Aubameyang stripped of captaincy after losing team-mates

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang will no longer be the club’s captain after an official statement from Arsenal Football Club.

The forward was dropped from the playing squad that took on Southampton at the weekend, with the team going on for a 3-0 victory in his absence.

There has been mixed messages since, with Mikel Arteta having been reluctant to open up on the subject despite a number of questions during his post-match press conference at the weekend, but the decision has now been made public.

Arsenal have announced that not only will Aubameyang no longer retain the captain’s armband, but he remains unavailable for our upcoming match with West Ham in midweek, adding a warning to any further disobedience.

The official website reads: ‘We expect all our players, particularly our captain, to work to the rules and standards we have all set and agreed.’

I think there can be little complaint about Auba being removed from his role, he hasn’t been leading by example on the pitch for a while now, and he clearly doesn’t lead with his words either.

With him having shown a lack of leadership, it is natural that he should be removed as captain, and the club will now have to make the right decision on who should be his predecessor.

Who would you like to see as our next captain? With Granit Xhaka currently operating as vice-captain, could he really return to the fore?



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  1. Maybe it might be a catalyst on improving output, I can only hope so. That along with a change in tactics that enables our strikers to perform better.

  2. Whatever it is, this is another chance to make sure we choose the right captain and not the crap we’ve been doing over the past years.
    Tierney, Gabriel, Ødegaard or Ramsdale for the captain band please

    1. “Some at Arsenal argue that while Arteta has shown a willingness to bend the rules for Aubameyang, the player still manages to break them.”

      Piece with @David_Ornstein for @TheAthleticUK with all background we know heading into this press conference.

      Only a retard will argue otherwise, he’s always been giving Auba special treatment where others won’t get it.
      The key word in all this debacle should be the “Latest”.
      Surely even Arteta thinks there should be a change?

      1. Agree Eddie, this isn’t his first incident. It’s fair to think that Aubameyang got a very strict warning and was told no more screwups before this latest stunt. If this is his behavior he has nobody else to blame. It seems Mikel likes Auba a lot too just by their on-pitch interactions, but when kindness is taken advantage of, a decision has to be made.

        1. What I fail to understand that there is an obvious pattern and it wasn’t noted at Arsenal. You look at Auba’s track record in Dortmund, it follows closely to what he’s doing at Arsenal:

          1. Strong first season despite in a new league (with us it started on January )

          2. Next 2-3 seasons extremely lethal, goals from everywhere

          3. 3-4th season, problems brewing. Still scoring but something’s not right

          4. Problems are obvious, they are reflecting on performances too. Off-field behavior issues

          Auba followed this pattern in Dortmund and now at Arsenal. Watzke of Dortmund hinted Auba left BVB because of money. Well he played really well for us, until he got even better contract.

          He signed an extension at BVB on December 2017. Fast forward 13 months, he already moved to Arsenal, mid-season! And although he was scoring really well, he started having problems during those 12 months after signing an extension.

      2. Do you even know what the word “RETARDED” mean. I agree I don’t speak much English like you but you are becoming like a little child with your personal attacks on people who doesn’t share the same opinion with you.

    2. I would include white to the names you mentioned mate.
      It’s about time auba gets dropped from the squad too.we do need a strong squad of Hungry high pressing players.

      I want to see the squad below for West ham games .


      Smith rowe odegard saga

      Partey xhaka

      Tierney Gabby white Tommy



    1. I believe that’s what MA is going to do,give it to Laca until the end of the season,the only obstacle would be that he is not a sure starter.

  3. As much as I hate the “passing armband around” stuff, maybe that would be best for 2nd half of the season. Lets see players step up and earn the captaincy instead of making an immediate decision. Surely we can’t be going back to Xhaka who has already lost it himself and is not a leader when he plays for us. Ramsdale, Tierney, Gabriel at the moment must be the three frontrunners.

  4. I’m a firm Arteta opposer. But in this case, if what is being reported in the media concerning this matter is true to the letter, then I fully support Arteta on this one

  5. Where does it say he lost his teammates ?
    Unless I read the it wrong .
    Like I said yesterday it seems to me he’s been thrown to the wolves ,imagine visiting your sick mum and then to be made an example of because he came back late .
    Great protection from the manager for a player who was already struggling with his confidence in front of goal.
    He could not wait to come on camera and make a drama out of it only then to not say another thing about it after the game
    Yes leave him out for one game but now it seems he’s out tomorrow ,been made out to be a bigger thing than it is .
    Where was the 2 game ban when Willian was shagg1ng in Dubai and came back late .
    Prime example of a manager who was trying to cover up our poor performances on the pitch by scapegoating Auba .

    1. Dan, he was given permission to see his mother by the club and was told to return by a certain date. He’s a grownup and did not return by that date, and missed the final training session and made himself unavailable. This is NOT the first time either with his tardiness. You bring up Willian, but you don’t know if he was punished behind-the-scenes or not. Mikel has also done nothing but defend Auba when asked about his goal droughts in press conferences, hardly throwing him under the bus. I’m not even an Arteta fan, but I think we need to be real here. Auba has had plenty of chances to finally start acting like a leader. Team is down in the dumps after two losses and captain isn’t there for the final training session. Not good enough. Please explain why Auba SHOULD still be captain? Because I can’t really find a reason.

      1. RSH you’d b talking to the wall in this case.
        It’s always been obvious Arteta likes Auba and has always been treating him like they’re buddies.
        The Athletic said even others at the club sometimes questions why Arteta is always letting Auba get away with things, but since it’s also another chance to attack Arteta, the fans who sees nothing good about him will attack him instead

        1. Give it a rest Eddie I’ll support the club how I see fit just as you are doing with your cringy defensive posts surrounding Arteta ,I don’t need some ramdom bloke I’ve never meet nor ever will telling me how to support my club ,if you don’t like my posts stay away because no matter how much crap you spew at of your mouth I won’t be changing my stance on Arteta ,hope that helps you for future posts .
          Oh and a lovely use of the word RETARD up top ,might want to educate yourself about what that word really means .
          Mental retardation is not a joke .
          I’m not arguing the fact he missed his cut off time but he went to see a family member who wasn’t well ,is that a massive crime ,what i did t like was Arteta could not wait to get it out there for everyone one to hear which was obviously trying to deflect the fact if the team had of lost to Southampton he probably would have gotten his p45 ,that’s how I saw it anyway .

          1. so true DK, this is the second time our manager has purposely made a mountain out of a molehill when it comes to his public dealings with Auba…of course, any discussion regarding such matters would be vastly different if this tactic was deployed equitably whenever player “disciplinary” issues were in the offing, but we know that hasn’t been the case…that said, you should take solace in the fact that whenever you land of the opposing side of an issue from the likes of the human battering ram, Eddie, or the word salad master, James, you’re more than likely in the right

          2. Dan Kit

            You are so wrong . Auba deserves to be disciplined and that’s it. Smarten up and
            move fwd. Auba is a burden and Arsenal is not
            the Army of salvation but a club driven by results

          1. Oh hi James thought you would be hiding round the corner somewhere ready to throw your 2 penny’s in ,a bit of a let down TBH ,thought you had more to give fella .

        2. Lmao… My response was a comment to RSH and you’re here yapping about your support.
          I ain’t said you shouldn’t support whatever way you deem fit. Do your thing Dan😂
          All of this ain’t worth it, and I’m too tired after today’s work to be having any further argument or debate with you

    2. I agree it is a very important point, whether or not the teammates are behind Arteta, and I have also to see any reliable info on this.
      Having said that, I also think, we can safely assume, this is not only about being late in itself. I certainly think there must be a degree of deliberate provocation from Auba, or ar least something Arteta perceive to be a deliberate provocation or even a challenge to his authority.
      In this case, it is very important to know, if it is a sign of more widespread unrest within the squad, or if it really is just Auba.

    3. Only you could turn abua action around and blame Mikel. I.agine if he was not punished what example would that make to our very young squad? He has to be drop for the game because of covid rules i read and missing training so the choice wasnt realy Mikels. He was always going to be questioned when he left abua out of the quad and i think Mikel answerex the questions well, he didnt lie or go into too much detail either.

      1. I’m not disputing that fact gunnerdev
        What I’m saying is he had a very valid reason to go see his mum ,he got back late ,all the club had to say that he would miss the match but Arteta took over and made the situation worse ,now we are all arguing who was right and wrong .
        Any body would do the same in his shoes if a loved one wasn’t very well
        Now there’s a witch hunt after him just to defend Arteta ,why is he out tomorrow,he’s been training as normal but seems his punishment is now on going and that’s where I compared his situation to Willians .
        One rule for one ,one for another it seems

        1. DK You are a fine one to speak of “witch hunts”, considering you have been doing NOTHING BUT witch hunting MA for the longest, most consistent, most often (frequently daily or more times) period of any other Gooner on JA, even including Reggie.

          You are in my considered opinion utterly incapable of unbiased comments in any situation where MA is concerned.

          No matter what he may or may not have done wrong ,YOU are straight on to it with your vitriolic hated of him. You sicken me. You are calling yourself a fan but not behaving as fans ought to behave.

          1. That’s rich coming from you jon boy
            Your utter drivel slagging off pretty much every player in our squad and past players and managers is something to behold ,and trust me I do not need a lesson on how to be a supporter coming from the likes of you who’s football knowledge is on par with the manager you so much defend.
            I’ll support the club as I always have and I’ll judge Arteta as I have judged previous managers .
            If you want to talk about which hunts maybe look in the mirror ,that’s if you can find one big enough to see that head of yours .

            1. Brilliant post JPS ,a great read and full of facts ,I for one cannot wait for your next helping ,post more often please 👍

  6. Let’s wait and see the end of this movie. I don’t agree with what Auba did, but Arteta is making him out as if he’s the problem. The real problem is Arteta, yes auba Should have behaved like a leader but is Arteta behaving like a leader. One thing I know is without Auba in top form we are not getting a top4 place we will be lucky to get top6 without Auba goals. So I think the best thing that can happen now is the coach should sit down with the player and talk man to man, he doesn’t have to be captain to score goals.

    1. “we will be lucky to get top6 without Auba goals.'”

      Where exactly are these goals Sir? Because I haven’t seen them in a while..

    2. 🙄🙄🙄🙄@Lenohappy. The tendency of us finishing in the top four without Auba is higher than the other way round. So, you don’t tell us wrong what we all know is right. Ofcourse, if he starts scoring, it gives us an advantage in getting the top four spot but the true is that he isn’t. So, what are you saying?🤔 Auba is rather acting against our making the top4 than helping it happen.

    3. You have got to be kidding Lenohappy , the season will be over before he gets to top form, if that ever happens. This bad run of form as lasted to long which leaves me to think he is past he’s best
      Which catches up to all of us, and because we desperately need goals this season makes the situation worse. I think Auba is a good guy and well liked, but not the best professional…..

    4. “we are not getting a top4 place we will be lucky to get top6 without Auba goals.”

      Leeeeee to the Maoooo😂😂😂
      Mate we’ve been on currently hanging between 6-7 without Auba’s goals.
      Now that Martinelli is getting more chances and he’s doing a great job, we are all trusting he’ll others deliver

  7. I would include white to the names you mentioned mate.
    It’s about time auba gets dropped from the squad too.we do need a strong squad of Hungry high pressing players.

    I want to see the squad below for West ham games .


    Smith rowe odegard saga

    Partey xhaka

    Tierney Gabby white Tommy



  8. Seems there may be more to this than just what is out there for the public to digest. There are probably more facts here that the public will never know about.

    Has to be more to it for him to be dropped as captain, this perhaps a final straw in a collection of violations that led to this?

    Didn’t see much leadership from Auba when the club needed it to be honest, just hope the next captain is a true leader that they need.

    Tierney, Gabriel, or Ramsdale would make proper captains, I hope that is the direction Arteta goes. I left out White because I have not seen anything from him on the pitch to consider him as captain or “leader.”

    If he goes back to Xhaka as captain, I think that would be a mistake. This team needs to move forward now, the baton needs to be passed to someone who exhibits what Arteta and the club are trying to do.

    Meaning, a player who reflects the direction and product that ownership is trying to sell to the fans.

    That is Tierney, Gabriel, or Ramsdale.

    1. Well said Durand – agree with every word. Ramsdale for me but no problem with Laca as an interim.
      Ramsdale is vocal, a natural motivator, communicator and organiser, adored and respected by all, not injury prone and close to undroppable. It’s obvious already he would (metaphorically!) die for the badge, and if there’s one player who I think would play even BETTER with the captaincy, it’s him.
      Tierney has too many injury problems and his place isn’t guaranteed.
      Gabriel’s only weakness is his English atm.
      Future options include White and Ode, but too early for either.

      1. Good points you made Guy, can’t disagree with your reasoned response.

        I think a new younger captain could maybe spark this team, something for the fellas to rally around and build on going forward. Xhaka is going backwards to the past.

        Personally I like Tierney; he’s been here the longest (between him, Gabriel, and Ramsdale), Tierney also been around the teammates longer, has displayed leadership abilities we talk about, and has the respect of teammates, Arteta, and the fans.

        His injury history is a concern, and it is a good point you bring up. Gabriel would be fantastic, but how fluent is he with English and messaging.

        Ramsdale would be a great pic also; organized, vocal, has no problem getting in his teammates ear, productive, and interacts with the fans is a plus.

        My only concern is that Arteta goes back to Xhaka. Going back to that same well expecting something different would be a mistake.

        Sambi could replace Xhaka now and the team not miss a beat as we saw with Xhaka’s recent injury.

        1. Sambi’s first thought is to look forward – pretty much the same as we expected Partey to play until he lost the plot. I’d far rather have him there than Xhaka, or even Partey on current form (although he’s preferred to Xhaka as he has at least the POTENTIAL to excel).
          Arteta wouldn’t make Xhaka captain again – replacing one skipper sacked for ill-discipline with another previously sacked for the same? Or would he…?!!!!

    2. I agree too with Durand,there has to be more to it.with Auba not scoring,he might have talked to MA about tactics, something the manager wouldn’t like at all,being questioned by a player,then there questionable decisions from the manager,like was using Eddie a player who made it clear that he wants to leave.

  9. MA is (partly) to blame for this mess!how did he think that Auba would make a good captain?I understand that negotiations might have played a part in his decision but he had the chance to rectify it at the start of this season and didn’t,once again his lack of experience shows. people like to go in about MA having worked under Pep,well Pep gets his players to vote/decide the captain and co-captains which I think is the best way to go about the start of this season Sterling lost his role as co captain to Diaz and the media didn’t seem to care.

  10. 🙄🙄🙄🙄@Lenohappy. The tendency of us finishing in the top four without Auba is higher than the other way round. So, you don’t tell us wrong what we all know is right. Ofcourse, if he starts scoring, it gives us an advantage in getting the top four spot but the true is that he isn’t. So, what are you saying?🤔 Auba is rather acting against our making the top4 than helping it happen.

  11. My understanding of the situation is that Auba was given permission to fly to France and collect his sick mother and bring her to the UK on the same day – and not to stay overnight.

    The reality is any responsible adult could have accompanied his mother on a fully kitted up medical private flight to the UK but the club allowed him to do it. He was given sufficient compassionate leave to allow a day trip to and from France and had no business to decide to stick his middle finger up to his manager and employer and come back late.
    My take on it anyway!

    And he deserves the axe for thinking that his actions didn’t have consequences. He had/has the world at his feet and behaved like a total berk

    To pin this on Arteta is absurd. Pin other things on him by all means but trying to make out that our former club captain is an innocent party and our manager has been guilty of bad man management stinks on this occasion

  12. I was certain – or at least as certain as anyone can be, given the roller coaster ride that our team is having at the moment – that MA would correctly demote Auba.
    He had no choice and my only criticism is why he was allowed to keep the captaincy , disastrously and stupidly awarded to him by Emery. I waas equaly stupid by MA to allow such a cavalir player to keep the captaincy But we are where we are and better late than never.

    NOW, the important next step is to get this harmful maverick and bone idle, uninterested and unmotivated player OUT OF OUR CLUB ASAP

  13. I will pass my verdict on arteta at the end of may. Anything less than a top 4, he should be shown the door.
    He can’t give any more excuses with the players that most manager would queue up to take charge of.
    Ancelotti wanted the arsenal so badly after we sack emery, even sending his reps to try getting him the job. Look at what he is doing at Madrid now cos if the caliber of players at his disposal.
    Imagine him coaching this current team of players at arsenal. We be performing just like real madrid now. No wonder he left Everton immediately the Madrid job became available and if he had coach arsenal before Madrid came for him he would reject him cos of the talents avail to him at arsenal.
    Like I said will wait until season ends to see where arteta will place the gunners on the table. Anything less than 4 place, he should get the boot and go for Erik ten hag ASAP!

  14. No matter how anyone look at it, I must say that the problems of arsenal is not Auba rather, Arteta. That the team is not doing well on the pitch should not be placed on Auba. If a player is undisciplined, get him punished and not trying to make it look like a fan fair. Now Auba is dropped and captaincy retrieved from him, I pray it will translate into success on the field of play.

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