Aubameyang to Arsenal? It’s all just smoke and mirrors…

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang- It’s all a con by Dan Smith

News regarding Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang this week has ranged from him wanting to move to Arsenal- even going as far as his agent apparently flying in to London to agree personal terms. Arsene Wenger hasn’t exactly gone out of his way to quash the rumours yet Dortmund on Friday insist they have had no contact with us. I obviously have no experience in dealing with transfers worth million of pounds but from the outside it seems quite simple.

Having made a profit in the summer we have continued to make money this month by selling more squad players. That means there is cash to spend, from a PR perspective pressure to make a marquee signing, and clearly Aubameyang and Dortmund have a uncertain relationship.

So is it not as straightforward as asking the German club ‘is he for sale and what’s the valuation?’ Either agree and make an offer or say no and move on to a list of targets you must surely have lined up.

Bear in mind we would have known a couple of months ago the likelihood of Sanchez leaving in this window. In a world where it’s accepted that tapping up goes on, surely we knew way before January 1st who’s a realistic target or not?
So why does it seem so complicated?

Indeed our so called rival’s transfer policies seems to be that the moment they are linked to a player, the deal is completed the following day.

Are we that cautious that it takes us so long to conclude such deals? Or do we (a club that prides itself on doing things the right way) somehow manage to leak out our dealings.

Or is it option three? The theory that most of us fear, that the club are happy for us to believe we have ambitions to chase talent such as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang just to keep us onside?

Think about it. The board face a backlash with our best player going to Manchester United. It suits them for fans to be distracted by the notion that we are replacing a world class player with another. Then on January 31st when such a deal (that never existed) falls through we are meant to reassure ourselves that at least we are only chasing the very best.

I of course would love to be proven wrong but this is like the same movie, we know the ending. How many times has the name Karim Benzema been thrown out there?

All the certainty that the papers have that we will get Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, do they not echo when we apparently had our eyes on Higuain ?

When Luis Suarez was doing everything he could to make us buy him, we suddenly went out of our way to offend Liverpool instead of an offer they couldn’t refuse.

We spent all summer trying to buy Lemar then conveniently ran out of time by the time we finally acted.

What hurts the most is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is a signing as fans we should expect. It’s what other big clubs would do. It wouldn’t even burn a hole in our owners pockets given the recent outgoings.

In the short term Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan would keep fans happy and prove there is ambition at our club, more than just making money. It’s the type of signings we as fans deserve and demand. Yet with this board, I will believe it when I see it.



  1. tatgooner says:

    aubameyang is not coming to arsenal lol.
    ridiculous transfer rumour

    1. muffdiver says:

      not so sure mate

      1. GB says:

        Me neither muff

      2. Lunga says:

        I truly doubt that his coming we not so lucky.

    2. GoonAR says:

      I think you’re wrong…. Auba incoming!

  2. Ackshay says:

    While your doubts are justified given wenger reputation in dealing I believe/hope that wouldnt be the case with sven as the 2 players were bought by Dortmund during sven time. Malcom was most likely the backup or smokescreen.

  3. Raja Danish says:

    miki and auba will be two great signings especially in january transfer window….. our front four with auba laca miki and ozil will be one of the best if not the best in the league…. Just need a strong cdm like kante or matic may be fabinho or any other strong tall cdm….. add to it a cb who is a leader like we had in adams and sol in past… we will become a better team and with the change of managership we will beocme a force to be reckoned with in pl and in ucl…..

  4. ThirdManJW says:

    Normally I’d completely agree, given the amount of lies, and propaganda that usually emanates from Arsenal, but there does seem to be a little more traction to this particular rumour, in comparison to the usual journalistic tripe. I initially laughed off this rumour, but there does seem to be a possibility what with his problems at Dortmund, and the previous working relationships he’s had with Mkhitaryan, and our new head of recruitment Sven Mislintat.

    My take on it is that we’re probably just replacing quality with quality, and not adding anything extra. Mkhitaryan is more a playmaker, so he’ll be Ozil’s replacement, who will leave this month, but more likely in the summer. Aubameyang I guess will be Sanchez’s replacement, although not sure how that’ll work given he’s more of a striker. Possible Lacazette leaves in the summer, and Aubameyang is actually HIS replacement instead. Lacazette has had a poor season so far, and Wenger doesn’t seem to fancy him, so his departure could be a possibility.

    I think if these deals go through, we could be in for a quiet summer. Which is depressing because we need: GK, RB, CB x2, DM as well!

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      P.S. We need to get a ‘thumbs’ petition on the go! I for one desperately miss getting thumbed on a regular basis. Many ‘thumbs up’ just makes me feel happy!

      1. Admin says:

        Ahh do you feel better now? lol

      2. neil says:

        not sure you would get many thumbs up for your post !!
        Laca to leave ? No chance.. Sanchez has mucked whole system up and not seen beat of Laca yet
        Why would it be a quiet summer if we get Auba and Mkhi? Clearout already been taking place.. wenger has signed 3 young defenders in chambers holding and Greek guy.. also Bielek AMN and others coming through…
        Said it before we are in transition .. other teams are allowed to do that why cant we?
        Ozil to renew with Laca Mkhi and Auba in front of him .. back 4 .. Rmasey and Jack as midfielders feeding Ozil and Auba Laca and Mkhi inter changing

      3. Break-on-through says:

        One of the reasons why I like the thumbs …is because unless people reply to you, you won’t have the foggiest idea of how people feel about what you’ve just said. And even with a reply it’ll likely be just the one dude/dudette. In conversation you get a back and forth, answers!, and what we’re all doing in here is conversing after reading.

    2. GunnerMann says:


  5. Viera Lyn says:

    How utterly ironic that Wenger received a touchline ban for calling Mike Dean a dishonest official considering the plethora of lies that he has spewed over the past ten years…it’s likely the reason why the officials and those in the know despise him because no one likes someone who pretends to be “holier than thou” in public when it best suits their own cause then a totally different individual once the cameras aren’t rolling…I’m not sure what will ultimately happen in this window but I fear that we’re dithering so much with the Sanchez transfer, which was totally mishandled by Wenger from the get-go, that this transfer window simpleton and his band of merry “yes” men will get little else accomplished…what a wholly PREDICTABLE mess

  6. Manoj says:

    Its in DailyMail
    Aubameyang ‘agrees £170,000-a-week Arsenal deal’ as he is left out of Borussia Dortmund squad ahead of £53m move

    1. Coldzero says:

      Yeah the mail isn’t always reliable though and can be a bit anti Arsenal at times- they might just be trolling us.

  7. GB says:

    Dortmund said earlier today that Auba would play tomorrow against Hertha Berlin. It has just been announced he is not in the squad and has not travelled with the team. Interesting……

    1. GB says:

      Meant to add the source is Sky Germanyi

  8. Raja Danish says:

    need to get a top class goalkeeper in summer may be john oblak from atletico madrid if we get that would an excellent signing plus with a new manager in summer….
    NEW CB
    Thats a one hell of a team… this team with a new manager who is hungry to win trophies can achieve something amazing…..

    1. Adam Criniti says:

      My worthless 2 cents:

      DM—-Fabinho or Diawara(Napoli youngster)
      CB—Manolas/Koulibay/Tah(Bayern L)


      Legitimate top 4 squad with hopefully a new manager

  9. Steven says:

    As you say, you have no experience of multi-million pound transfers, so your comments are not founded on knowledge. There are many reasons why the Aubemayang deal might be difficult to close out: 1) Borussia would prefer to keep him 2) the player might be hoping for a bid from Real Madrid 3) Borussia might be asking for an excessive sum. Hopefully we will get him in the end. The idea that the story is just a con trick dreamed up by Wenger to appease the fans is paranoid nonsense.

    1. Daniel Smith says:

      Hope you are right mate
      do anything to be wrong
      I just seen this to many times

  10. ME says:

    I am confident of Wenger screwing it up.
    That is the only thing he is consistently good at.
    Screwing it up.
    Too difficult to sign players in January
    World cup and short pre season made it too difficult in the summer
    I hate the b*s*a*d – cannot stomach the sight of him or having to listen to his excuses…
    I hope he fails – he is his own worse enemy

    1. ME says:

      Apologies for the rant.
      Just makes my blood boil that someone can be so incompetent and neglectful and get rewarded for it….

    2. Hayzed says:

      Have you heard what Emmanuel Adebayor says about Arsene Wenger and Arsenal?

    3. Bur says:

      You have just posted my sentiment “Me”. When he comes on tv I have to change the station.
      Undoubtedly these alleged signings will prove more of weegor’s lies.

  11. barryglik says:

    The Sanchez Mkhitaryan swap
    deal looks to be bang on target.
    No problem there.
    So who else might come in?
    How much do we have to spend?
    What are our priorities?
    Should we buy a CB? A DM? Another striker?
    Can we wait till the summer for a new CB?
    We have Mustafi Koz Mertz Holding Chambers and Pavanos.
    On the other hand we probably have enough strikers too.
    Lacazette Giroud Wellbeck and Perez.
    So another CB or striker is probably not totally necessary right now.
    A DM is probably the most important. But who is available?
    Also fan pressure for an exciting marquee player
    like Auba Malcom Draxler Pavon might win out.
    We have the money and more selling options (Giroud Perez Wellbeck)
    so we are in good position to land at least one more player maybe even two.
    Good times ahead for Arsenal F.C

    1. ME says:

      How about Neymar and Messi?
      Or Kane and Hazard ?
      This is Arsenal we are talking about here – no money and no ambition..

  12. GoonAR says:

    Auba is coming check out ArsenalHorse!!!

  13. Mehmet says:

    Hope your wrong,the board can’t be that stupid can they,also with all the out going players the wage bill has come down considerably ,I think with most of the fans turning against the board and manager they will start spending on world star players,

    1. DGunn says:

      Greed wipes away the wool of stupidity from the ryes of greedy men
      Wish Usmannov from Red snd white Holdings had a greater shsre in the running of the club .Remember when his counterpart Abramovich took 30million of his own cash and bought the Ukrainian dud at least he had intentions to mske Chelsea competitive with the best players money could buy. We blood young players that other teams get go tap up. Finding talent great knowing how to.mskr that talent stay and become the best it can be
      Priceless .Seems our only ambition is to e a profitable feeder club but even feeder clubs win a trophy or two

  14. Lunga says:

    I doubt that his coming too, We not so lucky.

  15. Waal2waal says:

    pierre aubamayang translated = louis saha

  16. Fatboy Gooney says:

    It’s a done ✅ Deal ??

    I can’t believe we sold Walcott to Everton, gutted! ?

    1. alexis#7 says:

      Seriously Fat Boy ?

      You should be ecstatic as this overpaid track star that could not play real football tisane his life
      is gone . Now get Welbeck and Iwobi to follow take the 60 mil and bring in a winger like Draxler
      to take their place. That is called improvement . Stop with the sentimental crap for players that never were going to mount to anything.

  17. Waal2waal says:

    one of the big flags that is waved each time a goal is scored (at emirates stadium) should perhaps read “WE NEED AN UBER QUALITY CENTRAL DEFENDER NOW”. jus sayin

  18. Sue says:

    Just seen on Twitter that Arsene is trying to bring back Lord Bendtner hahaha wouldn’t surprise me! I never rated him!! He was another Gervinho minus the forehead ???

  19. Bur says:

    You have just posted my sentiment “Me”. When he comes on tv I have to change the station.
    Undoubtedly these alleged signings will prove more of weegor’s lies.

  20. Sue says:

    Just saw on Twitter that Arsene is gonna bring back Lord Bendtner hahaha wouldn’t surprise me!! I never rated him!!

  21. summerbreezh says:

    miki and auba and laca with ozil its looking like the old arsenal a great attacking force wish mki and auba are confirmed
    “I am Agitated at the moment “

  22. Gunnerz96 says:

    I’d seriously consider Nzonzi right now Sevilla and himself said he wanted to leave this Jan and is a proper cdm what our team needs cost will be about 30mil which is a lot for him at his age but when you consider ox went for 35mil Gibbs for 12mil coq for 12 and walcott for 20 then even with auyba signing we will still be in profit so why not??? He also has prem experience which is a bonus

  23. Midkemma says:

    I have the feeling AFC WAS waiting on getting some of the wages of the books to reinvest that wages into the new signings wages.

    It was clear that AFC was paying squad members too much and had too many squad members over ‘stars’.

    This bumped the wage bill up.

    Auba will be wanting more than what Theo earned with us.
    Mkhitaryan agent is pushing for a payrise so he will be earning more than Alexis did.
    Ozil new contract and potential increase in wages?

    I think with some of the sales and the loss of Alexis will allow for AFC to pay decent money on those 3 players to convince them to join(stay in case of Ozil).

    We do not have UCL, we need to convince them with alternative means. Wages and a bromance?

  24. Enrique says:

    More than thinking about new players. We need to consider a new manager. We need to get top class when aw leaves, which will definitely happen at the end of this season

  25. Enrique says:

    We dont need more players. We need someone to teach these players about passion and guts to play the game.

  26. Enrique says:

    We need a new manager. One that infuses passion and anger to the squad. THE WILL TO BECOME LEGENDS!!!

  27. After Lemar saga
    Now Abameyan saga

  28. Dynasty says:

    The only thing that baffles me is that most arsenal fans have not understood mr Wenger as a huge pranker. Hear it now, Wenger is a conster; he’s only after his pocket and to make money for the damned board members. He has since mastered the acts of deceiving the fans, so lying to them is a cinch.

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