neck for another season.In an ideal World we could sell to raise money in order to regain Auba.However our World is in turmoil and the prospects of unloading some of our non performing”assets” is remote.

    1. Very well put Grandad
      You called it energy and I have referred to it as puff. Without this, Ozil is next to useless as he is unable to fulfill Artetaโ€™s physical demands for the squad as a whole.
      Itโ€™s a shame really. Putting out a message saying that he is ready when he is no longer โ€˜readyโ€™ due to declining stamina is actually no good for Arsenal or for him.

    2. my opinion is that Auba has been a constant performer for us, in Germany and France.A game changer on most days unlike the other fella who was a one season wonder.If we rid Mkhi off the wage bill and add to what Auba currently earns, both Arsenal and Auba are happy. Mkhi is happy to move so I do feel that Auba will sign it. One of the lethal finishers, very difficult to replace. I doubt he will slow down.

  5. Before the break, I was all for selling both Auba and Laca to raise cash for a rebuild. Since Laca’s (hitherto) renaissance and Auba’s commitment, as well as being reminded of the tight relationship the two have, I’d be very happy if both committed themselves.

    Arteta is building a culture that is very much embodied by the likes of Auba, Laca and Luiz. Professionalism, work ethic and commitment to the team. Any new recruits will have a much better chance of conforming to this culture with these massive figureheads still in place.

    ยฃ250k for three years? Sign him up.

  6. I hope he does sign and doesnt end up being another RVP.
    OT: i would really love to know what Luiz was saying to AMN after the game, lots of hugs went around for him, Arteta basically gave him a bear hug XD

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