Aubameyang terms agreed? How would Arsenal line-up with new signing?

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has supposedly agreed personal terms with Arsenal, but how would the club’s first-team be effected?

The striker appears to be trying to force his way out of his club at present, and is supposedly close to joining the Gunners this week.

His arrival is claimed to be as a replacement for Alexis Sanchez, who is believed to be on his way to one of Chelsea, Manchester United or Man City in the coming days, and the Dortmund striker should go some way to replacing the hole left in our attacking threat.

Our team would likely undergo a change in system with the transfers above, with our formation currently accommodating only one striker, and current club record signing Alexandre Lacazette will surely keep his key role in the side.

You would imagine that our XI would be adapted to include two up top, possibly in a 4-3-1-2 formation, which would also play into accommodating both Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey with Granit Xhaka providing the extra metal which the pair lack.

Possible first-team XI:

Bellerin  Koscielny  Mustafi  Maitland-Niles
Ramsey  Xhaka  Wilshere
Lacazette  Aubameyang

The attacking pair may not have the best combination of abilities to form the ideal partnership, but there is the thought that the French striker may well be suited to playing alongside another attacker, and they could well be perfectly ideal at creating the necessary space for each other, and with Mesut Ozil and Wilshere behind doing the creating, the duo could become feared throughout the division.

Would the above XI be an improvement on our current team? Could PEA and Lacazette work well alongside each other?

Pat J

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  1. Malcom in the middle says:

    Wenger won’t play him because he was a Sven signing. Wenger already knew of ALL the players in Europe before Sven arrived but decided not to sign any of the good ones anyway.

    1. McLov says:

      Wenger really feels intimidated by Mislintat.

      Very narcissistic person that old man is.

      1. Malcom in the middle says:

        True. Sad example of one of those employees that has been somewhere so long that they are too afraid to move on. In the mean time new methodologies and processes came along and that person has been rendered obsolete because s/he spent all their time telling everyone how indispensable they were while never moving with the times.

        1. pires says:

          Milisnat is part of Wenger staff not the other way around

          1. bran911 says:

            Just like Bould, and see where Wenger put Bould after he enterfered with his team management “tactics”

    2. Arnold says:

      you what wengerr’s comment mean is out of the loop now its Sven/Sanllehi and Gazidis when you come to transfer and Sven is now Wenger’s Boss under Sven recommendation now they are shipping out dead woods now they verbally inform so and so has to go Coq, theo, sanchez etc by wenger’s tone on some press confr. you can tell is very frustrated no more power he used to enjoy

      1. Ash_gooner says:

        I agree 100% he losing his grip around the club and he can’t stand it, it’s great to see lol

      2. jon fox says:

        Yes, glory be, it at last looks as if the fossils power is being downgraded and his decisions (what decisions, he never makes any?) ignored. ONE STEP AWAY FROM THE SACK NOW, WHICH I AM CONVINCED WILL BE BY MAY AT LATEST. Next staging post in our campaign to oust him is the planned Anti-Wenger demo planned for Palace game and then defeat by Chelsea and increased fury. Great news. Professor Fossil is almost beaten now. One last kicking will finish this enemy of our club and of our supporters off, once and for good!

    3. nero says:

      Arsenal has great players.. Aubameyang will be a great addition

      The only issue is the never ending passes we do…
      Only of we play counter attack..Can we succeed..
      If Aubameyang comes and Wenger doesn’t change his Style, failure is for sure

    4. LagosGunner says:

      It’s all bullocks until we all see it on Arsenal’s official website.

  2. Salmonella says:

    Why aubameyang why??
    When we just bought Laca
    Go buy good defenders & a proper winger ffs

    1. Jan says:

      Ok i get it we need defenders and stuff but we also need replacement for Sanchez right..

      1. Welsh_Ramsey says:

        No disrespect to Auba, he is a top top striker, Maybe one of the best in the world at current. But we have lacazette who himself is a great player as well. What we lack with alexis leaving is a player who can play on the wing and provide width. Iwobi and Welbeck shouldnt be starting, and the formation the author set up gives no width on the wings, jack and Ramsey wont be the ones to offer it either. If were expecting our full backs to always be bombing forward down the wings, were still going to be just as defensively fragile, but with one less CB. Especially when Xhaka is being put as the defensive anchor.

  3. Will says:

    It’s The Mirror reporting it and it’s an Arsenal January transfer – I’m not holding my breath that this is even close to being accurate. Call me cynical but first of all I can’t see why he would want the move and honestly can’t see us spending the amount needed to secure him.

  4. Krish says:

    i honestly have to say that i find this formation with those players a better XI than anything with sanchez cause this would probably bring the best out of özil and as i’m big fan of 3 CM’s 4312 would be the way forward not this boring 3421..

    1. Shortboygooner says:

      3421 is poo amd does not work basically. I really do hope we get aubambeyang that will be a big statement and if we get micky as well wow

  5. USAGooner says:

    I like this XI but would but Mkta in midfiled in place of Ramsey and Kolasinac as winger when he gets better. Its a strong XI. Don’t forget that we could also play Laca as a right winger. He could easily play there,

  6. Innit says:

    Ive heard that Theo is undergoing a medical at Everton (sky sports).

  7. Why not sort out defence
    Play Maitland-Niles instead of xhaka

  8. Sue says:

    Was that a pig flying???

  9. SAGunner says:

    Any side with a Sanchez replacement is an improvement on a side with S… 80% of the time our guys seek him out as receiver of their pass and then S proceeds to lose the ball in one of his regularly failing dribbles, or he proceeds to pass the ball anywhere only to lose the ball again.
    Sell him and use the funds wisely… that means don’t let that old fool Wenger decide whom to buy,
    or we’ll end up with some more players not good enough at big salaries either being lent out or sitting on the bench.
    Truly, I mean think about it… he had the Ox on the bench for a few seasons… he than proceeds to offer him a new contract… “to do what”? Stagnate his potential for another season?
    The Ox got some good advice and flew the coop… look at his performances for Liverpool… Wenger did not recognise the ox’s class

    1. Jan says:

      Youre wrong about Ox…he had some flashes here too but thats it…same will happen at pool.

    2. Lexynal says:

      Eh…..let’s not carried away just because we are having an awful season. What performance is Ox putting up at Pool? Has he not ever shown such wualities but inconsistently? Why is it a big deal he scored against MC? Did not score our wining goal against Mouriho’s Chelsea at Wembley? Common guys.!!! Consistency was what we needed from Ox…we never got it and we got paid #35m…we will take it all day.

    3. Lexynal says:

      Eh…..let’s not carried away just because we are having an awful season. What performance is Ox putting up at Pool? Has he not ever shown such wualities but inconsistently? Why is it a big deal he scored against MC? Did not score our wining goal against Mouriho’s Chelsea at Wembley? Common guys.!!! Consistency was what we needed from Ox…we never got it and we got paid #35m…we will take it all day. I am happy to go get a better and more consistent players. We are sounding like he has scored 5 goals yet and it is already over half the season…Oops!!!

  10. iffybright says:

    Walcot leaving is the best transfer deal….. I can’t wait to see him go

    1. Jan says:

      Whos Walcott?

  11. oba arsenal of lagos says:

    I just want draxler on my left.
    How bout this for a team
    Manager :van brochorst
    New keeper
    Bellerin kos mustafi kolasinac
    Nzonzi wilshere
    Malcolm. Auba. Draxler
    Bench:Ramsey xhaka lacazette monreal Niles new r.b e.t.c

    1. Alkali says:

      I will get ndidi instead of nzonzi

  12. Donald says:

    Was following smoothly until you said Xhaka will provide steel then I froze. Xhaka that I know only knows how to pass and shoot. He can’t run or mark. Very slow and inefficient defensively

  13. ThirdManJW says:

    Even if we sign Aubameyang, Malcom, AND Mkhitaryan, it solves nothing, for two reasons.

    1) They’ll all be coached by Wenger for a minimum of a season and a half, but probably longer in my opinion. Which means they’ll all start to regress once Wenger has brainwashed them with his philosophy. We may get an initial improvement in the short-term, but a guaranteed regression in the long-term with these players.

    2) Even if Wenger was brilliant at his job, and our struggles were purely down to the players, then signing these three quality attackers changes nothing because our problems EVERY season are to do with the defensive side of the game. We desperately need a WC DM! Xhaka is officially our worst player. Cech’s not been good enough. Mustafi wants out, and has been inconsistent, and Koscielny has been very poor, coupled with injury problems, we need TWO CB’s! Bellerin wants out, and is awful. So we need a GK, CB x2, RB/RWB, and a DM, yet we’re not even linked with ANY quality defensive players????

    1. nero says:

      Your very right…at Arsenal Cech is just a big name from glorious days past …but a very average keeper.
      Yes Wenger would kill these player career with his outdated philosophy…never unending passes..against burnmout iwobi had the ball..and was looking for who to pass to Welbeck whose a striker instead of running into the box 18 was running back into back into the opposite Arsenal part of the field…what rubbish is that? And its been this way for far too long…even Barca the best team shoots and throws long balls occasionally…
      Wenger still has it in him..put his pompous nature has blndinded him..unless we play counter attack.. Aubameyang will come and do a Sanchez a season and half from now…

      The fact that Oxlade is scoring and lazacatte goals have dried up..says alot about Wenger and his patterns…The nos don’t lie..ox has never scordd more than 2 goals a season for Arsenal…but now he’s on 3 already.. lacazette is prolific..but what are we seeing now.

      Tika Tika must end…it’s so foolish Wengers glory days wre built on counter..yet he sticks the confirmed failure method .

      Apart the usual dead Woods xhaka and co..bellerin does nothing to improve that team..All he does is run aimlessly.. Richardson is miles over him

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        I agree, It’s bizarre why he doesn’t go back to counter-attacking football, because that’s where all of his REAL success came from.

        I’d also add to that that he should start signing more physically imposing, and taller players like we had in that first decade. We used to put fear into our opponents, not just because the ability of our players, but the fact we were a very aggressive team as well. Remember how many red cards we used to get! Yes times have changed, and the game is a lot more gentle now, but we’re still way too soft.

  14. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Pat J, when Monreal recovered from injury and he’s 100% fit and inform to play, you can bet, as his 1st choice, Le Boss will certainly start him in Arsenal back three defense-line in prefrence to Maitland in his supposedly new starting XI that includes Aubameyang if he’s signed. But does terms agreed with Auba by Arsenal makes him a Gunner if no transfer fee is agreed by Dortmond and a medical is passed at London Colney by Auba before he can move to the Emirates Stadium?

    And despite that Auba is Cup tie and thus cannot play for Arsernal in the Europa League but in the Carabao Cup against Chelsea at the Ems next week if he’s signed this week. And also can play against Man City in the final at Wembley. That’s assuming both Arsenal and Man City reached the final.

    Auba is a top quality high caliber goals scoring player that can make the difference for us in our remaining 15 PL matches campaing this season to still see us clinch a top 4th table finish with his regular goals scoring prowess for us.

    If Auba is available, I’ll implore Le Boss to sanction his transfer to us this window with immediate effect as time is of the essence. The Dortmond reported £53.3 asking transfer fee slamed on his head can be negotiated by Arsenal by a player swap deal with Olivier Giroud plus cash to lower the transfer cost. And of course, Henrikh Mkhitaryan will come to Arsenal as replacenent for Giroud if Man U sorts out his swap plus cash deal for Sanchez transfer to the Red Devils. Let Man U ironout things with his agent, Mino Raiola by paying Mkhitaryan compensation fee for forcing him out of the club to go to Arsenal with Raiola getting his own cut from the payout money to Mkhitaryan. Then, I believe the deal will go through for both Arsenal and Man U. Otherwise, Raiola could scuttle the transfer.

  15. mario says:

    Here is my say give Sanchez man u then bring Mickey, buy Aubumuyan and Malcom,
    Possible Line up.
    Aubumuyan lacazett ozil
    Mickhy Wilshare Ramsey
    Sead koscelny Mustafi ballerin

  16. barryglik says:

    Since 2009 Kroenke’s
    I did not buy a football
    club to win titles has
    dominated ArsenalF.C.
    Was Wenger complicit or coerced? Bit of both maybe?
    Top 4 “The Wenger” became the new Arsenal trophy.
    So we bought good but rarely great players
    and more often than not mediocre dross.
    We really only had 5 world class players these past 9 years.
    Cech Koz Cazorla Ozil and Sanchez.
    We signed far too many some times expensive
    and overly paid players who just did not make the grade.
    In fact many of our success stories were insanely cheap.
    I would say Cech Monreal Mertz and Giroud
    all for around 10 mill were our most productive signings
    and the big signings like Ozil and Sanchez did not bring any league titles.
    Moving to the Emirates was supposed to see us compete with the biggest clubs.
    Ozil was supposed to attract all the worlds best strikers.
    Sanchez would pilot us to the title.
    50 m Lacazette would score a gazillion goals and titles would flow.
    But we remained a top 4 club.
    The English core Ramsey Jenkinson Gibbs Wilshere Chamberlain
    Wellbeck Walcott Chambers would anchor the team and the glory days would return.
    Did I believe any of those promises …no… but i wished they would come true.
    Now Chamberlain Gibbs Gabriel Coquelin Cazorla and Sanogo are gone.
    Soon Walcott (apparently) Sanchez (apparently ) Debuchy (apparently) are going.
    Campell and Perez will be moved on.
    With Koz Mertz and Cech not long for the knackers a huge change
    is sweeping through the club.
    5 years late but change has finally come to Arsenal F.C.
    The Kroenke/Wenger 4th place sustainable model has had it’s day?
    Or has it?
    Buy the way Ozil is way too quiet.
    Taking a medical some where is he? (apparently) 🙂

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      this why we have Mislintat, our new head of recruitment and Raul our negotiator

      since vice chairman Dein left, we lost a negotiator and our former chief scout isn’t recommending well…

      now we have French, German and Spanish including South American sides all covered

  17. COYG_CA says:

    Reading some “news” – “agreed to personal terms” doesn’t mean sheit . . . . when/and a BIG IF, AFC does sign the player, and it is stated as a confirmed transfer, then, and only then, will I for one believe it!

  18. Twig says:

    It appears Auba is more likely to join us than Mkhi who still has “doubts”. The last thing we need is a player who doesn’t want to be here.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Mkhi over Martial is Svens choice, Wenger wants Martial and I would much prefer Martial as he is younger and more potential.

      I really don’t rate Mkhi, I never have done, last time we was rumored and UTD got him I did a mini dance and felt like we dodged a bullet.

      Would love to get Martial instead, that kid has talent with a lot more potential and many more years left in him.

  19. John0711 says:

    Sky sports- the miki /Sanchez deal is a straight swap no other cash will be exchanged and Raiola wants top wages for him or no deal

    Sorry no deal

    1. muffdiver says:

      tell wenger that
      we swap best player in premier league with hazard last 3 years for
      worst player in united squad(fans words)

      plus we have to deal with mina raoila


      1. John0711 says:

        Here here mate, personally I would prefer spend nothing and give the new manager all the funds

        1. John Ibrahim says:

          totally would prefer martial or juz funds…

    2. jon fox says:

      Yes, glory be, it at last looks as if the fossils power is being downgraded and his decisions (what decisions, he never makes any?) ignored. ONE STEP AWAY FROM THE SACK NOW, WHICH I AM CONVINCED WILL BE BY MAY AT LATEST. Next staging post in our campaign to oust him is the planned Anti-Wenger demo planned for Palace game and then defeat by Chelsea and increased fury. Great news. Professor Fossil is almost beaten now. One last kicking will finish this enemy of our club and of our supporters off, once and for good!

    3. Jah D jnr says:

      Might as well let him leave for free at the end of the season. Martina, money or no deal!

  20. GoonAR says:

    @ManUtd_HQ (Twitter) states the Mkhi/Sanchez swap will be announced tomorrow. Not sure of their credibility.

    1. John0711 says:

      No chance imo Raiola seems like a knob and I can understand why people don’t want to deal with him

  21. Midkemma says:

    Auba is a top attacker.
    He can also play on the wing, that was his pos when he 1st signed for BvB and they moved him into the middle after selling their main CF at the time.

    Auba has the potential to be a AM and a CF in one game, he can replace Alexis in the left AM role and cut in like Alexis does and Pires did. He knows how to score and he can get past players with ease.

    I will admit that I would like to see AFC play with 1 AM and 2 CF though.

    The posted team is nearly what I would have but swap Xhaka for AMN and put Sead at LB.

    1. nero says:

      Sounds good..but it’s only a fantasy that can come true if Wenger stops his useless Tika Tika and plays the boys to their strength

  22. Ronny says:

    So one diva,(sanchez) abd one deluded money grabber,(walcott) out the door maybe only for another diva and pain in the ar*e to come in,(aubemeyang)? Don’t get me wrong this guys fierce but laca and auba how’s that going to work?
    It’s get who we can get during January and with no CL I’m amazed anyone wants to come.

  23. Taf says:

    The Answer is simple…it doesn’t matter who we get as long as Wenger is still managing the club its gonna be same old same old

  24. Ackshay says:

    Auba news has been mentioned on reliable sites like sky sports and football whispers but no Deal has been confirmed. Getting both auba and mkhi in the same window would be unreal for arsenal in such bad shape. If we get malcom as walcott replacement and ozil sign the new contract we gave him I would say our attack will be one of the best in epl and sorted out.
    No coincidence that both players were bought during sven time at dortmund. Great going sven now fix our dm problem and while you are at it scout for a new greatcl manager.

  25. Sri says:

    How are these potential exits going to help with the English quota of PL squad? Coq and Walcott were from English quota.

  26. heru says:

    I would like to have use these formation :

    Bellerin Koscielny Mustafi Kolasinac
    Ramsey Xhaka Wilshere
    Lacazette Aubameyang

    But with these formation, we will lack of pace on the wings. The attack focus mainly will be from the middle.
    But, let we see.
    We need refreshment, from the player and also from the formation

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